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I am not having children, but it’s my understanding that you don’t tell most of your pregnancy before the end of the first trimester because of possible complications or miscarriages (many of which happen in the first trimester if they are going to happen).  I had a friend who announced on facebook she was pregnant and then had to tell everyone weeks later that she had miscarried.  Hopefully nothing like that will be happen, but I think it’s a precaution more than a superstition.

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I don’t think that’s a superstition. It’s very common for women to miscarry in the first trimester as karatechick said.

The first time one of my best friends got pregnant, she couldn’t contain her excitement and told her work and friends and family. At 9 weeks she miscarried. She then had to go back to all those people and tell them the news. Not so much a superstition but a prevention of having to go through the emotional & physical pain of a miscarriage and then having to talk about it.

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@MamaHusky3: I agree with PP that it isn’t uncommon to keep it a secret for the first 3 months.

On a side note: I’ve mentioned this on other posts before, but my family comes from a long line of female “medicine women” if you will. Many women for generations of my family have birthed children. My mom has never gotten into that as we’re now a modern family, but she has this uncanny ability to recognize pregnancy. She sort of freaks people out sometimes because she knows when some girls are pregnant even before they do. Maybe your mom has picked up on your energy or some slight changes in you that have tipped her off about you TTC. You never know…

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The only people who knew we were pregnant earlier than 3 months were our parents.  Only because both of our moms took one look at me and said “OMG – you’re pregnant!”  Even the first time I got pregnant, my Mother-In-Law was so sweet and pulled me aside and said “Honey, are you pregnant?”  I said I didn’t think so because we were using birth control (and I was mortified knowing she knew I was sleeping with her son, esp. since we were almost 19 at the time).  She said I had a certain “look” about me and told me to take a pregnancy test.  Sure enough, I was pregnant!  And, at 18 and single, we told our parents immediately.  But, we didn’t say a word to anyone else until our 3rd month of pregnancy for all 4 pregnancies. 

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My last pregnancy I miscarried, and luckily I hadn’t told anyone yet b/c we were waiting until my 12 week apt. It may be supertitious but it’s also smart.

I’m Jewish and I’ve heard tons of Jewish superstitions. My favorite is one my Mother-In-Law told me, when she was pregnant my Father-In-Law threw a pillow at her (playing) and her mom freaked out and made her throw a pillow back. Apparently it’s bad luck to throw a pillow at a pregnant woman.

My grandma is not a fan of having a shower before the baby is born. Not only that, but you’re not supposed to put any baby things in the house. When my aunt was born, my grandma’s Mother-In-Law brought over all of the things that she needed while my grandma was still in the hospital.

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I think moms have a sixth sense about these things.  My mom and Mother-In-Law both knew I was having a girl, even though a lot of the old superstitions said I was having a boy (fast heartbeat, carrying in front, etc…).  They knew long before I did!

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Not my mother but my GRANDmother. She is straight off the boat from Italy and performs curses herself (they are good ones if that makes sense, she even showed me how to perform them!)


She has superstitions like crazy. If she has a dream that someone close to her has died, that usually means someone in the family is pregnant. And she is ALWAYS right. Her next door neighbor does not get a long with her so every time she sees her outside she puts her thumbs in between her index and middle finger. Apparently that scares away the curses that her next door neighbor may or may not be casting on her.

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My Italian Future Mother-In-Law has her tea leaves read every so often and does tarot readings as well. She’s incredibly superstitious and kept telling Fiance not to get married on a Friday because it would be horrible bad luck.

A couple of months ago she had a tea leaf reading that told her she would become a grandmother in the near future. Fiance and I both had the same reaction when she told us: “Oh, so who’d Future Brother-In-Law knock up?”

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I don’t think it’s superstitious…perhaps she’s just warning you to be cautiously optimistic when you do get pregnant. Maybe she recently talked to someone who announced a pregnancy early and then miscarried so it was on her mind.

My mom was telling me stuff about autism and other childhood issues before we even concieved. I assumed it was just because she’d read/heard something and wanted to pass it along.

I didn’t tell anyone because I was worried about the risks of miscarriage but also I’m kind of “superstitious” I guess in that I don’t like to talk about things before they’re definite (like I won’t talk about job interviews or potential projects).

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Ya, my grandma wont let my husband whistle in the house… apparently that means a baby is coming.

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