(Closed) My irrational fear. What's yours?

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Bumble bee
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@lolita39: That would terrify me, hahah. I’m sorry.

As for my irrational fears, aliens and zombies. I can’t explain the zombie one very well, but when I was a youngster, my parents bought me a combined TV-VCR, and one day I went to watch The Brave Little Toaster, which we had taped off of TV.

Turns out my dad has also taped, half-way through The Brave Little Toaster, that fake FOX alien autopsy.

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Sugar bee
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i have a really irrational fear – when im standing on the metro platform, i cant stand near the edge as im afraid a lunatic will push me under a train. never had a bad experience (though have obviously read the very rare cases where this has happened) but my heart rate actually increases when the train comes in

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Bee Keeper
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Ewww!  Well luckily lady bugs are like the most benign but out there to me!


I hate seaweed.  Like the tall, billowly vegetation that grows in water.   I cannot swin through it for the life of me.  Touching it when it’s washed up shore is fine.  It’s the sea monster is lurking in the weeds – going to suck you under fear.

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Busy bee
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Totally petrified of stepping on an escalator and those spinning door things – HATE DOING EITHER OF THOSE THINGS!

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Honey bee
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Euuugghhh. That’s awful. I am irrationally afraid of puke, anything puke related. I get nervous if I spend too much time around really really drunk people, if someone says their stomach hurts I’m like “HURTS HOW.” Just knowing someone else feels queasy will send me into a freak-out. I hate flying, not because I worry the plane will crash, but because I might see or hear someone get airsick and throw up. I do a little better now than I used to but it’s still a big trigger for my anxiety. 

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Bumble bee

Irrational? Space. Not aliens, but actual space (planets/moons/stars/etc). After seeing the movie Melancholia, I have an honest difficult time looking up at the moon, or the stars. That movie shook me up in a way a movie has never done before. It was terrifying. 🙁

Also: needles. I know that no one LIKES needles, but I cry like a baby in doctor’s offices. I sob and shake and my blood pressure shoots through the roof.  So I usually have to drag my Fiance to appointments with me so he can hold my hand. 

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@newname_99:  +! … and that’s NOT irrational.  There are people that push others or fall off the platform.  I usually stay way in the back of the crowd then move up when the train stops.

cruise ships, I used to swim competitively and I don’t like the thought of being too far from land.

Lakes because my older brother had me watch “Piranha”, movie where tons of them are in a Lake and attack people.  Then he made me sleep on the floor next to the 100 gal. fish tank. So I had nightmares. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I used to be irrationally afraid of bees, even just one bee lazily flying around or perched on a flower.  (After being stung 15 times at once in a swarm of yellowjackets when I was a kid – maybe not so irrational).  

Then I had the most horrible experience of accidental immersion therapy.  I was backpacking in the rainforest in Bolivia and there was some sort of bee hive migration going on.  There were literally hundreds of thousands of them covering every surface, for days.  Ugh, it was so so scary – it makes my heart pound just thinking about it  :S  

But I came out of that experience no longer afraid of the lone single bee!  So I guess it was a good thing.

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Bumble bee
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@lolita39:  My irrational fear is everything that my parents eat may harm them in some way. I know it’s really bizarre but I’ve had this fear almost my whole life. I get anxiety when I find out they eat something from a fast food place or when my dad wanted to take these diet pills I completely flipped out on him and had anxiety for months about it. I have anxiety right now just thinking about it and visualizing the diet pill bottle. I wish I knew where this stemmed from. I am a very concious eater so that may be part of it. This is actually the first time I am talking about it.

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Helper bee
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I am terrified of heights. Ever since I was little they have freaked me out.

Now that I am an adult and drive, I freak when I have to drive over bridges or curved, tall overpasses. I don’t know why, but I am convinced that unless I am in the center lane someone will hit me and I’ll fly off. :/

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Bumble bee

@Bebealways:  I’m afraid of puke too. I’m semi-ok if someone throws up because they’re drunk, but if someone throws up because they have a stomach virus, I’ll move to the next town because that crap is highly contageous. 

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