(Closed) My FI wants to pay for my ring in cash

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I’m sorry you’re frustrated Frown.  It definitely doesn’t help the situation that he changed his mind about when to buy the ring.  Would he be willing to compromise and save maybe $1000 and then make payments on the rest of the ring?  The payments would be smaller or last for a shorter time then.

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@Winter12: As someone who’s e-ring was paid for in cash, I have to go with your Fiance on this. Fiance and I do not believe in financing unnecessary purchases (and yes, I consider an e-ring an unnecessary purchase). It was important to us to be able to pay for my ring out of pocket and thats why we waited so long to get engaged (my ring was $2,000 also). We hardly have any debt and we plan to keep it that way entering into marriage. While it does suck that you’re going to have to wait a little longer to get it, I really do think that your Fiance is just trying to be responsible about the whole thing. 

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We pay for everything in cash, my rings, our cars, appliances everything except our house. Wish I could…:) Sorry I side with your Fiance on this one, having no finance plan or extra payment a month is a breath of fresh air. DH and I finance nothing and have no debt. I waited longer for my ring compared to some of our friends, but it was so worth it.

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If you would truly be happy with a gemstone ring, then I don’t see why he wouldn’t let you have one. I am extremely picky when it comes to jewelry- especially rings. I wanted to go shopping for my ring with my fiancee, but he insisted on going alone. When I got it, I was a little disappointed because the setting sits very high off my finger. I would’ve been more comfortable with something that sat a little lower (I’m such a klutz and I’m afraid I’ll knock the stone out of it). Over time though, I’ve grown to love it. I think you’re being very reasonable in wanting a less expensive ring. Is he afraid people will think less of him if he doesn’t spend an unnecessary amount of money? That would be silly.

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If he were to finance a ring, how long would it take to pay it off?  If its within a reasonable amount of time, then he should be able to save enough to buy it in cash in even less time since he woudln’t be paying interest.  He’d just have to be disciplined and make sure to save it up.

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SO paid for our moissanite ring (1,178.00 with a 5% discount) in cash. He was not going to sign up for a credit card or get put on a payment plan. Your Fiance doesn’t want another monthly bill to pay and that’s smart of him. The important this is, you are engaged. The ring is just a bonus and you have a stand in. ^_^ That’s more than what some women even get. I understand wanting it now, but think about your future. Do you want him paying that off for the next year or so?

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I side with your Fiance on this. If you don’t even have a liquid emergency fund, why are you spending that much on jewelry? It’s a tough choice, but I think that our wants as women for the ring can sometimes jeopardize responsible financial decisions.

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I just re-read your OP and totally understand your Fiance wants pay cash for everything, especially these days.  But I guess I’m wondering why he’s being so stubborn about not buying you the gemstone ring you want vs. the diamond he wants, which is more expensive?

I know how you feel about wanting a real ring and you are not being ridiculous in that regard.  But it seems he would prefer the compromise of spending less money and not more. That’s what seems hard to understand because it’s a win-win for both of you.

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I think the discussion you should have here is about the budget for the ring and what you’d actually like to have. I don’t think wanting to pay cash is at all unreasonable and I’m sure he could save more than $50 per month. You should also talk to him about his plan was for saving money when he proposed–hopefully he thought this through before he gave you the substitute ring.

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@Winter12: Its completely understandable that you want your *real* ring. However, try your best to be patient with your Fiance, because it really is a great thing to not have that extra bill. My Fiance is sooo glad that he paid cash for my ring because we have friends who are paying $700/month for their girl’s rings!! That’s insane.

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I can see how it is very financially responsible and less stressful to NOT have payments.  It can become a bad habit.  Financing isn’t for everyone and definitely not for everything.  However, this is a big purchase and maybe it is the right thing to do for you.  Have you mentioned to him that financing can potentially improve his credit score?  Which will be great for you both in the future when purchasing cars, house, etc.?

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