(Closed) My FI/DH annoys me when….. (lets have some fun!)

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When he’s in the middle of a silly song and I ask a question or say something and he just completely ignores it and continues singing. Drives me crazy. 🙂

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When he piles dirty dishes on the counter instead of putting them in the goddamn dishwasher! Drives. Me. NUTS!

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Worker bee

My Fiance likes to read sports articles in the bathroom and takes FOREVER, drives me nuts. Also, when he sais “it’ll get done when it gets done” aaaaaargh 

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I can’t stand being ignored, and my DH is the worst it seems like he does it on purpose just to get under my skin.

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BtoR:  After 6 years, I FINALLY got my Fiance to stop leaving the towel on the bed.  There’s hope!


It drives me crazy how long my Fiance takes to get ready! Until I met him, I thought all guys took about 5 minutes in the shower, dressed and out the door in another 5.  My Fiance often takes longer that I do! I can’t even figure out why.  He doesn’t style his hair, he’s not into clothes or image… Just takes F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

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Busy bee
  • He doesn’t finish the last bite of his food about half the time. He says he’s too full. Too full to eat one more bite?!
  • He puts his drink on the floor in front of the couch instead of on the table. Then I kick it under the couch, eventually.
  • He is really annoying as a passenger because he tells me to stop at red lights and stop signs and other obvious shit.
  • He has a lot of weird food quirks and won’t eat something if it tastes different than he expected it to. I am trying to fatten him up, so it’s annoying. I’ve resorted to spiking his food with lots of olive oil .
  • He hates when I sneeze. I sneeze and he glares at me or demands I blow my nose.
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Helper bee
  • He’s constantly playing his videogame or phone all the while biting his nails or leaving empty tea mugs around the house.
  • He takes up most of the bed
  • When he cooks he doesn’t clean the mess he creates
  • Instead of throwing used tissues in the waste basket, he throws them in the toilet and doesn’t bother to flush the toilet
  • He constantly pinches my butt in public
  • He slathers butter or ranch dressing on everything
  • He cooks food as if he’s the love child of Paula Dean and Mrs. Butterworth
  • He drives like a geriatric woman that just had eye surgery

The list goes on an on… But even after all of this I still love my guy!!!

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Well, this one he really can’t control, but..how he sleeps!!!  I don’t think I’ve gotten a full night’s sleep since we started living together!  He is tall (6′) and refuses to stay on his “side” of the bed.  I’ve woken up because he was literally sideways on the bed, like his head on my stomach, his feet hanging off the bed.  He kicks in his sleep (not hard but still) and lastly he moans and groans.  It’s kinda like snoring with when it happens, but it’s just a moan/humming sound.  I’ve kind of gotten used to that one, but still…sleep like a normal person!

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Worker bee

HA! Okay, I’m seriously spoiled as Fiance cleans the house, does the dishes, does everyones laundry & puts it away, eats everything, feeds the animals, is awesomely funny but can be serious when needed, plays with the kids all the time, goes grocery shopping when I can’t and doesn’t complain about anything. He has so many reasons to complain but rather says he loves me unconditionally. Saying anything negative would sound so petty. But this is fun, so he drives me nuts, when he steals my food. He could be eating a 100 times he day but if he sees something on my plate, he’ll take some of it. I’m on a strict diet so every scrap of food, is like so important to me, but he’ll just have a pint of ice cream the night, eat carbs like their going out of style, but he won’t let me have my sad vege’s. He always has to snitch something. That’s it though. So I’ll take it anyday if that’s all I have to put up with.  

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sostobe:  my dad does the same thing!!  drove me nuts when I lived with my parents!  

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He chews with his mouth open… drives me nuts!  His snoring… which isn’t his fault and it’s not all the time.  I still love him tons it just drives me crazy!!  I do know though that when I get out of the shower if I get any water on the floor he freaks out hahahahah  🙂

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My husband is like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown. Mess just follows him. If you can’t find him, follow the proverbial (or literal, in some cases) trail of bread crumbs and there he’ll be. 


Yesterday we decided to have some friends over for a cookout. This is the first time we’ve had more than just one or two people over at once as well as the first time some of our friends had been to our house. My parents came over as well. In preparation for company, hub was outside cleaning up the yard, weed whacking, and getting the new grill put together while I was inside cleaning every inch of our home top to bottom.


Not even FIVE MINUTES after I finished vacuuming and cleaning the floors, my wonderful, loving, awesome husband walked through the entire house in his grass pants. GRASS. ALL OVER my clean house. 

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So many of these sound reallllly familiar!

Recently the one that’s been driving me crazy is, what I claim, is his motto “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine”

Fiance has a big appetite so if I even hint that I want to open some kind of food he will DEVOUR it. I opened some Cheez-Its the other day to grab a handful and he literally ate the rest of the box. THE ENTIRE BOX. No more Cheez-Its for me. Urgh.

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TGold:  I am glad to know there is hope…

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