(Closed) My golden just had a seizure…?!?!

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So sorry about your furbaby.  My first dog had a grand maul seizure 2 days before my first wedding.  I spent the night at the emergency vet clinic and couldn’t even think about my wedding. 

My parents have a dog that started having seizures when she wasn’t even 4.  She still has them every few months and they have her on meds and watch her.  It really is the hardest thing to see your beloved animal like that.  Praying for Ginger’s speedy recovery!

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Oh goodness!!  Big hugs for you and Ginger!  I hope she is doing ok (as well as you!).

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Keep us updated! I’ll be thinking about you and Ginger. I hope you get good news at the vet and it was just a one-time thing ๐Ÿ™ Do you mind sharing what kind of dog food it was? Please don’t blame yourself. You had no way of knowing and I totally get the tight finances!

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Oh my!! Thats just so awful! Hopefully it is nothing serious.  It takes awhile for them to get back to normal after a siezure.  THey are scared and tired.  So keep her rested.  And yes, organic food is always best for your dogs.  I’m even switching to making my own dog biscuits for my pup.  I dont want him eating any more of the over processed crap from the grocery store!

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My dog used to have seizures all the time.  She was diagnosed with epilepsy, but I believe it was caused by a food allergy.

She used to be on two medications a day, and they still weren’t controlled.  At one point she was so wobbly and out of it, the neurologist vet was afraid she might have permanent brain damage. 

I ended up changing her food due to her severe allergies (she was on a limited ingredient food where the primary protein was duck) and after I did that they never came back.  It’s been almost a year and a half and no seizures, where as before it used to be every few days, sometimes multiples.  And when I thought back, I realized her seizures started a couple weeks after starting her on the new food.  I believe she has a severe poultry allergy, but it’s always possible it was preservatives or something else in the food.

One thing that’s really important to do, that most general vets don’t seem to know about, is if she starts having seizures close together (more than 1/day) the best thing to stop them is rectal valium.  It’s not as bad to administer as you might think, and it stopped my dog from having seizure after seizure repeatedly.  It’s extremely important that you stop the cycle, because the more often they have seizures, the more likely they are to have more of them.  It’s kind of a spiraling effect.

If you want any more info or advice, feel free to pm me.  I’ve dealt with uncountable amounts of seizures, and almost every different kind. 

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She is just a lovely dog!! There is a really simple recipe for pumpkin dog buscuits on Pinterest that i found. Pumpkin is super good for their digestion so i’m going to make them tonight. 

My dog eats anything, so i figured i should make sure i give him the right stuff. He is already on local organic food we have delivered. 

Its kind of funny, i eat like crappy McDonalds and greasy foods sometimes, but i am constantly trying to improve my DOGS diet! lol why dont i do it for myself!!! Hahaha. Reminds me of a skit from Seinfeld, “if Aliens were to be watching earth, they would completely assume dogs are in charge.  We purchase and serve all their food, give them treats, hand bathe and groom them, and pick up their poop for them!”

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I hope your baby is okay! My dog had a seizure when she was only about a year old. It was the scariest thing. I did take her to the vet and they ran a series of bloodwork and it turns out it was an isolated incident. Maybe you can get some bloodwork done to see if the seizure will continue of if it was a one time thing. My uncle also had a dog who had regular seizures and she was the sweetest dog and lived until 17.

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 @MerryWidow:  Happy to help!  I know how awful it is to watch them go through that :(.

@Rush1986:  Ooh, can I get the recipe for the pumpkin dog biscuits?  My dog is allergic to a lot of foods so we don’t generally buy her treats.  And I’ve been feeding pumpking to her with every meal to help her digestion because she was having some anal gland leaking issues Undecided.


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Hi there! I wanted to share our story as we have a golden as well. He is 4 and had his first seizure just over a year ago (actually, 4 days before our wedding LOL). He had one totally out of the blue during the day, rushed him to the vet and was told to keep an eye. Seemed to be a random event until he had another later that night. It was awful. We took him to a 24 hr emerg clinic where he was put on seizure watch through the night. He didn’t ahve any more but was prepped with an IV line in case they needed to administer anything.

Of course the vet gave us all the worst case scenarios which was so terrifying and sad. MRI’s, scans and several thousand dollars of options which we couldn’t afford. We brought him home and lone behold, he was fine for about another couple of weeks when he had another. That was it – as you know it’s just the most horrible thing to witness them go through.

We took him to his regular vet and she told us that they are VERY common in goldens, they are prone to epilepsy and seizures so it is not at all uncommon. We were told we could alter his diet and give him certain foods but they did not work. Finally, after he had his 4th seizure in the back of my husbands car, on the highway – we went for the medication.

He is on pheno-barbitol (spelling!?) which he gets twice a day – 1 pill with breakfast and 1 pill with dinner. We wrap it in cheese, or peanut butter (or bananas!) and it’s super small. You can also buy “pill pockets” from the pet stores and they love those ๐Ÿ™‚ He has been seizure free for over a year and a half – no seizures, no weight gain.. absolutely NO changes in temperment which they warned us could be possible. He is the most happy, lovey, seizure free dog.

If you have another episode, i highly encourage you to see the vet and talk about the options and medication. It was really our last resort but I am SO thankful we jumped on them and he is so much better for it. All his bloodwork has come back excellent (no liver issues etc) and his life (and ours) is so much better.

Just remember to talk to them while they are seizing, try to keep them lying down but don’t force it if they try to get up – you’ll want to be by your dogs side as we found ours fell over/bumped into things right after. They lose some of their sight and hearing for a brief time and really need to be comforted. It’s a terrifying ordeal, and i’m so sorry you are going through this. I hope my info helped and honestly – the drugs have saved all of our lives and he just is the best dog. ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep us posted!


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