(Closed) My Moissanite vs My Diamond (Story of a two ring girl.)

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@Future.Mrs.K:  thank you so much it means a lot! I am very excited, as I am sure you were at still are!

You are right the waiting is the hardest part and I feel the same way as you (that we both want to be together for the rest of our lifes)

Congrats to you as well! Everyone deserves to be happy especially with their e-ring!

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I am a ring changer!

I opted out of an engagement ring originally, so did not have one before we were married at all.

My first ring was a nickel white gold/rhodium plated white gold wedding band with a small blue pear sapphire and diamond pave in crossover design. It was pretty, but it was never very comfortable and I did not like the cut (the shape was fine, the actual cut was not pleasing for me) or the size of the sapphire. I talked to my husband about it about 3-4 months after we were married and we decided that I would get new rings. It does have sentimental value, so it is safely stored away (I actually later found out I was nickel sensitive/allergic, so for the best, anyway, before the rhodium wore off!).

My next ringset was a palladium 18k white gold set with a blue lab created sapphire, and diamond scattered bands.  Pretty, but I kind of grew to “not like them” so much. Neither the white metal, or the white and blue contrast, or the setting style quite ever did it for me or my skintone, though I had chosen them to compliment my husband’s ring which he adores and looks great on him. I had *really* wanted a moissanite, and maybe rose or yellow gold. Also, it actually turned out I was slowly developing a palladium sensitivity (not nearly as common as nickel sensitivity but it happens, and I am super skin-sensitive!). I was getting itchy, but I had understood palladium to be pretty hypoallergenic so thought it was just something else (not sure what, but something!), and had no intention on changing them at all as I did feel attached to them and was actually pretty adamant about not changing them, but it was getting really bothersome with the itching. I talked to my husband last month about it, he recommended I take them off and see how my skin reacted. Ring finger bounced back to normal. No more itchiness, or redness, and when I put them on my other hand just to test the allergy thing (and ensured they were recleaned, etc) the itchiness came back. Have not put them back on, and listed them for sale. We decided I would get new rings.  He never liked them anyway!

I am now sitting here waiting to get the shipping notice on my new rings.  A vendor on Etsy is making (has made?) them for me. I am getting a yellow gold (which was what I have always worn and loved and had no problems with, I found out white gold is not for me through a difficult path, but at least I also realized white metal period is not for me!), bezel set, moissanite OEC (unenhanced) with stacking bands that are also yellow gold with small flush set champagne & cognac diamond melee. I am very confident these are going to be my forever rings! The model he sents pictures of looked amazing, and totally “me”.  This is good as I have promised my husband if I ever change my ring again, it can only be to a twist tie! This has been an expensive (and long) journey for us. Embarassed Not as expensive as it is for some that I have seen, but still more than we ever intended.

I think it all worked out for the best, mainly as this allowed me to get a moissanite (as I had wanted before) AND a OEC cut (which I adore) AND yellow gold (which looks better on me and speaks to me) AND a bezel which I always loved, and something very different and untraditional. Yay!




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I have a two ring story, though I think everyone has already heard it ๐Ÿ˜› But I’ll tell it again since you asked!

My fiance and I got engaged in April 2011, he gave me a beautiful square radiant cut diamond solitaire. Fast forward to September.. I took my ring off to clean the house and bath the puppy. When I went to put it back on… it was gone. Sheer terror came over me. I tried to stay calm, I started looking in the usual places, then in some more unusual places.. Then I started freakingout and tearing the apt apart. I’m talking moving the fridge by myself, taking pipes off, having the poor puppy xrayed, the whole 9 yards. I was in tears for weeks. My poor Fiance kept reassuring me that he wasn’t mad at me, it was just a piece of jewelery (some guys just dont understand the emotional attachment we put on these things :P)

Anyways, I started researching diamond alternatives because I didn;t want to get married without an ering, and I hated how naked my ring finger was. With saving for a wedding, we couldn’t afford to spend several thousand dollars AGAIN on another diamond ring. I stumbled upon moissanite. Fiance picked one out for me and gave it to me this year for valentines day.

Three weeks later Future Mother-In-Law was over trying out a chocolate fountain, i went into a kitchen drawer to get out some baggies for the leftover fruit. The box that the baggies were in was ripped, I took the box out of the drawer and grabbed all the baggies out of the box…. and their it was!!!!! My original ering!!! I cried, I was so shocked. And Fiance said I could keep them both since the 2nd one was a valentines day prezzie ๐Ÿ˜€


So there, my 2 ring story ๐Ÿ˜›


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Honey bee
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@Future.Mrs.K:  I never wore any white gold until my wedding rings, so had no idea I would have an issue, though my skin is “sensitive”. The nickel allergy/sensitivity was not too surprising, but the palladium one was. And I am not someone who never takes their rings off, as I take them off and clean them regularly, dry them off, etc, never sleep with them, wear them looser so things cannot get trapped, so I knew it was not trapped water/soap or any of those other things.

I knew people could have nickel allergies, but not palladium. Apparently it is less common, but it happens to a few. There are even people allergic to platinum! It is very rare, but it does exist. I have not found that out yet, mainly as I had no interest in platinum.  Have never had an issue with yellow gold, though.

I was willing to just plate it, and even looked into possibility of plating it with rose or yellow gold as I am not fond of rhodium, but that would have required a lot of upkeep. In restrospect, best I did just decide to change them though!

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I see the rainbow film, and it can be washed off, if I remember correctly (it was either that, or you had to exchange it)… some people over at betterthandiamond were discussing this problem! but it’s not a common problem, and I’ve never experienced that with my moissy. also, I’m not too fond of moissaniteco’s settings, so I’d rather order a loose stone and get it custom-set.

but I’m glad you’ve gotten what you wanted, seems your heart was set on diamond anyway!

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I guess I’m a real moissy girl because I prefer the first picture, but it’s about what you like. I’m glad you found your dream ring! I think everybody should get that if at all possible. 

I also changed my ring several times. I had a very understated original e-ring, but I grew to feel underwhelmed with it very quickly. This wasn’t his fault since I picked it. I never thought I would like larger rings, and I thought a colored gemstone would be fun and different. It turns out that just wasn’t for me.  My second e-ring was wonderful, and I don’t think I would have changed it (at least for a long time) if I hadn’t lost it. It was a diamond in a beautiful setting, but it was on the small side IMO (.6ct). 

I’m currently waiting on my moissy to be set in a custom setting. It’s much more intricate than either of my previous rings, and the center stone is 3ct (so much larger). I’ve been researching for months and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every ring there is, so I can’t imagine what else I would want in a ring. I think I’ve finally found my forever set. 

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@obsessivebee:  I guess I’m a real moissy girl because I prefer the first picture, but it’s about what you like. <—Ditto!

I’ve changed my mind about 600 times.  I went back and forth between a clear stone or a pink stone, mossanite or sapphire….etc, etc.  I ended up with a moissanite solitaire for an engagement ring and opted to get a pink sapphire in a halo for a right hand ring. 

I agree you should be happy with your ring no matter what you choose.  Both of your rings are very pretty.

Just curious.  Did you try the toothpaste on a q-tip to clean the moissy?

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@obsessivebee:  “I guess I’m a real moissy girl because I prefer the first picture, but it’s about what you like. I’m glad you found your dream ring! I think everybody should get that if at all possible.”

Same! Totally took the words out of my mouth haha.

I’m so glad you found your dream ring though OP! It’s very beautiful (:

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@RayKay: I had no idea that it was possible to develop a palladium allergy!  I have sensitive skin too, and have many food allergies/sensitivities, so I was aware of avoiding nickel, but was looking forward to palladium being in my ring set (I love the color and the fact that it’s lightweight).  Thank you for sharing!  Do you have any photos of your new set?  I would love to see them!

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@obsessivebee:  Concur! I keep thinking l’ll “upgrade” later to a whiter, tougher stone like diamond but these pictures make me want to hold on to the sparkle I’ve chosen.

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