(Closed) My FI/DH annoys me when….. (lets have some fun!)

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Blushing bee
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MrsPiggles:  I have two top ones on my list.

1. When he eats my leftover pizza

2. When he is working on a project and CONSTANTLY talks about it/leaves the room to work on it in the middle of watching a movie/messages to tell me he spent his day off working on it. I love that he has hobbies and I am always supportive, but if I am too interested/supportive I will not hear about anything else. He is like a little boy lol!

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Helper bee

He eats like a pig in restaurants…seriously you’d think he’d never been fed, shovels it into his mouth hunched over his plate until I point out we’re surrounded by people who would rather not listen to the sounds of him scraping his plate and slurping!

He pees on the bathroom floor and I don’t notice it until I STEP in it.

He moans at me for leaving lights on when I leave the house, yet he leaves phone chargers plugged in, tv on standby, even the electric hob on the oven on one day!

He trims his beard in the sink and it goes all over my toothbrush.

He uses my expensive shampoo as body wash.

He adds chillies to EVERY meal, and I can’t have any.

He tells people inappropriate stories when he’s drunk, I sit there mortified and when I call him on it next day he says I’m overreacting and they loved it(yes, people REALLY want to hear the story of the first night we met and you dry-humped my leg then fell asleep on the floor..)

Apart from all this he’s actually a well-mannered and lovely person haha!

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Busy bee

Scratching his lower region constantly….

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Bumble Beekeeper
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He will eat something, but not finish the last bit because he wants to “save it,” but the portion he saves is never enough for a real serving (i.e. he’ll leave 2 bites).  Fortunately, we have a little dog that loves to clean up after him lol.

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When he puts cokes in the freezer, about them and I find out the next morning.

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MrsPiggles:  My Fiance is selectively rude!!  I’ll specify…

On a day to day basis, he’s very grateful; we both are.  We make it a point to thank each other when someone does the dishes, cooks, folds laundry, etc.  But when I offer him something (mostly food) or asks if he wants something, he responds, “NOPE!” and his voice goes up on the “OPE”.  I look at him and go, “No thank you?”  It’s so f-ing annoying, and I think he realizes I hate it so he does it more!!  UGH it’s slight, but it’s obnoxious!!!    

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Busy Beekeeper
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DH is always trying to get me to take faster showers. I just want to shower in peace!

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Bumble bee

My Fiance can be absent-minded and he will forget to lock the doors after he comes home.  I’m constantly checking all the doors to our house every evening because I’m afraid it might have been left unlocked and we might have a break-in.  He’s from the south so he’s used to leaving the front doors and car doors unlocked all the time.  But where we live now, although it’s a relatively safe neighborhood because we are still in the city you have to be careful of the vagrants who waunder around.

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Sugar bee
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He sings made up songs (usually about me, what I’m doing, etc) first thing in the morning. I take a good hour and a cup of coffee to become human if I’m getting up before noon. I do not appreciate his musical talent. 

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Mine leaves crumbs on the counter and he knows that drives me up a wall!! Also, he will just throw his stuff wherever… Kitchen table, counter top, staircase railing. That annoys the balls off me too

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Blushing bee
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Mine doesn’t bug me that much. One thing that drives me around the bend is when he actually makes himself food and doesn’t clean up afterwards. The other day I was ill so he made himself dinner with gravy but he left the gravy he didn’t want on the side so the next morning I had a gelatinous mess to deal with. I mean, what’s hard about rinsing out a jug?! 

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trishatm9:  Same. 

What annoys me, though…he can be the type to take his frustrations out on other people. He also will also say things sometimes and insist he didn’t. Like, he told my friend he would drive her to work (a stripper), but, he kinda felt she was a weirdo after she spent a couple days with us. The girl was in Bellevue’s psych ward, which, is one of the famous mental health facilties in the state of New York and does have her issues, but, is a great friend and I’m never one to judge. He, though not in front of her, says,”Why would I say that? She really is demanding a ride?” “Umm…no, babe, you promised her last night.” “Well, I don’t remember saying that.”

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I have no idea how I forgot this but this is the most annoying for me….

growing up, my dad would stock up on groceries. Like $700 in one trip (There were 3 teenage kids). This way, they’d only need to buy small things like milk. Well my Fiance has a serious problem with letting me grocery shop. It drives me up a wall! The one time I did go by myself to get more than just that nights dinner, he actually showed up at the store on his way home from work!! You have got to be freakin kidding me! We eat eggs daily. He’d rather buy the one dozen because it’s cheaper right now rather than in the long run. He’s perfectly ok with 4 trips to the store in a week. I am not. Lol. I like to plan out meals. Oh man, I can’t handle it. Lol

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