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awww no ๐Ÿ™ I am SO SO SO sorry you are going through this… ๐Ÿ™

my hair fell out also, mainly because I was dying it platinum blonde for a good year and when i brushed, i brushed really hard and i could see pieces fall out…

For color I would suggest doing a demi permanent lightest ash blonde, as that can take away some of the orange[brassy shit] and that is good for your hair, more conditioning then semi perm or permanent.

I would suggest taking biotin, or theres this product that [it wraps] sells for hair growth and some of the after pictures dont look too bad, at least that would kick start

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and also, might sound crazy but id start eating as much spinach as popeye


Your hair grows off the production of red blood cells, so that definately wouldnt hurt either.

Go to a salon retailer and get a conditioning treatment, try to wash your hair less[keep the natural oils in] when you brush just use a comb so its more of a detangler and less hair loss

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Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!!! What did that salon say?!?! (besides the chemical reaction part… not so helpful)

Here’s what I’d do: Dont freak (good luck, right?), hair can grow a decent amount in 5 months. Take pre-natal vitamins or add coconut oil to your food – those tings made my hair grow FAST. Check on pinterest for other concoctions for hair growth (only go with natural though!) Can you move your part so it’s not obvious for the next while? If you still have short pieces in 4 months, can you get extensions? As for the color, I cant really say much – can you go to a different salon for theit opinion?

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Blushing bee

So sorry.  I have destroyed my hair once or twice with color and heat damage.  Tough to get it back to healthy… I understand.

Maybe try a new salon…

I agree with PP about coloring it an ash blonde… or consult with another stylist, maybe they can just tone it?

A good trim.  Prenatal vitamins/biotin or some type of supplement for hair growth.  Limit or eliminate heat styling for the time being and use a good conditioner and coconut oil on the ends at bedtime.

Try not to stress… that is bad for your hair too.  In 5 months it should look much better.  good luck.

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Kristenm3:  Is it a new color line they used on you, or have you used it before? If they’re using the correct products, and the stylist knows what they’re doing… it most definatley should not be orange. I would buy PROFESSIONAL- NOT “TARGET” hair products. Look for strenghtening masks. Also, buy some keratin products to help regain the hairs natural protein. There are some good at home products too. It sounds gross… but eggs can help. They add extra protein to the hair.

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OMG I am so sorry to hear about this. You could have had a reaction, hormones could have played a part, if they didn’t use the correct formula, etc. I have dyed my hair soo much and have damaged my hair completely.

Like PP have mentioned – get a trim, try vitamins (watch Biotin because I can’t take it, it makes my skin terrible), use professional products (do you know any stylist that can take you to a professional store), don’t brush your hair when wet it makes the breakage so much worse. Be careful of the protein because too much protein in hair product can have the opposite affect. 

Has the salon done anything to fix the problem? Did the same girl who did your hair the first time, do it the 2nd time? Get your money back! They completely screwed up. Your hair should not be orange. I have bleached my hair from black to platnium blonde and it was orange and crazy colors but the stylist was able to fix that with another process and toner. 

Find a professional that can help with the problem but seriously go back to the salon and demand your money back. 

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Vitamin b grows hair really fast. I had a stylist mess up and cut off 6 inches when I asked for one inch. I took about four horse pills of vitamin b everyday and it grew very fast. Also eat a lot of meat and dairy (hair is made of protein).

Is there any possibility of putting in extensions and then parting your hair a good ways to the side? Then the longer hair will hold down the short bits if you know what I mean.

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Busy Beekeeper
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OP, if your hair has broken off in more or less a straight line (which is what it sounds like) then that’s what they call a chemical cut.  That happens when your hair is so over-processed that it loses its structural strenght and shears straight off. It could happen anytime but seems more common when the hairdresser (or yourself) overlaps the bleach between treatments so basically the section of hair is bleached more than once.  The damage may have been lurking for a long time unfortunately.  The hairdresser may have caused the damage, or the hairdresser may have just had the bad luck to be the last person to chemically treat your hair before the damage took its toll.

Your best bet now is to lay off the heat and chemical treatments. Don’t add a color because with the damage you’ve already had, a colored dye may grab wrong and rinse out with different intensities in different sections. So your hair will be splotchy/patchy/multi-colored.

Have a hairdresser cut off all of your split ends which might make your hair very short but that will prevent further breakage.

Sleep on satin pillowcases if you can get them.  This helps keep your hair from knotting and tangling in your sleep and that also helps prevent further breakage.

A clear cellophane treatment might help fill in cracks and pits in the hair shaft itself– but make sure it is a clear one and not a colored one. If you can find a clear cellophane, it’s best applied by a hairdresser, and you may want to get monthly treatments.

Wash your hair every other day instead of every day. Or every third day if you can!  Use argan oil or macadamia oil after each washing.

Get the extensions removed. The weight of the extensions on the already-damaged hair is not helping anything.

Wait about 3 months and you may be surprised at how much hair has grown back. 

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Sugar bee
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It’s from the bleach. They’re not letting the color lift through the orange brassy color. Did they use a toner? Whoever does your hair for your wedding will be able to get your whispies to stay down. 

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Sugar bee

I would not dye my hair or do anything unecessary anymore till the wedding… I had the same thing my hair broke off from dying it. It’s your hair’s way of telling you it’s had enough.

I left my hair alone for a year and it is finally somewhat back to normal.

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Busy bee

Oh you poor thing! How traumatic. I get my hair bleached platinum also; have done so for years. My hair is really fine so it won’t grow long without breaking off. Anytime I try to grow it past my chin it just breaks and looks tatty.

So now I keep it short in a blunt bob and whenever I want a better hairdo for going out, I use a very simple thing called a hair scrunchie which works like a charm.  It’s fake hair the same colour as mine but it is on a round elastic thing and has bounce and volume.  Any time I’m going out somewhere I just do a simple ponytail with what small amount of hair I have and then this hair scrunchie goes on and adds enough volume to do a side bun, french twist, etc.  I can’t remember what brand mine is (I think it was a Jessica Simpson promoted one) but you can see how it works in the pic below.  It is so easy and effective.  And cheap. 

I agree with PP, any hair extensions are just going to put extra stress on your already chemically stressed hair so I’d get them out.  In my own bleached/superfine hair situation my hairdresser said to never ever pull on it when wet so don’t use a brush when wet but to use an afro comb very gently through the hair and only after putting a few drops of argan oil into the hair first.  I rarely blow dry or straighten it as I know I will lose hair when I do that. 

I’ve had bleach jobs go wrong in the past and end up orange. It’s because the bleach wasn’t on for long enough as the hair goes from brown to orange to cream during the developing process. My current hairdresser of 5 years is great with colours and always uses a toner afterwards to take out any orange hints.  I wonder if it’s worth looking for a hairdresser that specifically specializes in colour correction and booking a visit (even if they are an hour or two away in another/bigger town) even if it’s just to discuss what is possible so you have realistic estimates of what will be happening in 5 months time instead of thinking you’re going to have an orange mullet at your wedding (you won’t!). 

For sure with industrial strength hairspray and one of these simple hairpieces or similar, your Cuba hairdresser will be able to work wonders!  

This isn’t the one I bought but you get the drift.  

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Busy bee

Ps – also I use dry shampoo in a can between washes. This is the best beauty product ever! A few quick sprays and the oil is gone. It also adds a bit of volume which is good for fine hair.  I pay about $10 a can and it lasts about 2 months with regular use. 

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Kristenm3:  it will probably grow back enough for some extensions by the time your wedding happens ๐Ÿ™‚ But if not, I would think about a hairpiece. I met the most beautiful woman a while back and she told me that all the hair on her body fell out a week before her wedding. She wears a full wig now and there was no way I could tell, even inspecting her part from a few inches away. It was unreal! The hair is European remy so super soft, and it’s real so you can heat style it, color it, swim in it etc. This isn’t her but it’s the same company that made her piece.

This girl is wearing a full wig as well.

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