(Closed) My mom is dreaming of becoming a grandma … part 1 … she has furniture!!!!

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Honey Beekeeper
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I know what you mean.  It kind of annoyed me a bit that at our wedding family was already asking us about having kids.  Can’t we just take things one step at a time?

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Sugar bee
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LOL – I can totally relate … right after my fiance proposed by dad went out and bought a brand new crew-cab truck … why might you ask? So when he has grandchildren he has a truck that is easy to put car seats into – so his grandkids will be safe when riding with grandpa.

He also informed me a new 5th wheel was coming, because his plan is to take the grandkids camping for 2 weeks every summer!

Um dad – the wedding is a year away and pregnancy lasts 40 weeks – you have like 2 years before you need a new truck and trailer – not to burst his bubble!

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wow, i thought my family was bad! i’m the baby in the family, two older siblings and one is married, yet i still get crap about having babies. i still don’t get why they bug me to have babies when i’m not married yet!

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I hear ya.  I keep telling my mom that FH and I don’t plan on even discussing the possibility of kids for at least another 3 to 4 years and it’s like death to her soul.  When ever we go shopping she pulls me into baby stores and coos over the little adorable outfits.  Not happening!

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Busy bee
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hahaha I’ve been hearing it since I was 18. “When are you going to get married and have little blonde grandbabies for me?” Yep, that’s my mom. I get mad about it and I just have to realize that at her age, life was a total success if you married and had children. I’m not saying that’s NOT success, but I just don’t think she values the same things I do. I want to get my master’s degree, I want to own a house.. And yes, of course I want kids, but in due time! I’m young! I feel ya! 

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Busy bee
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O.M.G.  Are we related?  Both his and my mother are crazy.  The ‘imaginary’ children have names!!!  as in, i was thinking about when you have tiffany…who is tiffany mom?  my grandaughter.  WTH!!!  Its my uterus!!  For my mom’s bday this year i left her a message asking what she wanted as a present and she called me back – CRYING – and left a tearful message that all she wants are grandchildren.  Oh the DRAMA!!  you would think that i was 45 and time was an issue.  We’ve only been married 5 months!! that being said, my mom married my dad when she was 19 and had me when she was 24.  i think its just a generational thing.

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Busy bee
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Ha! Yeah I can relate. My mom named the imaginary grandchildren too. The biggest problem in my case is that Fiance and I don’t want to have any children!

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Honey Beekeeper
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When people get too into my business (and by “into my business” i mean trying to stick other peoples things in my uterus!) it really irks me.

WHy don’t they realize we’ll have children when WE are ready? After all, *we* have to clothe and feed them. Gmas and Gpas don’t =]

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Honey bee
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Ahhh! Talk about pressure 🙂

Our situation is the opposite. His parents won’t suggest or ask because they know better (FI only shares when he has to lol) and my mom doesn’t want to be a grandma just yet. She doesn’t feel old enough to be called grandma lol

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Bumble bee
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Wow, I feel lucky! Ever since my sister had my newphew 4.5 years ago, my mom has not said another word to my sister, brother, or I about having kids. i think she got her 1 grandbaby and is content. i suspect that once we’re married next year, my Fiance and I will hear it then though! My dad too is content with his 1 grandson.


What is hilarious is my FI’s parents. We got into a “fight” over the name of our 3-4 years down the road babies’ names! My FI’s dad was insisting we “him” John but call him Jack (WTF?!) and FI’s mom insisted we call him something formal and traditional like Alexarder or something. My Fiance insists his kids are all getting good, traditional Latin/Roman names (being a Classics major and a total language geek). Errrmmm…no. And why does everyone assume I’ll have a boy when (and if!) I ever decide to get pregers?


Also, my FI’s mom took us aside at their house the other weekend and gave us a serious talk about waiting to have babies and about how costly they are, how they make it difficult to pursue our dreams (phds and teaching/writing), and how we need to think long and hard about this business. Ummm…mixed messages much? How can she get upset that I don’t like her names for my possible future babies, then go all “you should wait to have said babies”?


I have come to the conclusion that when parents hit a certain age a werid gene or hormone kicks in that starts demanding gradbabies to love.

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Helper bee
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My mom keeps hinting at it and we arent even engaged yet..soemthing about her not getting younger blah blah blah..i told her she has 5 years to wait omg you would think her life was over the way she responded.

his mother would love to be a granma but isnt pushing us just yet, and it is on us as i am an only child , he is the baby in his family with an older brother who has a “life partner” and his older sister also heading that way “last we heard she had a life partner as well”..so being the only straight one kinda our responsibility i guess.hah they can wait.

My mom mentioend havign all of my baby stuff still in the attic..and his mom still has all their baby stuff as well.

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Helper bee
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That’s cute that shes excited and has furniture!! It does put the pressure on but I think it’s sweet that she’s excited and wants to help out. Time goes by so fast!

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