(Closed) My Fiance's Dog: A Rant

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I’d just take him to training classes myself. Sounds like he needs more exercise too maybe.

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Sugar bee
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If you’re willing to pay for the training  classes, what’s your SO’s objection?

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Helper bee
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Greyhounds need exercise and he really needs training alot of the problems you are listing sound like he’s hyper and hasn’t been trained to know better yet, Contact a proffessional about training him, he will probably be fine once he has some training 

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Helper bee
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@DuckEBee:  I’m so sorry, this sounds miserable. Just my two cents, though – it really sounds like, in this situation, your Fiance isn’t considering your feelings and wants/needs. If the dog’s behavior doesn’t bother him, that’s fine – but since it bothers you, he should address it for your sake. 

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Bee Keeper
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How come your fiance is so nonchalant about his dog’s lack of manners? If he doesn’t want to train the dog the dog will never get better. And I’d be just as annoyed by the dog’s behavior as you are. But dogs have to be trained! Although I hate to tell you, he’s kind of going to be your dog too now, at the same thime that means, if he needs training classes, you shoudl just take him. 

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Blushing bee
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Greyhounds need a ton of exercise and most of the rescues around here make you have a fenced in yard for the dog to run in before they will even let the animals be adopted out. Maybe your FI’s dog needs more exercise and definitely some training classes. 

I’m with you on the pooping in the house thing. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, about pet ownership makes my hair stand up more than an animal who goes in the house. Occasional accidents are one thing and you kind of expect it’ll happen from time to time, but regularly? Oh noooooooooooo. Darling Husband has several dogs he had way before I came along, and they do this. Thank goodness they’re little, is all I have to say. I can’t imagine an 80-lb dog that isn’t housetrained, dear Lord! You all need to have a discussion about that.

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Busy bee
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I totally understand how you feel. The only way your going to be able to live with this dog is to get him trained. I am guessing he was a stray at some point as it sounds like he’s not used to living in a house. Almost all dogs can be trained as they really want to please you. 

You both just need to be firm with him and get him on a training regime. 

Pooping in the house – you need to get after him EVERYTIME he does this. Make a huge fuss and tell him off. Let him know you are angry. When he goes outside, give him treat and tons of praise. If he can’t get this, crate train him. That will teach him to hold it because they do not like to sit in it all day. 

Jumping up – you need to teach him this is not acceptable. Try putting a knee out so he bumbs into it when he tries to jump up. Tell him no loudly and firmly. He he tends to get really excited when you first get home try ignoring him until he sits and then give him attention. 

Whining – is he a very new/insecure dog? Make sure he gets enough attention and walks. You might want to try get him into a routine. Walk him the same route at the same time each day. Make sure it’s long enough so he actually gets tired. If he’s nervous when you are out, the crate might help with this again. 

You just have to be really consistent until he gets it and then he’ll be a much nicer dog to own. 

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Bumble bee
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How much exercise is this dog getting. I suspect that if it were to get out more it’d be alot happier and calmer. I would suggest taking it out twice a day, ideally to a space where it can run around for a while. It doesn’t sound like the dog is vicious or aggressive, just that it has too much energy. Some training classes wouldnt go amiss either

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Sugar bee
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@DuckEBee:  The problem is that your Fiance hasnt taken time to train the dog, and the dog sounds like he has wayyyy too much energy. He will be better behaved if he is exhausted!

If you take him to a dog park I bet he will be way more chill, wont be bouncing around the house..ect. I would also take him to training- if your Fiance won’t go, go without him. You will be much more sane if you help correct the dogs behaviour. 

I have a very hyperactive dog and I have been driven to the point of tears with him constantly needing to play/ follows me around whining if I am not paying attention to him…I know how frustrating it can be. Take the time to walk or run with him and  you both will be happier!

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Bumble bee

Wow I totally understand how you feel and want to give you a hug b/c it’s really hard being in your position!  I can’t STAND my FI’s dog either (although he’s become more my dog now).  I’m a huge animal lover myself, and just like you never dreamed that one day I’d have an animal in my life that I have a huge love-hate relationship with.

My Fiance has a cute as a button corgi, but he’s NEVER been disciplined or trained in any way (except to potty) so when he came to live in my house with my two cats, it’s been living hell for me.  My cats are extremely well-trained (they even know the command to “sit”) so when FI’s dog came into the picture he was a holy terror with the chasing, jumping on everyone, barking constantly, poops in his bed, being territorial, has an obsession with food, steals the cats’ food, follows me everywhere and likes to head-butt into me, and HATES walks and has never had a “pack leader” who put him in his place.  He might not be a toy dog, but he had a horrible case of “small dog symdrome.”  Since his dog is so cute and good-looking, Fiance has let his dog get away with everything and it has developed a super spoiled rotten personality that is really difficult to train.  On top of which, Future Mother-In-Law is super attached to this horribly spoiled dog and thinks I’m “mean” to him whenever she hears me discipline him with a stern “no.” (she thinks I should never be stern and let him do whatever he wants since he’s so cute) 

I totally get how stressed out you are!  It’s like a no-win situation with you looking like the evil non-animal loving bad guy and still having to live with the sheer hell the dog creates.  The way it’s worked out for me is once Fiance & I agreed on a compromise about the dog, I found that it was hard for my Fiance to change overnight so I had to take on the discipline myself first.  I did all of the dog’s training and slowly taught Fiance how to correctly establish rules & boundaries (esp the part of being consistent) and that it’s actually loving to create rules and structure for the dog (vs letting him run the house as he pleases).  It’s been slow going but it’s so much better now and more manageable, but it def takes a LOT of patience. (I still find FI’s dog a super annoying spoiled lil’ sh*t, but it’s so much better now than it was a year ago)

Good luck!  And don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re not a good pet-parent b/c you feel the way you do!

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Honey bee
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Greyhounds are a special breed. They are indoor dogs, more like cats, they thrive on human interaction and attention. They are clingy. He should be walked at least twice a day and take to a park or let loose in a fenced yard to run and play at least twice a week. If you take proper care of them, they can be some of the sweetest, most loved dogs. But you have to accept that they are NOT typical dogs, you can’t just put them outside and leave them there. You have to treat them like one of the family.

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Sugar bee
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O no, this sounds awful. I think you’ve gotten some good advice: take him to training yourself, and EXERCISE the crap out of the dog. 

Unfortunately, it sounds like a lot of this will fall on you, but it will be well worth it. Greyhounds have a ton of energy, and need to have a safe outlet for it. Find a big dog park nearby and let him have it. Are you a runner? If so, what if you tried it out to see if he could be a running buddy? 

I bet he’s a sweet dog at heart (most greyhounds are), but the second unfortunate part is that the older a dog gets, the harder it is to train them, and to train bad habits out of them. You don’t say how old he is, but I’m guessing he’s no puppy.  

It’s going to be a lot of work, but since it sounds like your Fiance isn’t willing to take it on, you’re going to have to. That said, your fiance MUST reinforce your training….this dog can’t have one owner who lets him do whateve he wants and another (you) who enforces the rules – that would send a very confusing mixed message. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this! 

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