(Closed) My Future Mother-In-Law is Taking Over! Help!

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Sugar bee
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Don’t change your date, it’s a good one! I guess I’m confused on how she can demand anything.  Does she not realize she doesn’t really get a say? It’s your wedding, do it how you want. I guess the only thing you can really do is say thanks for the input but we’ve decided on _______.  Also while Fiance trying to be nice and talk to her is probably a good first step, it might now be the time for him to let her know, perhaps more assertively, that this isn’t her wedding, but you will take her wishes into consideration, but the decision is ultimately yours.  

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Busy bee
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Tell her if she wants to pay then she can invite whoever she wants, otherwise it’s up to your and your fiance.. and its not up to her which day you get married. It’s next year so her and her family can make the day available if they want to come.

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Helper bee
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You know what? Be rude if you have to. I mean, why not? She doesn’t like you already, so it’s not like there’s going to be any love lost. Based on the fact that she doesn’t like her other daughters-in-law either, it sounds to me like she’s one of those women who doesn’t think anyone but HER is good enough for her sons.

She’s not paying for a cent for this wedding. It’s a big party that she’s not hosting, so where does she get off thinking that she has any right to invite 150 people? I think you’ve got to push this onto your fiance. It’s his job to choose which relatives he wants to include, and it will be his responsibility to answer to his mother for it. There’s no reason that YOU should have to decide which third cousins make the cut and which ones don’t – you don’t even know these people!

If she’s going to be unpleasant either way, you (or your fiance) have got to stand her down, regardless of how ugly it’s going to be. You have to be unequivocal and explain that your budget simply doesn’t support all the people she wants to invite. End of story.

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Honey bee
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@Natalieh86: definitely agree.

If she isn’t paying, she doesn’t get a say. period.  and whatever you do, DO NOT let her pay!!!  for anything!  THEN she WILL get a say.

Your Fiance needs to tell his mom that it is NOT her wedding, or her day, and she doesn’t get a say.  As for the guest list, have your Fiance go through it with you and par it down to size.  If she doesn’t like it, too bad.

If you have to, tell her there will be a host/hostess that will be checking names off at the door so that uninvited guests (by you) do NOT get in the door and WILL be turned away.  Make sure SHE doesn’t give an alternative list to whoever is guarding the door. 😉

good luck!!!! and so sorry you’ve gotta deal with this!!!

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Sugar bee
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It’s one thing to be accommodating to your future husbands side of the family (like not having it someplace none of them can travel to) but it’s another to have to put up with ridiculous demands like changing the date or inviting your MILs friends. We didn’t have ANY of our parents friends at our wedding because it would have been huge.

Tell your fiance that he needs to tell her to stop. He needs to stand up to her and you shouldn’t be put in the middle. It’s great that she’s not paying because then she definitely doesn’t get to dictate how things go.

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Sugar bee
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No pay = no say. Toss her guest list and only invite the people you and your Fiance actually want there.

If she complains, tell her it’s not in your budget to have that many extended family members attending. Once you and your Fiance have chosen a venue, you can use the space constraints argument too.

Avoid talking about wedding plans in her presence, and if she makes any more “demands” or tries to force her opinions on you, politely tell her you’ll consider it and change the subject.

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Sugar bee
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@maggie4131: Yeah if you let her start pushing you around now, it’s just going to get worse.  Imagine if you have children (assuming you don’t already), that would get super ugly. 

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Bee Keeper
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We had a small wedding. What worked for us was to give our parents specific numbers. They could have this many people and not go over. That way they really do have to figure out their “must haves.”

As for the date, that’s crazy. I would just book the venue and officiant for the date you want and let your fi break the news to her.

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Helper bee
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I think your date is fabulous!!! 😉  I’m so sorry this is happening!  FI and I want a small wedding as well and Future Mother-In-Law wants to invite hundreds of people!  We’re still trying to work out all the details ourselves!  We’re dealing with quite a few issues as well and I hope you guys can get it worked out!  If they’re not paying, they have no say.  Do what you want 😉  Good luck!

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