(Closed) My husband's snoring is awful!

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lmnop1984:  I finally forced my husband to make an appointment for a sleep study which I thought would be my answer. Not very accurate as my husband barely slept a wink being uncomfortably strapped to elecrical wires. Not exactly a replica sleeping environment. They didn’t get to hear the sonic boom of snoring like when he’s at home.

The thing that saved my marriage and sanity – seriously it was that bad – was getting my husband to wear a mouth guard every night. I love that mouthguard. You buy it over the counter. Best 50 dollars ever spent.

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I could say that I feel your pain, and I do, but I was the snorer for the longest time. Now he saws logs, too, so I don’t feel so bad anymore. 😉

Doctors can rule out any medical conditions and counter-measures for noise reduction can be useful. While we haven’t gone the way of 1950s TV shows and separate our beds, we do feel that a good marriage would not be defined by its sleeping arrangement. We’ve slept apart during injury recovery and some severe sicknesses, so, it doesn’t stretch the imagination to consider matching master suites.

I’m sure he would decorate his with a sports stuff and mine would be more English cottage, fwiw. I’d wonder which mattress would get more of the marital mileage, so to speak. Probably mine. lol 

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lmnop1984:  my fi used to snore do loud I couldnt sleep when we first met. I dragged him to a sleep clinic and he got tested, turned out he had severe sleep apnea, he sleeps with a cpap mashine, and feels so much better and I can sleep as well it’s been over 3 yeats now. The mashine is so quiet too.

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lmnop1984:  that was me a few months ago – not the snoring but the sleeping with headphones, music, and a fan and STILL wanting to smother my husband, or leaving for the guest room.  We made two changes and omg, it’s amazing.  First, we got a new mattress. The other one wasn’t supportive enough. Second, no late night dairy (goodbye evening ice cream) because it thickens the mucus.  He barely snores now, and if he does, it’s regular human being level, no freight trains.  And i sleep great! In the same room!

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lmnop1984:  Honstly sleeping in seperate beds is not the end of the world unless it is for other issues. Wanting to have a good nights sleep is important. I would rather sleep seperate and get a good nights sleeps than sleep together and get a terrible sleep.I would rather not fight because we are both overtired from not sleeping.

We try to sleep together but if he is snoring he goes to the guest room!

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Yes, I would agree with making sure he is checked for Sleep Apnea.  It is not only loud, it is life threatening.




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My Darling Husband snores so bad without his CPAP. When we first met I couldn’t sleep in the same room. He was so bothered by this he went ahead and got a sleep test. He woke up about 94 times and averaged not breathing 4x a minute! His insurance covers the machine. Now he rarely snores and when he does, it’s temporary/minor. He also has much more energy! I would really recommend starting with a doctor’s visit.

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My fiance used to snore terribly but a few lifestyle changes fixed it. He quit smoking, lost weight and started exercising on an elliptical. He didn’t lose a ton of weight – only 20 pounds – but it made a huge difference! I can now sleep next to him without losing my mind. Added bonus is that our sex life is also better – he used to get out of breath very quickly and now has more ‘stamina’ due to working out. 

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lmnop1984:  SNORE STOP.  It comes in either a nose spray or a throat spray.  Both my Fiance and brother use it.  I love it for Fiance.  My brother’s college roommate actually bought it for my brother because the snoring would keep his 3 roommates up.  Both Fiance and brother have had great success using it.  I recommend the throat spray – i think it worked better for some reason.

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I highly reccomend that he goes to a sleep clinic.  Snoring that distrubs another person’s sleep is a major sign of sleep apnea, which depending on the severity, can put major strain on the cardiovascular system over time. If he keeps putting it off, perhaps you should call and make the appointment for him!  Good luck to both of you!

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Step 1) doctor

Step 2) try using everything you can think of under the sun 

Step 3) separate rooms

I sometimes do Step 3 for no reason other than to get a decent amt of sleep without hubby yanking at the covers or snoring or doing jumping jacks every time he changes positions! 😠

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lmnop1984:  my parents ultimately got divirced over snoring. (I mean, my dad was an abusive, controlling a-hole to my brother and I but mother dear never cared or acknowledged it, Thanks mom) but they stopped sleeping in the same room before I was born. He had “the worst case of sleep apnea” the hospital had ever seen, but he refused to do anything about it. It actually destroyed my family. I couldn’t have friends over past 7, or else he’d be snoring on the couch. It made my pets nervous and they’d hide all night. I couldn’t do homework past 7 even if I was upstairs, alone, in my room with the door closed, a fan and music playing. Obviously I doubt your SO is anything like my dad. It was more fun to keep us up, and keep us from doing things with his snoring than it was to sleep with a mask on. It was easier to have me reliant on sleep medications starting in middle school..So I’m sure he’d do something about it! It can affect everyone around you! Obviously it still makes me bitter

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