My heart just hurts today…neighbors, their dog, my dog…

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Wow, what a bad situation all around. I don’t believe that any regular couple with full time jobs could successfully train a dog who reguarly attacks people and other dogs to the point of biting their entire tail off… Seems like the kind of training the dog would have required would be a full time job. This dog probably should have been surrendered to a shelter or given to a professional of some kind who could successfully train it, or police should have been called well before any of this happening. 

I don’t know where you live, but where I come from, it wouldn’t be unheard of for someone to euthanize their own dangerous dog, and it’s definitely not illegal. What a horrible, messy situation. I feel sorry for all the dogs involved.  

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KKML125 :  sure as hell don’t freaking pull a weapon out and shoot it! If I had a neighbor pull a weapon on my dog, especially on my property, I’d rain hellfire so damn hard Jesus himself would come back and ask who started the apocalypse without him. NO excuse. 

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Your neighbors didn’t lose their dog, they shot it.

I find this whole thing disturbing. I’m sorry you’re hurting, as I would be too if my neighbors killed their pet. I just feel like more could have been done here…

I echo a pp that I’m curious why you think their packages were purposely being delivered to your house? Are you saying because the delivery people knew the dog was aggressive or is this another issue entirely?

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All very weird. I dont understand why you wouldn’t try to break up a dog fight or why you’d have your husband deliver a package if he had to have his gun out ready to shoot a dog. That said, where I live, that dog would have been put down by the city anyways 🙁 Too bad they couldn’t have trained it, that is a very serious result to some bad doggy parenting. 

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KKML125 : You’re missing the entire point! The neighbor completely supported my husband in having to defend himself, IF he had actually shot the dog, and he told him he would not have been mad at all…he wasn’t going to let the dog continue to attack him & continue going at him, biting him and all. So you would just stand there & let the dog continue to attack you??? WTH? My husband is as sweet as they come and he’s seen a lot of crap in his career. For you to suggest my husband is aggressive, you’re definitely mistaken.  

Of course the neighbours wouldn’t have been mad, they had the dog killed themselves like a day later! They obviously didn’t really care about their dog or have ant empathy. 

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KKML125 :  I’m not saying anything about your husband having a gun, but if this dog is so agressive that you NEED a gun, why does he drop the packages there? Like, why is he endangering his life to drop off their amazon prime lol. 

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Your neighbors are dicks. 

What breeds of dogs were these (yours/your neighbors?) I ask because I keep thinking they were small dogs reading this but surely not.

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KKML125 :  I’m so sorry this happened, how traumatic this must be for all of you.  I hope your Layla is ok. If it were me, I wouldn’t take her on walks for awhile to give her time to emotionally recover. I had a dog that was attacked and became reactive to dogs after (not aggressive, but afraid and put on a big growly show to back other dogs off).

Ignore all the judgements. There are different norms all around the country even if everyone doesn’t agree or understand, it is how it is. And while it is sad about the loss of the dog, sometimes euthanasia is the right option. Not all dogs can be rehabilitated and it would be unethical to rehome a dog that has bitten. Most shelters and rescues will not take a dog with a bite history.

Hugs to you and your neighbors.

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