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Oh yeah–I made an older lady cry today–twice.  But in my defense, I really am a nice girl, she just really made me mad with unreasonable expectations (as in I should still be there for her when I am on vaca).  I know where you are coming from. I have to do things I hate doing everyday at my job, and I, in a way, deal with people’s health. I’m not going to say that it ever gets better, but in most cases what you have to remember is that you are just doing your job. These people would not be getting fired or hearing a negative message if they were doing what they were suppose to be doing in the first place.

ETA: And I really did feel bad about making her cry…

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I use to work for an insurance company and that is seriously soul sucking. You are in people’s lives and you are playing God sometimes. When you tell a provider that a procedure isn’t medical nec, to them that means they aren’t getting paid and that means they aren’t doing the procedure/test/lab/xray/ect which means they expect the patient to pay, which often doesn’t happen because who has $10k sitting around for a sudden medical emergency.

It sucks telling cancer patients that they blew through the lifetime max that their employer has set up with the insurance company. It sucks telling them that they have to go on welfare or find another job (good luck finding a job while you are in the middle of cancer treatment) to get more claims paid for.

It sucks telling a mother of a handicapped child that the insurance is not paying for a wheelchair because it goes over their DME limit.

It sucks listening to medical directors and review nurses hound hospice nurses about the patients condition because the insurance is only paying for 90 days so that fool better hurry up and die or he’s going to be broke while he’s dying.

It sucks telling people that it’s too bad they can’t afford COBRA.

It sucks listening to processors talk about the bonus they made because of the number of claims they could deny.

You become a very cold and numb person when you work for medical insurance. You really don’t help people. You help the insurance company. You close one case and move on to the next person who is complaining. You shut them down, close the case and move onto the next person.

I use to cry every night when I got home. I would just go to the bathroom and seriously cry for 15 minutes. I’m so glad I escaped.

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@Miss Tattoo:OMG that sounds horrible 🙁


I oversee the financials so when I see someone making an error in the process, I have to correct them. I do it nicely but my manager suggests I ‘threaten’ them so they don’t do it again. (Can you tell how her management skills are?). 

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@Miss Tattoo:  Ugh.  So ridiculously depressing.  I’m glad you got out of there, but it’s just terrible that things like that exist…you know, in one of the richest countries in the world. 🙁

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@UpstateCait: “I have to boss people around who are MUCH older than me and who have worked for the company for decades longer than I have. I try to be as nice as possible but its kind of hard to sugar coat most of it.”

I’m in the same position at my job… and I get the feeling that people do not like me because of it. I try to be nice about it but most of it is asinine things, like typographical errors and wrong dates on documents, etc. How can you sugar coat stuff that is supposed to be accurate and they are doing a crappy job at it? It’s frustrating some days. I get a lot of push back and attitude, but if you just did your job and did it right.. then there would be no problem!

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@Miss Tattoo: That’s horrible!  I would cry too, glad you got out.


I have to boss people around who are older than me too (mostly just setting deadlines and making sure people meet them…reminding them on the day it’s due, and approving or denying extensions.  Also checking their work and telling them what changes need to be made, etc).  It’s a little uncomfortable sometimes.  But they know it’s my job and I try not to be a bitch about it unless they are super late or did it completely wrong/didn’t follow written instructions. 

I think it’s part of life, and you’ll get more comfortable with it as time goes on.  It sucks that it gets people fired, but then, you gotta think that they deserved it for stealing.  Hopefully it’ll teach them a lesson.

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An auditor would definitely be a hard job to have. But it’s not your fault! These people are doing things that they know will get them fired, they are adults who have to take responsibility for their own actions. And if you let some issues slip through the cracks, then YOUR job could be in danger, so don’t feel guilty. You’re just doing your job. Like you said at least you don’t have to do the actual firing!!

I hear you though, work has been super stressful lately. I try to leave my stress at work and not take it home with me, but it’s hard. Poor fiance!

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