My FSILs are upset with me over Tupperware. Yeah. Tupperware.

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If you don’t go to their Tupperware parties, how can you make dessert for your husband’s company picnic? tongue-out


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As much as many of us can relate to the annoyance of endless pyramid schemes that rely on their consultants shaking down friends and family, your SILs have taken it way too far. Calling your Fiance to ask if you guys are doing okay financially in an attempt to embarrass you both into ordering something to prove you’re not broke is such manipulative b.s. And not speaking to you? They need to grow the fuck up. If this nonsense continues, your Fiance will have to call them on their OTT and unacceptable behaviour. If they’ll play these games and try to manipulate/ punish you over Tupperware sales, this unfortunately shows their true character and it’s not something you want to have to continuously deal with in the future.

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This surely can’t still be a thing nowadays?? Tupperware salespeople immediately made me picture this:



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My NUMBER ONE pet peeve is when friends….or “friends”…try to get me to buy things off of them from social media.  Like when they add me to a “secret” group so they can sell me junk and I leave the group and have literally never bought anything from anyone.  No Scentsy, no Essential Oils, no Lularoe.  I won’t do it.

Fun fact, one of these “friends” who sells Essential Oils tried to convince me if I start sniffing these goddamn oils my Crohn’s disease will go away and my symptoms will lessen.  Which…ummmm…no because it is all INTERNAL and if I do not keep my immune system in check it will literally eat away at my GI tract because Crohn’s is an autoimmune disease.  I explain that to her in a nice way — ironically she’s a chemist so that makes this just that much worse — and she starts telling me how she was skeptical too but these oils CHANGED HER LIFE and lowered her inflammation in her whatever.  I responded with a snarky “I trust my GI specialist more than I trust some hooey over oils” and she never bothered me again.  Hah.  It’s bogus!  I finally have my disease in check, mostly, and it’s all due to my doctors and their therapies that they have guided me toward.  Essential Oils is total bullshit and the fact that this “friend” tried to convince me that these would reverse my disease that I have had for 12 years…just, no.

I will say…I have an undying love for Tupperware.  All the stuff I have my mom got for me, but she has also had stuff for over 30 years and it still works like a charm.  Plus they will replace things for free.  She has had multiple lids break and she brings it to a Tupperware consultant who will replace the part or get her a totally new container.  It’s the bomb digity!

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smalltownbigworld :  This is definitely annoying. I’m like you, I absolutely try to support friends and family members when I can. I will buy the leggings and the candles and the crazy mascara that makes my eyelashes look like the buff legs of spiders. But I can’t stand pushy people. I can’t stand the people who constantly hound me to buy something, join a party, or remind me of an upcoming event. 

For what it’s worth, I make candles and run an Etsy shop on the side. Not once have I asked any of my friends and family members to purchase an item from my shop. A few have on their own, but other than that, I have no interest in pressuring my friends to purchase a candle. 

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I always appreciate people trying to get their side hustle on and make some additional money. But your SILs aren’t good at the sales thing. One of the main things about being a good sales person is acting as though you are just letting people know about this amazing opportunity or offer you want to share with them and then not taking it personally if/when they tell you no so you can then making subsequent offers with the same fresh unbothered approach.

The fact that they’re taking it personally that you won’t buy their shit means they’re crappy sales people and they should probably look for some other way to bring in additional money. They clearly aren’t cut out for this.

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leilarobs2 :  I’m dying. Shitty bowls indeed!! Thanks for cheering me up 🙂

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Lol, this is great… I am a sucker for these parties everyone is having them and I feel obliged to buy somehting. I just got home from an Organic Makeup party and spent $169 on makeup. I am sitting watching TV with my essentials oil diffuser,  just cleaned my house with my Enjo, oh and am wearing a Stirling silver necklace that cost my $100…this is all in the past 12 months. I havent heard of Lu La Rue is Australia..I am sure it is around though someone is going to have a party and I will get suckered into buying a pair of overpriced leggings 🙂 

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These things drive me crazy. My gf recently started with one of these sales gigs and I told her the minute she brought it up, please do not sell to me.

I know she is trying to find a way to support her family so she can be a sahm (just had 2nd child) and thats great but I am not choosing to go to work fulltime to buy junk I dont want or need to support you so you dont have to go to work. If she was selling a product I would actually use, okay but I still wouldnt be purchasing weekly or monthly. 

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My rule is I will attend a friend/family’s party and buy ONCE to be supportive.  Next time I just ignore…people seem to become repeaters for selling various things.

I NEVER sell anything so I don’t feel bad saying NO the second time.

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smalltownbigworld :  “consultants” sounds so lofty for a title!! Geez these girls are cray!!! So sorry u have to deal w this

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When I read the title I was all ready to defend the sister in laws because Tupperware is some expensive sh*t and I thought you were going to say that you had lost some or something similar, but this it is just ridiculous!

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smalltownbigworld : Geez… I don’t know what to say, maybe your SILs should consider a different line of work? Sales jobs can be quite tough on people, since the first common step is to get your friends and family on board. You’ll probably be able to convince frienes and family to buy/know about/refer you once, but once known contacts dry up, usually the next step is trying to acquire new customers. If they are unwilling to speak to new people or unable to handle rejection badly from family (who seem to let them down kindly), imagine being let down by someone who’s less than pleasant…

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