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woow!! well first off using ash color is like…extreme for like red heads wanting the reds out. she should have used a blue/purple base since those are true opposites of orange/yellow. soo now its the color you want on your roots correct? & the high lights…just not the rest of it–where she put the light brown? 

i hope you did not pay this woman. ok…like seriously chi makes this keratin mist. use that in your hair every single day!! & man drench it. dont blow dry you’re hair, don’t wear any bands in your hair cause it’ll break. get some redken real control intense repair deep conditioner & sleep in it every night! & i would even put some in your ends when you style it. that’ll kinda strengthen your hair a little….

now…i strongly suggest you do this a week before you try to fix the gray. just because idk how strong your hair is & you dont want it to fall out…i guess what you could do to decide is a strand test. get a cup of water & then pull out a hair & put it in the cup, just drop it in. if it floats, its reasonably healthy but if it sinks, wait a week.

as for the gray…the way i see it–you can either take a color stripper to it. (professionally—the stuff at walmart just wont work.) that is really suppose to take it back to your natural color. but im just not sure your hair would be able to withstand it (what colors have you dyed you’re hair? like how dark we talkin?) if its not too dark they may be able to do it. just talk to your stylist.

or you can dye it. use a red based dye. i know its the opposite of what you want…but its gonna be the only thing that works. go a few shades darker than the overall color level of the gray (you’re stylist will know what im talkin about…or should anyway) i would personally if i were you, dont have her touch the highlights…cause they’re not gona take the color like the rest of your hair anyway. just pick out the highlights & coat them with conditioner & wrap in foils so they’re out of the way & dye the rest. it sounds like a pain…& you’re stylist probably wont want to. but dont let her tell you its not a good idea b/c it can be done easily–she just doesnt want to take the time to do it & you’re her client. so she needs to. 

i hope this helped! dont think im a nut, i went to cosmetology school (: good luck!!!

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Do NOT try to remedy this yourself.

Phone and speak to the manager or owner of the slaon. Tell her you are not happy and need the color corrected.

Go see her.If she doesn’t think they can do a good job, ask her for local reommendations.


ETA You hadn’t posted that it was your sister who did it before I posted.

Skip the part about going back to the salon.

Phone other salons and find someone who is an expert at color correction.

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Don’t freak out! I promise it can be fixed. I’ve had this happen to my hair so many times. I don’t know your hair so I don’t want to give any advice (because it might not work for your hair) but I wanted to assure you that it’s not a hard fix. Since your hair is at least now a grey tone, it tends to be A LOT easier to fix than the orange-yellow tones that you were experiencing. She might just need to tone you up with a different color now. Don’t do anything to it tonight…just wait until tomorrow and give your sister a call. I’m sure that she will be able to fix it:)

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sorry i didnt mean to insult u or ur sister ):

things happen. umm im guessing since you use to have black hair she used a bleach to lift it? cause if she did–the ingredients in color stripper will interact with the bleach & do a number on your hair. even if not used at the same time. so thats probably not going to work. I obviously can’t see your hair, I’m just spitting out ideas.

Pert is really good too, so you might try that if the Prell isnt working. I wonder if some of the dyes interacted?? Probably the ends, where its grey now, are whats left of the black pigment–ya know what I mean? That’s probably why it turned grey bc there’s still pigment left in the ends where that black use to be…and the further you go down the more dye jobs it has had so more pigment. Probably the further down the strand you go, the higher the developer you need. Have you ever used the box color you get at the drug store? Bc the box color & the color at the salons can be formulated differently and interact.

I would say probably the red/orange/yellow/gold toner. just a warm color to cancel out the ash & leave you with a nice neutral color. She’ll probably have to use a completely different formula from top to bottom. It’s tricky. I’ve seen it before though and its fixable so don’t freak. It makes a lot more sense knowing you’re hair use to be black. you might get a fresh trim before you color it, it can help the dye take a little better. 

Well its been 2 days–how are things looking now?

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