(Closed) My kitty is sick :(

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Oh no!! I hope he gets better soon!!

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Bumble bee

Oh noes! Please feel better soon, soupycat cat!

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My cat had something like this happen when she was young.  I tried to bring another cat into the house and so I think she stopped using the litter box as frequently and got stopped up (I’m not really sure what happened).  Anyway, she was puking up literally everything she ate and was getting so think and ragged looking…I was scared. I felt so bad for her.  I took her to the vet (who was a terrible vet, btw, told me “well, it might be feline leukemia…nice. I cried all the way to school.) and they took some xrays, gave me an anti-nausea pill for her and sent us home.  Well, it worked for like a day, but then she was back to puking. So I took her back and they gave her an enema (she hates the vet now…lol…wonder why) and she was severly blocked up. (The vet also told me that my cat was “mean,” and I needed to work with her to be nicer, which is so ridiculous. She stayed in a strange place overnight and you stuck something up her butt – how would you feel?  She was all cuddly with me though…but she’d hiss at them if they walked by while I was holding her. They were jerks.)

So, after that, I switched her back to kitty food since it is full of vitamins and softer on the stomach. I gave her a little bit of canned food (like a teaspoon full) twice a day and put a quarter of a pepcid (the kind for 24 hour relief) once/day.  I started giving her the stuff for hairballs (like a molasses type thing) to help keep things moving through her system.  Thank heavens she was easy – she thought it was a treat! She’d lick it off the spoon.  I honestly did that for a few years.  She seems like she’s pretty back to normal now and only throws up about once every 3-5 months…which cats do.

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I forgot to say…I hope your cat is ok!  Just keep your eye on him!  It’s most important that he keep liquids down first.  Don’t worry about food.  Get some cans of kitty food…you can give him a small spponful and if he doesn’t eat it, just put it back in the can in the fridge. I cover with tin foil.

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@SoupyCat: try the hairball remedy stuff too.  It helps keep them going…if you know what I mean.  Buy a few different types of wet food…maybe one will appeal to him?

The pepcid is also a good idea. Helps calm their tummies.  Keep us posted!

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Sugar bee

Did they do a barium xray? 

It sounds like he is still blocked up. I’m sorry sorry.. poor dude.  The barium will show up a foreign body if there is one.

I just wanted to rest assure you a little… My siamese is a weirdo and eats the strangest things.  He swallowed and shit out a thread and needle.. (intact!) and ate a dinner sized plate hole out of a curtain.

The latter incident, I brought him to the vets (the former.. I didn’t know until I found the red thread and needle in his poo!)  and they gave him IV fluids and did the barium xray.  The vet told me that they were going to have to do surgery…well I told him to suck it (I can’t believe he gave that as option one)I gave him gravy (wet kitten food mixed with tons of warm water) 24-*36 hours later he passed the mass.

I really hope your kitty can pass whatever his blocking him too.

If he is blocked.

Good luck!

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Sorry to hear that your kitty isn’t feeling well. It could be a number of things, many of which are minor, but I would definitely recommend not waiting to take him in for a more thorough checkup if he doesn’t start acting more like himself & continues to strain unsuccessfully.

A family member’s cat had symptoms which for the first few days seemed like a transitory GI illness. After seeing the vet and being put on meds, he got better for a day or two, but then the symptoms returned. He ultimately had an ultrasound and they found an entire mass of hair ties blocking his GI tract. He had to have surgery immediately, which is typically the protocol for a foreign body mass. I wouldn’t recommend telling the vet to suck it (lol), because although it may have worked in the previous poster’s case, it could be deadly in other cases, depending on how long the cat has been blocked, how large the mass is, what the mass is exactly, and the problems could be compounded by the cat’s age. If the x-ray is inconclusive, you might see if your vet would recommend an ultrasound for a better diagnosis. I don’t want to scare you, I just don’t want you to get the impression that this is something that can be typically be solved with gravy and canned food if it is a severely impacted or foreign mass.

If it turns out to be a simple case of constipation, in the future, you can try to incorporate more wet food in to your cat’s diet to keep him well hydrated to prevent constipation. I also give my cats natural salmon oil once every other day to help keep things going smoothly (it is also amazing for their coats). Another tried and true is some unsweetend pumpkin (the kind you get in a can). It works miracles to cure constipation and diarrhea in cats. It has never failed me.

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