(Closed) My husband says two dogs at the same time would be better…

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@Rubbs:  Honestly– We got two puppies together at the same time, and while yes- it’s definitely not the easiest and takes work, I never would have wanted to do it differently. They get along so well, I feel like neither one of them feels “more love” then the other, etc. I guarantee you will not be able to have a favorite. My boys have such distint personalities- I love  them both to death. My Fiance is the one that wanted two at the same time as well, while I was unsure about it. His reasoning was they could be together instead of alone while we were at work. And honestly, it’s worked out perfect. I also feel like the dogs are much closer too.

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I think you should potty train one and than get another one.  It’s good for them to have that companionship and you train one and than go right into the training the next.

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@beachbride1216:  +1

We have two and they’re a year apart. It was a good plan. Honestly, puppies are like infants. They cry. They poop everywhere. They are needy. We discussed our future dogs and we decided that we would still space them out. That way, you get one trained and done before you move onto dog #2. Overall, I do think two dogs is a good idea, unless you are home a lot or are the kind that takes their dog everywhere.

As for picking favorites, it happens but it’s different than what you would think. For example, one of ours is super sociable, independent and well-trained. If we go out in public, she’s our favorite because we can trust her to play well with others and because she’s so independent, we value any sign of affection (e.g. request for cuddles) as a true honor. Our other one is a typical lapdog who is super needy and cuddly. He’s our favorite when we just want to snuggle and relax on the couch. He’s also the one we turn to when we are sad and in need of comforting. So each dog’s personality fits a role and for different contexts, each one is a “favorite”.

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From someone who has two dogs (and wouldn’t want it any other way!), definitely get one, train that one and then get another one. Having a puppy is like having a toddler and I would defienitely not want two toddlers at once!

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I agree that having two dogs is better than one. They have a playmate to tire them out, and everyoneis happy! 🙂 However, what has worked for me is getting one dog, training them for a few months, and then getting another puppy so that they have an example. My dogs are 8 months apart and that was really hard, so I can’t even IMAGINE training two brand new pups at once! Eek!

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@beachbride1216:  I totally agree.

We got our second dog when the first one was a little over a year old and it was perfect. They bonded, the male helped the female with potty training (by observation of course) and they kept each other entertained during the day when we were out. Two is a magical number for dogs.

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@KimmySumShuga:  +1. Two rescue doggies would be the best! One was already trained, and they are best friends. They also always have someone at home, if people are at work.


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We had a dog, got a second, I swear it’s easier with two. They entertain each other and tire one another out. Ours were about 18 months when we got the 2nd one so definitely still very high energy. The only problems is walks–we have a fenced yard so mostly they go out there, but it takes two people to walk them. They’re bigger though–35 and 65 lbs–so with smaller dogs that might not be as much of an issue. I would be leery of trying to house-break two at the same time though. I had our girl since she was 8 weeks old and housebreaking was pretty quick with her, but it’s a lot of 1:1 attention and going out every couple of hours for a while.


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If you’re getting puppies, I’d start with one and get it trained and a little older (and behaving well) before getting puppy #2.


If you’re getting older dogs, then I’d be totally willing to adopt 2 at once.

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I agree with everyone who said to just space them out a little. Two puppies at once may be totally overwhelming. That said, dogs benefit *so much* from having the companionship of another dog! I have a (11 y.o. now) lab and she was irritable and overweight until we got a puppy four years ago. The puppy drove her nuts for like, a minute, but they really cannot live without each other now. It’s made the older dog so much better balanced (sleeps through the night, doesn’t tear up our house out of stress, etc). Good luck!

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