(Closed) My fiance’s family is trying to take over my wedding…

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    Proceed as planned and hope his family will get over it. : (24 votes)
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    Try to work it out with his family now so there are no hard feelings. : (22 votes)
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    Consider another venue, the theater is too expensive and too small. : (2 votes)
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    aw, sounds like you’re in conflict; you have your heart set on the theater, it sounds beautiful if they can get special lighting, theaters are usully very ornate and it is unique;

    maybe you can compromise, he can invite  a set number, but you still have it at the theater; I think you’ll have regrets if you dont have the place you have your heart set on and you’ll back at your wedding day with resentment

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    Your Fiance needs to grow a backbone and stick up for you!!  Wedding disagreements set a precedent for how future arguments will be settled.  If he allows his father to step all over your now, for this very special day, for YOUR day, then he always will.  Your Fiance needs to tell his dad that you will be wed at the theater and he needs to pare down his guest list to fit capacity.  Period.

    And DO NOT give him any blank invitations, he’ll probably send them out without your knowledge and all the sudden you’ll have people RSVPing that you didn’t invite!

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    Keep your venue, thank your Future Father-In-Law for his lovely offer, but it’s not needed, etc. Then give them their number and be done with it. He’s being pushy and I hate HATE hate passive aggressive people.

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    I agree with the other comments.  Go ahead with the theater plan you two already have and just give him a number he has to keep his guest list to.  Your Fiance needs to realize he can’t keep both you and his father completely happy this time, and that the important thing for your wedding is that it’s an event for the two of you, not to celebrate his devotion as a son 🙂  I’m with KateMW – passive aggressive people are the WORST!  I mean really, why would he care about the cost of a theater if your mom is agreeing to pay for the wedding you want?  Keep with your plan – it sounds like a really great venue – and I’m sure he’ll get over it.

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    I say keep your venue and try to discuss this with Fiance and ffil..it’s important that this day is about the two of you and your WEDDING/MARRIAGE and not a fun-times reunion for your ffil…

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    That is exactly what my future in laws have done. They picked the venue because the one I liked was to expensive to have an open bar for 7 hours (yes I know). Then they picked the caterer who is a "friend" over one that fi and I really liked. You just have to pick your battles.

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    I agree with other posters.  Stick to your guns.  Have your Fiance stand up to his father and explain that you both agree on the wedding you want- he should not make you the scapegoat.  If there is room at the theater, allow your Future Father-In-Law X number of invites for his friends, but that’s it.

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    It’s not okay for your Fiance to be so passive like that.  He needs to stick up for you and what the two of you want for your wedding.  If it is important to him that those 50 additional people be there, another larger venue may be something to consider.  But otherwise, he needs to be the one to man up and tell his father what the two of you want.

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    I understand your FI’s position. Man, i just had this issue with MY Fi last night! 75% of our guests are his family and his mom keeps adding on. I do feel like it’s turning into a family reunion and i’m the party cupcake everyone gets to look at.

    Your Fiance needs to put his foot down! You BOTH wanted this quaint little venue, right? And kudos for your mom, she shoudln’t pay for that crap if YOU aren’t going to be happy. 

    Do what you originally wanted. If your Future Father-In-Law wants to throw you a second reception, tell him you’d be more than happy to have a big, fun brunch Sunday morning at his place. On his dollar. No joke! 

    Basically you cannot make everyone happy. You can make you and your Fiance happy, or you can make his family. Make yourself happy first. You don’t want to regret it later. 

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    Honey, its your wedding have it how you want it. Why isnt you future husband telling him to back off?  What theater is it? i am originally from the cleveland area.

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    Can we back a bit to what FLAMY said?  If it is important to him that those 50 additional people be there, another larger venue may be something to consider.

    I was thinking the same thing.  I read your post twice, and couldn’t get an idea of how your Fiance felt about the size of the guest list.   I think that is the first thing.  Granted, if he would like his whole family there, he should be speaking up about it.  He can’t be saying to you, "I’m sorry it’s what my dad wants."  Then turn around and tell his dad, "I’m sorry it’s what Macintosh wants."  Not helpful. 

    So where does he stand on the guest list???

    Also, coming from a large family, it’s not so easy to just not invite them to a wedding.  In my family, every sibling, cousin etc, invited the whole family.  So if one decided to just have a small wedding, it would have been scandalous, (maybe not quite, but you get it.)

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    You sound like me, my Future Father-In-Law is way more demanding then my own. After I posted my situation on WB I was told that since they are paying, you can’t tell them where to spend their money, this sucks, but I can see their points. So Future Father-In-Law is thinking, "hey I’m paying, I should get what I want."  Would Future Father-In-Law still help pay if you decide to go forward with the theater? Because, honey, I’m telling you now, if its a situation of "do this or you get nothing" Don’t take their money!! My Future Father-In-Law, like yours is very controlling, and it won’t stop at the venue, he will be all up in your busniess about EVERYTHING!

    We nipped it in the bud, FI’s parents were only going to give us a $1000 "gift" is what they called it, but then FI’s dad got upset when I didn’t want to serve BBQ and took the "gift" back and it was a blessing in disguise, b/c he would of been trying to make the calls about everything! If you can swing it w/o FFIL’s controbution, do it! Then he can’t say anything about your wedding decisions b/c hes not paying!  

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    I agree with AnnieAAA  if you and your mom are going to be able to do it all with the in-laws go that route! It sounds like this venue is important to you, so don’t settle for something else.

     As for the guest list. Have your Fiance give his dad a limit and let that be that (especially if your Future Father-In-Law is wanting to invite friends).  AND make sure you’re within earshot of the conversation to your Fiance has to man-up and be honest (i recommend a phone call).

     My Fiance and I have had endless discussions about the size of his family, stemming from him not wanting to offend people by having to explain our limit. In the end it came down to having to just invite everyone (190, which is WAY over the 120 that can fit in our venue. it’s going to cost an arm and a leg to pay for the extra space and you better believe his parents are going to have to chip in for it).  It stresses me out everytime I think about it.

    So it’s not worth it. Find the best way to tell people that you’re going to do what you want without permantely damaging relationships. 

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    I’m inviting 250 to a venue that holds 200–youch.  And it’s all because of my FI’s family.

    That being said, you pick your battles.  Our guest list had gotten to 300 people!  My Fiance sat his father down and explained that they had to cut at least 40 people.  After some wrangling, they agreed.

    So, this needs to be discussed between you and your FI–he should be the one dealing with his own father, but you should know where he stands, too.  Maybe he does kind of want those people there, but still really likes you theater, so is torn.  Just talk to him about it! 

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