(Closed) My friend copies everything I do… now THIS was the last straw…

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anonforthisbee:  Have you confronted her about it? She might be socially awkward and doesn’t realize that she’s offending you. I know in some cultures, it’s seen as “cute” to match your friends, so maybe she views it as bonding. 

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anonforthisbee:  I know exactly how you feel. I had a friend like that and I loved her dearly as well, but it got to the point where she was jealous (she had outright said it to me) and was putting down my wedding, even though it’s exactly what I want and coming together beautifully. My mother and fiance even made jokes she wanted to wear my skin. I didn’t think it was that bad, but oh well. I would have stayed friends with her had she not said horrible things about my wedding and been so negative any time I told her about it though. If I were you, I’d talk to her and tell her you’re uncomfortable. Before I stopped being friends with this girl, she wanted to look at the same venue I booked and I told her I would be uncomfortable with that and she took that well… 

If the friendship is important to both of you you’ll be able to talk it out. If it’s not important to her and she’s just trying to steal Your identity, you’ll be able to tell by her reaction. 😜 Good luck!

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This definitely happened to me once with a friend and it can for sure go from sweet to creepy QUICK. My friend started with clothes and little things and then it was “I drink out of a straw because I always see you doing it” ummmmmmm what??! She even traded her car in for my exact same car at one point. It got so bad that others started to notice and question me… which of course made it that much more uncomfortable because I was really trying to ignore it… we were coworkers though so every day it’d be something different. This was years ago and I never said anything to her about it and eventually we both moved on to different jobs and then she moved out of state. TBH though I think she still does it, we’re still FB friends and I can always count on her changing up her hair if I do or posting a pic of her daughter in a similar outfit as mine soon after I do etc. It’s MUCH more tolerable from AFAR though.


I think as long as you two are showing up to brunch looking like the bopsy twins lol I really would take it as a compliment and not worry too much about it.

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Wtf. This is very single white female, or “the roommate” ish lol. I would definitely be confronting her. Start with the ring and tell her that you’re kind of upset she copied it since your fiancé picked it out for you and it’s special to you, then slowly mention the other stuff. It’s super weird 

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Totally creepy…. I would have a word with her.  maybe she has no idea  about social cues and how weird or uncomfortable her behavior is?? 

If you are unwilling to talk to her and  wish to continue ignoring the odd behavior you could always have fun putting odd outfits on when you catch up. It would be funny to see if she continues to copy your weird outfit!!  joking;-)

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Its called Single White Female and it didn’t turn out well for Bridget Fonda.


…..Or the puppy for that matter. Keep her away from open windows and stilettos. 

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This would annoy the crap out of me. I would just lie about where I got my clothes and ring and back away slowly from the friendship. It’s bitchy to lie, sure, but this girl is asking for it.

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Sorry, but that’s creepy af, and I think you have every given right to tell her that it’s creepy af.

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I don’t think I’d be friends with someone who was so unhealthily preoccupied with me. I’ve had friends who have copied my hair color/style and clothes and such, but if I knew someone who took it further like redesigning their engagement ring to fit mine like in this instance, I’d keep my distance. It’s disturbing and potentially unsafe. 

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For my own personal level I would have stopped being friends or let the friendship drift away after the copying of the hair color.  I would not be friends with this person and I would be cautious with what her reaction may be. Creepy. 

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devonlee:  Wow! You would think that would be exhausting for her. I’m glad you were able to disassociate from that. 

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Don’t let her steal your husband! 

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This reminds me of one of my murder shows I watched one time…”dark obsessions”. This is scary as hell.

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anonforthisbee:  This is an awful situation to be in! I don’t know how I would confront her, but I do know that I would be running away from this friendship! I appreciate when someone likes my style, but to completely copy everything (she got her ring remade to look like yours?! That’s crazy) is taking it way too far. 

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beemyname:  you know what, I think it was just the opposite. I mean how lazy do you have to be to blatently copy someone elses style?


I just got a call from the eye doctor to say my new specs are in and it reminded me about the time she stole my glasses too! And she didnt even wear glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she got fake personality glasses to match mines. OMG this was so long ago that I dont even think about it anymore but yeah that situation was kind of cray

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