(Closed) My Indoor cat has been missing for 2 days

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@PinkElephants21:  I wouldn’t panic just yet! I would take items that smell like your family outside ASAP. For instance, blankets and clothes that have been recently worn that smell like you. She’ll be able to pick up the scent in the wind and it will be an IMMENSE help to her. Also, indoor cats are more likely to hide under houses, in cellars, basements, bushes, etc. So let your neighbors know to keep an eye out. Most indoor cats that escape outside are found in a neighbor’s yard hiding in a shed or porch. 

One of my cats is completely indoors and the first time that she escaped outside, I was convinced that I would never see her again. She showed up the next day! (Sadly, she did not learn her lesson since she decided she had an amazing adventure outside and tries to escape at every opportunity now -__-)

Best of luck!

Side note! When you do see her outside, don’t run over to her as that will likely scare her after she’s been ouside for two days. When you see her, sit down ASAP and wait for her to come to you. Even if she’s been easy to just pick up in the past when she’s got outside, she’s likely to be much more skittish as she has been ouside for two whole days. It’s nearly impossible to catch a cat that’s decided to run, so just sit down and wait for her to come to you. As long as that might take. Do not chase her whatever you do. 

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Aw, I hope she turns up soon. I’ve had indoor cats, even older ones get out, but they always turned up on the porch or crying at the door sooner or later.

You could put food and water bowls outside, her bed or favorite blanket/pillow… something that smells of home and you guys.   You may have all the strays in the neighborhood, but maybe it will entice her back long enough for you to see her and let her in! 

Check everywhere, not just her favorite spots.  If she’s not feeling well she might hide somewhere that isn’t a usual spot.  One sick cat crawled under the stove built in the cabinets (it had a gap where the base was), and another that curled up in a box hid away (which he never did).  I only suggest these because you said she has a thyroid problem and is older.  Check behind appliances and even the hot water heater if it’s in the open.  Anywhere she could fit basically, especially if it’s warm.

I hope you find her soon!

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I’d be so freaked out and devestated if this had been one of our cats!  I hope you find her, those kitties are smart cookies and she will find her way back to you. *hugs*

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@mrs_pudding_pop:  +1, I would lose my mind missing my kitty ;(

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I hope you find your kitty soon.  My apartment is only 600 sq feet but I still don’t know all my cat’s hiding spots and panic if I can’t find him for 10 minutes, can’t imagine not knowing where he is for 2 days.

Do you have flyers up in your neighbourhood yet or a Craigslist posting?  I know people who have found their pets (and when strays came into the ER at my internship last year I went straight to Craigslist if they didn’t have a chip to look for a posting) these ways.

My cat growing up went outside on a leash, but when she got older we just let her out and she stayed in the yard.  Sometimes she would go under the pool deck or in the plants and we couldn’t find her, but if we shook her treat bag she came running.  Maybe you could try walking around your neighbourhood calling her name and shaking a treat bag?

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@PinkElephants21:  Sending good thoughts your way!


When I was moving in with Fiance, we emptied my apartment of everything except cleaning supplies, and I stayed there with my cat while I cleaned up.  When I was done cleaning, I looked for the cat. 

It was an empty apartment, no furniture to hide under, and all of the closet and room doors were open – but I couldn’t find him!  I went in to total panic mode, thinking someone must have let him out, but I was on the 3rd floor, in a buzz-in building, so he would have had to go down three flights of stairs and get through two sets of doors.

I finally found him in the silverware drawer!  He had opened the cupboard underneath, and climbed up on to one of the shelves, working his way up and in to the drawer! I had no idea that was even possible.

After I got him to the new house, he disappeared again – this time for 3 days!  It turns out that the giant dresser Fiance brought with him that LOOKED flush to the floor really had an opening in the back.  He hid under that dresser until he was over his freakout – too long for comfort. 


Take heart! They get in to some BIZARRE spots ๐Ÿ™‚

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Post tons of posters now, find “lost pets” facebook pages to post her picture on. Get the word out asap!!

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I hope you find her soon, I know how scary that is!

I have a cat who is older and has a disorder as well, he was born with distemper and because of that his motor control is a little funky.  You can imagine the horror when he escaped a few years ago at the age of 11 we were feeling.  He was gone for three days and we for sure thought we wouldn’t see him again, until one day when we came home he was sitting under our grill on our deck, just waiting for us to get home so he could come back inside.

I think leaving items outside will definitely help.  Cats always tend to surprise with how good they are at surviving and finding their way home, so hang in there and I really hope she turns up.

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Oh no, I’m so sorry! Hoping she returns. ๐Ÿ™

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๐Ÿ™ i really hope your kitty comes back! my Mother-In-Law has an older cat and last year she dissapeared for 2 weeks!! we were terrified because shes only been indoor all her life and was super skiddish. 2 weeks later she shows up, super skinny, scratched up. That cat has never left again. I hope she just went exploring and is on her way back. 

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I’m sorry this happened ๐Ÿ™ I don’t know anything about cats, but I hope yours returns home soon!

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Definitely put stuff outside that smells like you, and I’d recommend placing her litterbox outside. She may be a bit lost and pick up the scent which will lead her home.

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