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futuremrsJR:  I agree with your assessment of both the hair and makeup. I think the hair looks a bit…amature? You shouldn’t be able to see all of those bobby pins sticking out. I love your look in your “regular” makeup picture. I think she did a variation of what you asked for, I think the problem is that perhaps the look you are going for isn’t the best for your features.

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Busy bee
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The bun looks sloppy and the eyeshadow is not even close to your inspiration. I had to go for 2 hair/makeup trials and actually ended up changing the hairstyle completely day of.

What I would recommend is take pictures of both at steps along the way so you can monitor progress closely and pinpoint where things are getting off track. I found this particularly helpful for the hair, which was I was initially really unhappy with. Also, don’t feel bad speaking up and offering critique. Your vendors want to make you happy!

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Hair- I agree. Comparing to inspiration photo, there are differences. Will your hair be one color? That bright end of gold is throwing me off. 😉

makeup- the first overall shot appears put together. You eye makeup doesn’t appear to be the same color or shimmer of the inspiration, unless it’s just poor lighting in the car. The airbrush color looks a little yellow toward the bottom of your face. If you prefer foundation, have them use a long lasting setting spray. 

Your everyday look is more on point, imo. I also prefer your everyday lip colors compared to shimmer which is not the best for flashes. 

I agree, hard to start over. 

1) write out the changes for a retrial 

2)have a trusted bridal party member (who is outspoken) join you to watch so that when things go awry, she can speak up. 

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Hmm, maybe I’m too easy to please but I LOVE your hair! I’m so so on the makeup.

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I don’t use airbrush because of that cakey feeling and look. Honestly, the eye makeup inspiration you gave her is not flattering for you in this situation. It’s heavy on the sparkles in three different shades, which looks good when you are looking at just an eye, but is not attractive for a bridal look. 

You are beautiful. Your natural makeup is fresh and natural looking. You want to boost that look for bridal, not cover your best features with makeup that isn’t enhancing. I’d ask for a redo with the makeup and ask her to do what she thinks would be most flattering on you for your wedding. If she is a professional, she should know exactly what to do. The eyeliner, esp on bottom, should not look like a line. It should be softer, blended down with shadow first and again over liner and then knocked down with a q tip. Look for a few celeb/models with your coloring and find a look on them that is fresh and not nightclubby. That might help you. Seriously, you have such good features, all you need is bridal glow makeup. It is easy. 

your hair looks like it could use some extensions to get the look you want. I agree with you it could be looser. I am not a hairdresser, but I don’t think the pins should be so obvious. 


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Busy bee

I agree that this isn’t doing you justice.

Your updo has pins showing. That would really bug me. Also the bun is not clearly defined. However hair color may play a part there.

The eye shadow is very different from your inspired photo. In the photo the darker shadow is very narrow just above the crease until it is almost to the outside edge of the eye then it is from the crease to the bottom of the eye. There is also a faint  rose shadow on the upper lid  and an ivory tinged skin tone up to the brow. I think the mua used a lot more of the dark shadow and may have skipped the rose. (Also FYI I used mineral makeup and loved how it looked felt and held up.)

I might also ask for lip liner on you upper lip.

Adding a guy’s thought. Honey looked at this and asked me to explain and was more confused after as he thought you looked great.

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Yes this makeup is not looking great.  The colors are just not the right colors for your skin tone.  And looks like the foundation is not the right tone for your skin also.  It looks sickly yellow to me.  My advice is to go to sephora, get the assistant match you with a correct foundation. they use a special camera that takes pictures of your skin in 3 places and match you with a correct foundation. Next, make an appointment with them top have a full face makeup done.  I had my  second trial yesterday and loved  it.  The mua at sephora will walk you through the picking process and will suggest the right colors for you.  You only need to buy $50 worth of makeup,  but if you buy foundation only that will cover the requirement.  I ended up buying foundation,  powder,  eye palette and lip stain. I will bring those items to my wedding makeup appointment and have mua use my stuff. I had exactly your situation with makeup,  i hated how washed out i looked at my first appointment. My mua didn’t listen to my needs, so i had to look elsewhere.  Regarding the hair,  sorry it looks to weird for my taste,  consider getting some hair extensions to bump up the bun in the back,  or maybe add some braiding on the side. 

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I agree about your hair… don’t like how bobby pins are showing and the bun looks too small in comparison to the bump on top. And the bun looks like it’s angled down and droopy if that makes sense… I think if she teased your hair more to get more volume in the bun and didn’t focus so much on matching the inspiration pic but just doing what would look best on YOU, it will turn out better.

As far as the makeup, I don’t think the colors are very flattering, it’s sort of a harsh contrast between the gold and the silver… Doesn’t look like your inspiration pic very much. In the inspiration pic it’s more ombre and natural brown, not just a gold lid with a silver crease. But the rest of the makeup looks great, love the blush color and you have gorgeous lashes!

I’m sure if you express your concerns these will be easy fixes!

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futuremrsJR:  let me start off with, from your everyday picture you posted, you are very beautiful so I don’t feel you need a lot of makeup or anything. Looking over the trial photos I see a few things:

#1 I would dye your hair all one uniform color with not much contrast as it has right now, the golden colors distract and look funkey.

#2 you should not see those bobbie pins, she should have used ones that are closer to your hair color. The pieces of hair are too many, the inspration pic has maybe 5 large pieces that are twirled around and pinned in, the one she did has a lot of little pieces she took and pinned.

#3 the eyeshadow is not what is in the inspiration, to me it looks like she either didn’t use a primer to keep the shadow on or she used a low quality shadow, the colors you want are all in the urban decay pallet 2.. you should just buy it and play around with it your self… Or ulta will do it for you To show you. Also the liquid eyeliner looks too runny and thick and stops short … For more of a smokey eye a pencil I find works better. Your eye brows are really nice.

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futuremrsJR:  okay first, you are beautiful!  So it’s really a shame she fucked this up so badly!

I didn’t see anyone say it yet, but that lower liner is an absolute wreck. It’s harsh and messy and just stops abruptly in the center of your eye.  The eyes altogether are just terrible.  I also don’t like that harsh of color on you.  I think you’d look better with much more muted versions of each color.

The foundation color is off, far too yellow.

I don’t mind the lip color, but I wouldn’t do a gloss the day of, as PPs suggested.

And that hair…..where in the hell did that one come from, honestly?  I know they might have a hard time getting it exactly like the photos, but this is entirely different. Their only similarity is that they’re both updos….

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Double post

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I really don’t know anything about hair, so I’m going to leave that one alone altogether.  You’ve already received very good advice from wiser more experienced Bees.  

As far as your makeup is concerned, please, PLEASE do not go back to this woman.  You are lovely, and the makeup she put on you is awful from point A to point Z.  I’m honestly not even sure where to start. From the frosted 80s lip, to the “leftover from that drunken club night” eyes to the yellow foundation and uneven blush… If this is her idea of how to incorporate your wedding inspiration picture, she should not be allowed near a brush.  I’m sorry, Bee, but you can do so much better.  Good luck!


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Yikes! You’re gorgeous so what the heck did this make up artist do?! I think the bottom liner is really severe and unflattering especially that it goes 2/3 in. The eyeshadow shape and tones aren’t flattering either. I think maybe go more simple and earthy tones as that would compliment your actual beauty. That foundation/concealer I think is an issue. It really pronounces wrinkles around your eyes which are not visible otherwise. I would want things changed big time if it was me, I am glad you’re not settling. 

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futuremrsJR:  I agree with your opinions on your hair and eye makeup. Your hair looks “heavy” versus the effortless look in the inspiration photo. Maybe it’s the amount of pins dragging it down?

Eye makeup needs to be completely redone – colors are smudging and arent blended correctly, lacks definition. Colors are wrong for you. Also I think the black liner on your bottom part of your eyes is too harsh – it needs to be smoked out to get a softer look and perhaps on a dark coffee brown. 

The foundation and blush look fine. However, I would find another make up artist….

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