(Closed) My house was robbed last night…

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Bumble bee
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@MissBatman:  I’m so sorry this happened!  And I’m so glad that you weren’t home!!  Can you get an alarm system?

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That’s one of my biggest fears! I wish they caught the guy(s) but I’m happy you’re safe.

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Busy bee
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I’m so sorry, I’ve had my car broken into before and that was terrible. I can’t imagine it happening to my home. Sorry you have to go through this again.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

@MissBatman:  You are already doing what I was going to suggest – getting an alarm system. Even that isn’t a guarantee, but at least it’s something. Do you live in a high crime area? Have nice vehicles parked outside the house? Any valuables visible through the windows? I have no idea what made you a target twice! I’m so sorry this happened. 

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Blushing bee
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I’m so sorry, I’d also be a nervous wreck too after I’m sure.  I think that alarm system will be worth it’s cost just for the peace of mind let alone the safety factor.  

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Bee Keeper
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@MissBatman:  I’m so sorry! It’s such an invasion of privacy to be robbed knowing someone was in your home. I work for an insurance company and hear stories of break ins all the time. You need to get a security system ASAP. As soon as my husband and I got our house we got the alarm company to come and install an alarm before my husband would move anything valuable into the home. The alarm is also on the garage door and we sometimes set the night alarm incase someone tried to break in at night while we are sleeping.  

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Bee Keeper
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@MissBatman:  …its not in the locks or the doors, but if you KNOW, deep down inside, that you’re safe and sound…not matter what….well, you just cannot put a price on that feeling.

Its easier to maintain that if people actually stay out of your home, rebuilding it is tricky….I’d probably loose the french doors…they’re easiest to get into…have the locks overhauled, the alarm system installed…take a self defense course…whatever you have to do to feel safe and like you can handle yourself.

Also…its good to know, WHAT, if anything, would you do if someone were to break in while you were home?  Sometimes making a plan, having an escape route or plan of attack, eases those fears of the unknown…

Mr. 99 and I talked about that after one Christmas Eve, some guy got all nogged up, walked home from the bowling alley that’s nearby and mistook our house for his…they all kind of look alike…he was rattling the doorknob and banging on the door. 

The dogs were going crazy, I woke up, let them loose, grabbed my baton from under the bed and ran downstairs with Mr. 99 behind me, shotgun in hand.  We threw on the porch lights, ripped open the blinds and saw Rummy standing there in the snow, sort of…and realized it was all a mistake.  He figured out the REAL location of his house and ambled off into the snowy night, and we went back to bed, although to riled up to sleep and made a plan, should a real burglar come calling.

I’m sorry it happened, but you’re both going to be great, and better in fact, because the house will be all buttoned up and wired for sound!


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Helper bee
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@MissBatman:  I’m so sorry. That is the worst feeling. It sucks that your stuff got taken, but it doesn’t even compare to knowing someone was in your house…touching your things.

Our house was broken into about 4 months ago and I felt so violated. We got better locks and added multiple cameras around and in our house. That and time has made me feel more secure. But for the first few weeks everytime I walked by our windows at night I would see someone out there…even though the break in happened in broad daylight.

We think that my Fiance came home while they were there and both of our dogs were also home, I am just thankful they were not hurt. I just kept holding on to feeling lucky about that because so many worse things could have happened.

People are freaking assholes. There are more robberies around the holidays than any other time too.

I can’t imagine having to go through it twice though. How awful. Hoping you have better luck in the future.


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Buzzing Beekeeper
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That sucks! 

Our townhouses were broke into twice in college (actually we left the doors unlocked Undecided).  We didn’t really lose much (we were all home both times though), but I think it’s unsettling they went to all that trouble to get in.

How is the area you live in?  Any chance of catching whoever it was?  Fingerprints?  They actually caught the guy that broke into ours because we took a list of movies down to the store and alerted them.  So that when he came in, they contacted the police (there was a very odd, specific title stolen).  I blame ours to being in a college town.  People just going for an easy (unlocked) target.

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Busy bee
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@MissBatman:  That’s awful, I’m so sorry!  My grandparents had their house broken into several times, as I recall, every time on Memorial Day, weirdly enough.  They were out in the sticks and away from home, and someone broke in through a window and stole my grandmother’s engagement ring, then each replacement.  It was so strangely specific.  They didn’t have much else valuable, and she never wore the engagement ring in the summer because her hands would swell.  It always made her feel so unsafe, and they slept with a police baton under the bed, just in case, this being way before alarms were popular.

Some local police departments will do a thing where they look at your house for security weak spots and give you suggestions of how to improve things, and I think some insurance companies will as well.  That might help get your peace of mind back, having some concrete things to change and fix and make more secure.

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Buzzing bee
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I’m so sorry this happened! My heart hurts for you. I’m so glad you weren’t home at the time and that your fur baby was also with you! The thought of my dogs being home while we’re being robbed is too much for me to bear. I’m hoping for the smoothest transition, and that you can find comfort and security sooner rather than later.

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Honey Beekeeper
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@MissBatman:  Oh gosh, I’m sorry. We just had this happen to us last summer too.  They just kicked in our french doors, took my pillow case, and threw all my jewelery which I had in my night stand in it and took off.  Its the damn french doors.  They are inherently weak since they don’t dead bolt into a solid wood stud.  I took comfort in the fact they were just assholes in for a quick buck since they were in and out so fast and didn’t distrub anything else in the house.  It took a little while, but eventually it felt normal again.  We still haven’t gotten an alarm, but my husband is a lot more aware at night of any little noise he hears.  We added security bars to our sliding doors and to our french doors too.


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Sugar bee
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@MissBatman:  ah, sorry to hear this.

I live in the urban core and for 23 years nuttin’ happened here but for car crimes (busted windows, car thefts) and thieving of garden statuary and the like.

But last year some perp kicked open our back door in the middle of the day, ran in, jumping OVER the pet gates, grabbed the tv, and ran out. We were not home.

It was a very low impact theft (but for the steel door which Darling Husband had to replace for several hundred dollars. Fortunatley, he can do the work himself.) Our little blonde French bulldog was in the living room and watched his every move, but that little b*tch would not give him up! Those French are just casual about lawfulness, haha!

NO, actually, the main disturbing thing about this breakin was that we found an implement from the outdoor BBQ in the living room right by the empty space of the tv. The cops said that the perp was going to beat down some dogs with it if they got out of hand. That made me furious. She and two other Frenchie would have been barking their heads off at the racket he made, so he wasn’t afraid of little dogs.

I am glad that we didn’t have a big bulldog as a foster dog during that time because the perp may not have been so accepting of a bigger dog.

The tv, not a big deal. Oh and what is HILARIOUS is that this eejit was literally 24″ from our stahs of family silver. That stuff can be melted down and he could get craploads more for it than for a stupid tv.

Alarms don’t work in this “smash and grab” environment, the perps know they’ve got two minutes to get in and out.

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