My friend thinks she might be pregnant but will not take a test

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I’d just leave her be. It’s not going to make a difference if she finds out a few weeks later if she is pregnant.

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soontobeeamrs :  the hospital blood test is extremely accurate. If a pregnancy was causing her late period, the blood test would have shown it

She could have gotten pregnant after, but I’m doubtful. Does she have irregular periods?

It’s so difficult when our loved ones act in frustrating ways, when you just want to bang your head against a wall, but there isn’t a lot you can do unfortunately. Maybe encourage her to see her dr, I believe there is a medicine that can jumpstart her period

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She went to the hospital and had a test done by a professional, why do you think this wouldn’t be accurate? 

I don’t think she is burrying her head in the sand and ignoring it at all, she has already had a test! 

The right thing to do isn’t to push her to do anything, the right thing to do is stay out of it.  

If she doesn’t want to get pregnant then she shouldn’t be having unprotected sex, if she isn’t pregnant now she could become so the next time. It’s stupid but it’s her life I guess.

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Could be that she is extremely late or she is pregnant. I wouldn’t push it. She’ll figure it out soon enough. Also she did already have a test 

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soontobeeamrs :  I’ve gone that long without one, and I knew I wasn’t pregnant. Mine was brought on by stress. If her test was negative after 30+ days of no period, I doubt she’s pregnant. I’m sure the hospital discussed with her reasons she may be delayed. Maybe something else is going on healthwise and she doesn’t feel up for discussion. 

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soontobeeamrs :  I’ve gone longer than that without a period and I wasn’t pregnant (although I was trying so what a cruel trick uterus!)  

Leave her alone – she had a test done at the hospital and it came back negative. She doesn’t need to pee on sticks until she gets her period just to appease you.

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Is this like when I refuse to check my bank account because I can pretend I have a lot of money if I don’t actually look to see how broke I am??

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If she had a blood test done at the hospital, that’s going to be 99.99% accurate. Especially since she would have been about 4 weeks pregnant a week ago. 

If she’s still concerned she can make an appt with her OBGYN or PP to see if they will prescribe Provera. It’s a medication that helps to induce your period if your hormones are a little out of whack due to stress or other issues. I took it once when I went 70+ days without a period. 

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soontobeeamrs :  If the hospital test was negative, I wouldn’t assume it’s wrong. Instead, I would assume there’s another reason she’s not getting her period, which means she doesn’t need a store bought pregnancy test; she needs an appointment with her doctor or ob/gyn. There are so many medical reasons for a late period or several skipped periods. It’s also detrimental to your health and hormones to go without a period for over 60 days. At that point, doctors will typically force a period through medication. I know this from experience. I doubt your friend will listen, based on what you posted, but she needs to see a doctor. 

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soontobeeamrs :  Has she recently gone on or off birth control? Or anything that would change her cycle? There are plenty of women who go a long time without periods due to medication, stress, etc. I’m not one of those people (I’ve always had a period ugh) but I know it happens to women frequently.

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