(Closed) My fiance's father introduces me to everyone as my FI's girlfriend

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    Because people are flawed and selfish and are rife with their own baggage. Thats his problem, not yours.  I would just try to lower your expectations of Future Father-In-Law, not take it personally, and not worry about it (but do chime in ‘fiancee’ 🙂 ) You just keep being polite and kind to Future Father-In-Law while going about your merry way building your life with your FH.

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    Some people think you are removable until you are married. I would chalk it up to this and move on. It would be different if you were married and this continued, then I would correct him.

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    Did he used to call you fiancee or has he always called you his sons girlfriend? I know when I talk about my Fiance I nearly always say boyfriend. I don’t know why, I just kinda struggle saying fiance, it sounds such a fancy word to me haha. Or I say partner but i’l specify later on to that person that we are engaged. Just saying this because it could be that your Father-In-Law is just like me and genuinely doesnt have a problem with you. 

    Having said that, the rest of your post sounds a little upsetting. Maybe when you moved he started to panic about finances and all tact disappeared. He may not have meant it to come across so mean but in his fluster just kept repeating his worries. It sounds like they should be proud of you and your Fiance and how he has turned out! Im hoping your Father-In-Law has just been in a bit of a fluff lately and sorts himself out. For now I would see how it plays out and go about as normal 🙂

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    Citygirl2343: so a few things. First, why not subtly-not-so subtly flash your ring when your Future Father-In-Law introduces you as the gf? Or say “oh, and we recently got engaged!” Then you aren’t directly contradicting him.

    Also, with the whole apartment thing, why would you be in a bind if your Fiance couldn’t afford your apt and had to move back home? Wouldn’t you two move back home together? Or couldn’t you cover things until your Fiance got into a more stable place?

    and maybe I’m making too many underlying assumptions, so it’s probably worth clarifying — how old are you two? Do you both have jobs with upward mobility? Is your Future Father-In-Law giving your Fiance any money or an allowance to help with bills, etc.?

    if your Fiance is not 100% financially independent, then I can understand why your Future Father-In-Law doesn’t consider your POV to be pertinent to the conversation, especially when you said that if your Fiance moved home, that would put you in a bind. Why not say “Oh, we did the math and we found room in our budget, so thanks for the concern.”

    And if you are both young, still in school, and not financially independent, your Future Father-In-Law may not see you as engaged if he thinks he’s going to have to pay for a wedding / double allowances. 

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    My Future Mother-In-Law does the same but i think its because she just doesn’t take us seriously at all.  Once you get engage you’re basically forcing people to take your relationship seriously even if they didn’t before.  My Future Father-In-Law treated me very casually and compared me to their youngest daughters boyfriend (they’re 16)… it hurt and only got worse when we got engaged because i think it was a shock to them (I don’t understand why they could never see or be happy for how much we are in love).  It started causing a lot of fights between me and my Fiance because I never wanted to go see his family and I finally decided to suck it up and be the bigger person, they’re not the one I am marrying. My Fiance also doesn’t have a great relationship with his father/family in general and I’m the one who is now forcing him to be close to them. I had to reallllly lower my expectations for his family and realize they’re never going to welcome me as their daughter (maybe a couple years from now). Some people will never appreciate what you do or how hard you try but just breath and move on, as long as your Fiance is supportive and realizes how much you are trying then your relationship will be fine… In-Laws suck sometimes, goodluck 

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    Keep this man out of your business. I am not sure what his issue is, but he may feel intimdated because he sees a change in his son due to you (even though it is positive). Do not discuss finances. Telling him that you would have a hard time affording the place without Fiance is way too much info. I would have said “we can afford it just fine” or ignored him altogether. Your Fiance does not even like his dad as you said, so you probably won’t have to deal with him as much. Distance yourself from him.

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    My Fiance still calls me his girlfriend and we’re getting married in less than a month.

    It’s good that you mentioned it to your Fiance and he said he’d correct his dad, but I dom’t think there’s much you can do. hopefully when you’re maried he gets it straight, but if not someone should just keep correcting him.

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    Citygirl2343:  FI’s mother introduced me as her son’s “little friend” several months ago, to which I immediately corrected “fiance.” Not to mention we dated three years before getting engaged and we’ve been living together for two. But if she needs to call me his “little friend” to get in a jab, that’s fine. Don’t feel you are being rude in correcting him. However, I echo a PP. Don’t take it personally and severely lower your expectations about your Future Father-In-Law. Whatever his deal is is his deal. 

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    MrsMeowton:  ‘Little friend’ what even?! Does she think hes 5?! Crazy!

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    Citygirl2343:  Some people just don’t care about the Fiance title. I know I didn’t. I still refered to myself as a girlfriend while we were engaged. Maybe it’s not a personal attack? Maybe he really just doesn’t think about it?

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    Wow, I’m the only one who voted no? Good for you ladies!

    FI’s father is an alcoholic. I don’t know why, but he is attracted to women that control him. His first wife was like that. FI’s mom is controlling at mentally ill. His past girlfriends were all a little bit off thier rockers, His current long-term gf that he lives with is completely off the wall. 

    Future Father-In-Law loves me, and I love him- as a human, because he is FI’s dad. He lies, and allows himself to be manipulated by these women– including the current one, who hates his childern. He never follows through with his promises, and I know that has really hurt Fiance and his sister.

    If anyone introduces me as FI’s gf, *including FI*, I correct them immediately. They say, “This is FI’s girlfriend, Miss Coupon.” and I just smile, shake thier hand and say “Fiancee.” I don’t think it’s rude at all. I was the gf for 3.5 years! Sometimes I still call Fiance my bf. 

    Fiance called me his “lady friend” for probably the first year; I hated it. He made it sound like I was his hooker. Lol.

    But it does kind of sound like he’s doing it intentionally- I would be even quicker to correct him. He’s trying to push your buttons, don’t let him. Just be cordial. 🙂 

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    i would speak to him privately.  my mom used weird names too and i called her out on it. and she got along with him from the getgo.

      i said he is my boyfriend, refer to him my boyfriend.  now he’s my fiance, refer to him as my fiance.   she didn’t have an issue calling him my husband.

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    If your Fiance has only recently gotten his life back on track and is still in school, my guess is that it has relatively little to do with you, and that his father thinks he is not yet very financially independent or ready for marriage. I think he’s hinting that the engagement was premature or that it should be a long one. 

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