My heart just hurts today…neighbors, their dog, my dog…

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KKML125 :  you need to carry pepper spray if there are still free-roaming dogs in your area. Not safe for you, your dog or your family. You can’t control terrible dog owners but you can protect your family

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sassybeee :  I’ve worked with/around several rescues and I’d encourage people, in the kindest way, never to surrender an aggressive dog. If you disclose that it’s aggressive, it will be put down at the shelter, in a scary new place surrounded by strangers. If you don’t, you’re putting other people at very serious risk. This dog bit to break the skin multiple times with multiple people and animals, and attacked a woman with a baby. A dog that’s that aggressive could kill someone.

I completely understand if someone doesn’t have the resources, skills, and time to retrain a very aggressive dog, but in that case, as you say, veterinary euthanasia is the best choice. That way the poor dog is with people he or she knows and receives the most peaceful possible end. 

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This might be one of the worst threads I’ve ever read. Your husband was going to kill the neighbours dog!?! FFS what is wrong with people. 

Surely the sensible thing to do is get the neighbour to collect their own package!

to add: I do feel for you and your dog – I would hate to witness this and it must have been really scary. As an animal lover myself, aggressive dogs are just not acceptable but they need to go to a vet

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KKML125 :  I’m sorry for the negativity surrounding your post. As a fellow dog owner and lover, and LEO wife I feel like this could have been me. We have 3 dogs, and if God forbid some loose dogs came at us walking in the neighborhood, there’s not much I’d be able to do to protect them. I have one I could easily pick up, but the other two are too big, especially if I had all 3 together. Also, regarding your husband carrying his gun on him everywhere; I totally get it – other people don’t, just ignore them. 

While part of me certainly would feel badly for the neighbors putting down their own dog, it honestly probably is for the best. A dog with such aggressive behaviors/issues that weren’t being taken seriously by the owners, something had to be done (Although I don’t agree with them putting the dog down themselves). 

I would recommend a fence for your yard, and contacting a trainer/animal behavior specialist to help you guys and Layla overcome her fears of being outside alone, plus work on some tactics you could use in the future if you ever found yourself in a similar situation. 

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KKML125 :  Okay I hate that this happened to you and I hate that this asshole of a neighbor didn’t at least build a physical fence for his aggressive pit. I LOVE pits, but somehow they’ve become the patron dog of idiots who want a big tough dog and their human caretakers encourage the WORST behavior. And they are generally determined/brave animals and keep going if something hurts them, so of COURSE a shock collar didn’t help contain him… 

I’m so glad you and your family are safe. People on here are being ridiculous. I’ve known some wonderful pit bulls in my life and am probably adopting one soon, but one who’s been trained by a human idiot to behave badly can KILL A PERSON, just like a German Shepherd or another large-breed dog can. 

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I think the reason people are coming down on your husband is because he went over into the dogs area of his own free will, it’s not like the dog randomly came up and attacked him in the way it did your dog. At least that’s the way I’m reading it. It’s different to go into an animals home and kill it because it defended its home (which should be expected) than it is to defend yourself from an animal that attacks you while you’re out minding your own business. I think that’s what the bee’s are getting angry about and where your disconnect from why they are angry is happening. Imagine if a neighbor came in your yard and shot Layla while she was out using the bathroom and then claims Layla attacked them so it was self defense, surely you can understand how someone might feel in that situation. 

Just trying to help connect the dots. 

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KKML125 :  I’m sorry, that sounds so traumatic for all involved. This is totally on the neighbors. As soon as they knew that dog is a biter, they should have either put up a real fence or stopped letting the dog outside without a leash. I wonder if the dog was a rescue with issues they were not prepared to handle. In any case, there’s no way she could or should have been rehomed, unless it was to a place that could work on her aggression issues without the risk that someone would get hurt in the meantime – and places like that are precious few.

Cheekie0077 :  I don’t think that would have worked… the attacking dog was not small and could easily bite both OP and OP’s dog if she were to pick Layla up. And OP would not have her hands free to fight back.

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I am sympathetic to the sorrow of your neighbor. It wasn’t the dog’s fault, it was their fault for failing their dog. How terrible.

My husband has a concealed carry license. He carries a gun (bigger than what your husband carries) and he takes it with us everywhere. With exception (He doesn’t take it into buildings and definitely not on base) but if we are in public, ESPECIALLY with our daughter, you can be damn sure he has that gun on him somewhere.

I would not have blamed him for shooting the dog. Any dog of any size or breed can kill a person. I would not want my husband to risk his life for a dog that isn’t ours.

I’m sorry OP. This is a tough situation all around. I am in awe of your compassion to your neighbors, and I hope your dog recovers quickly.

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I am sorry for what you went through but I cannot for the life of me why people carry guns and not pepper spray too. If you’re ever attacked in a situation like this, would you not rather pull out pepper spray over a gun??? And why would you not report the neighbors to animal services after finding out it has bitten 6 people? And then you took a young child out on a walk knowing there was an aggressive dog on the loose with no physical barrier? This story just doesn’t add up or y’all are just super irresponsible. 

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pliur :  Interesting, I didn’t realize that. Thank you for telling me. Ugh I just feel so bad for all the dogs who are aggressive, as many people won’t take the time to train them and they’ll end up being put down 🙁 It’s so sad.

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Pretty sure that where I live, that dog would have been ‘put down’ when it bit the first person.  Some dogs canot be trained and some dogs once they get ‘bitey’ dont stop.  I think the outcome for this dog was best for all.

Also – I am a ‘gun control’ person (Aussie) – BUT even I don’t think your husband (a police officer with a legal right to carry a gun) should be villanised for pulling his weapon when being attacked by a dog.  Yeah maybe he shouldnt have gone to their property but it sounds like he was being neighbourly and didnt know there was an aggressive dog.  Everyone needs to chill out on that. Plus he never shot the damn thing – the owner did that.

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This entire thread is just yucky. So, so many errors made at the hand of man and not a single person in the story thought to resolve this issue humanely.  Or if they did, they did not act on it.

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This was such an awful experience for you and all parties involved to go through. I’m sorry it had to happen to you! 

My SO is a police officer as well and I don’t find it strange that your husband carries a gun at all times, although my SO does not (usually). 

Where I am from, if a dog had a history of 6 bites it would be surrendered and euthanized. End of story. I’m an animal lover myself, but your neighbors just let that situation go way too far. Not training or getting rid of the dog, not having an actual fence etc etc! 

Both families went through a very traumatic situation. If it were me, I wouldn’t make matters worse by asking for a check for your vet bills. Your neighbors are guilty of many things, and one of them is loving their dog so much they looked past it’s behavoral issues too long unfortunately. 

Good luck Bee, time will help heal. 

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