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Unfortunately, it sounds like you are having a breakage problem.  The hair at the bottom is likely 2-3 years old and is very damaged from the dyes and bleach.  There isn’t much that you can do to improve the health of that part of your hair.  You might want to try a prenatal vitamin, that might help to strengthen the new growth of hair you have.

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Prenatal vitamins!  Hair growth isn’t affected by outside factors, like bleach or dye.  The condition of your hair obviously is, but nothing you put on the outside of your hair will affect the actual growth pattern.  Hair and nails are the first thing that the body ignores though.  So if you’re short on nutrients or vitamins, the body will divert what it has available to critical systems first.  Eat more nutritious foods and take your vitamins and the problem should correct itself. 

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The trims like your mom suggested might help with the breakage at the bottom and allow the growth to stay healthy. Vitamins are probably your best bet for new growth though and drink lots of water. I would try biotin and ask the people at the store (GNC, Vitaminworld etc) what they suggest. Prenatal vitamins are great but you have to be careful with overdoing it. The prenatal vitamins have extra doses of vitamins such as iron etc b/c you need more when you are pregnant and even though they suggest taking them from up to a year before you get pregnant you shouldn’t take them that much longer because having too much iron or other vitamins in your system is unhealthy and can make you sick.  I guess for a couple months it’s no biggie but dont make it your new daily ritual for years.

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@anon00:  I use keratin oil on my hair and it works wonders! Helps smooth the strands but also strengthens the hair. You can buy it in spray form at Walgreens or Target, just spritz some on your damp hair and style as usual. Also, not sure what your beauty routine is but heat styling is really bad for your hair too, and causes breakage. Invest in a heat protection spray before you blowdry/flat iron or whatever you do with heat.

Good luck!!

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How often do you curl or straighten? What heat setting is your hair dryer/other styling tools on? I still dye my hair constantly but I tossed my chi for a babyliss straightener and use it on lowlife setting. I have very fine hair and that turned out to be the cause of my breakage. I also blow dry on low heat now. My hair would not grow for years and I could not figure out what wa wrong. After about 8 months, now I have people constantly telling me how long my hair is getting

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In addition to all the advice listed above, I would make sure you are using a wide tooth comb to brush your hair- anything else can also cause breakage.

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@anon00:  As someone that can grow hair down to her belt loops, I can tell you a few things…

getting it trimmed regularly is a must…for me it’s about every three or four months, make sure your stylist knows that your ultimate goal is length, don’t be afraid to have some layering in the front though…you don’t want Cher face.

the portion of your hair that has been treated, will alwyas be weaker and more prone to breakage, frizz and general misbehavior, might be smart to cut bait and get it off now just to start growing with fresh ends if you can manage it.

blowdrying, dying, bleaching and flat ironing are big no-no’s….every once in a while is fine, after all, if you’ve gone to all that trouble to grow out your lucious locks, you’ll want to show them off, but save it for special events, because it beats the hell out of your hair, and if its weak, it won’t grow, most days I wash and  just let it air dry and its much happier because of that.

I don’t take supplements or vitamins or anything, but I am really particular about what I’ll use on my hair, my hair is really thick, coarse, curly and dry, so I alternate between Aveda’s Be Curly, Moisturize and Chi’s Olive Oil therapy, I only comb in the shower with a wide tooth and conditioner to keep from breaking it….that keeps my hair really moisturized and healthy.

Be ready to deal with awkward stages as you grow, even as you start to get into the REALLY long phazes, it can still look a little out of whack, I just finally broke through an awkward stage and passed the threshold between my bra and my ribs…its tempting to start screwing with it, but I just put it up and ignore it until I get more length…it always works out if you can deal with it.

Dont’ give up!  Great hair takes time!  I cut all of it off in November, it was time to start over….and I’m really happy with the progress!

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@anon00:  i think if you already taking a multivitamin that has a ton of iron in it then you might want to ask your doctor if a prenatal vitamin is okay. Biotin is supposed to be great for hair and nails, I would try that.

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This might sound crazy but this is what my hair dresser told me to try and it worked for me!

First of all DO NOT wash your hair everyday. I know its hard especially since you work out and get all sweaty. Just because you dont wash your hair everyday doesnt mean you cant shower and get it wet! Instead of washing it with shampoo just use conditioner and massage your scalp to stimulate the hair folicles in between washes.

Now for the crazy part.. What my hair dresser told me to do is to crush up BC (birth control) pills and put it in my shampoo. Now im no doctor and neither is my hair stylist but she swore it worked and ever since i started doing that my hair has grown like crazy! Its the oddest thing.

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My hair is to my waist. I haven’t done anything special — I don’t get regular trims, I do take a daily vitamin, I don’t shampoo every day (Or condition for that matter), I have a firm toothed brush (Not comb) that I use every day, no split ends and my hair grows like a weed. I don’t dye it or blowdry it or use any heat whatsoever, I often sleep with it in a ponytail and I can’t get my hair to stop growing. Wish I could pass some of it onto you.

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Ultimately, hair length is determined by genetics. People have a predetermined “maximum length”. It varies from shoulders to feet.

Mine doesn’t get longer than boob length. 

It’s healthy and soft, but has never gotten past there. I’ve been taking good care of it. Lots of moisture, no heat styling, regular small trims, etc. I would looove it to get down to at least my elbows, but after the last 3 years of growing it out with my hairdresser I must concede that my hair might not get that long.

(It’s curly and very very thick, if that is relevant.)

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How much protein do you eat? I found out I was hypoglycemic a few years ago and had to adjust my diet. As such, I upped my protien significantly (I have to eat some every 3-4 hours or I get really woozy) and my hair grows soooo quickly now. Just a thought, and it would be easy to try.

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