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Have you tried getting an overlay? When I was younger I bit my nails, but when I started getting them done as a teenager, I stopped. Biting into an overlay isn’t pleasant lol.

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Recovering nail biter here. I was bad, to the point of making them bleed often. When i decided I wanted to stop, I first starting painting them. If they chipped, I’d redo them all. It helped me not want to wreck them, but was literally painting them every day. I also found something to keep my hands busy. Fiddling with pens, doodling, anything to keep my mind off it. Having gum also helped, gave me something to keep my mouth busy too.

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I bit my nails for 20 years! The only thing that worked was getting a gel overlay on my nails and regular upkeep with shellac/gel colors. I was so proud they were my natural nails underneath and looked so good and I look forward to going every other week and choosing a new color and relaxing. If you can afford it try that! Nothing else broke my habit. 

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If you keep your nails painted, do you still bite them?

The way I stopped messing with my nails was getting acrylics put on. You can’t really bite or chew at them because they’re too hard to do anything with.  Since i couldnt “pick” at them I just got out of the habbit of doing so.  Once the habbit was gone, I quit the acrylics and have had natural nails ever since.  I do have to keep them painted though, or I pick at them. 

As for growing them back, look at vitamins like biotin. 

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becomingsumner:  Can you chew gum instead of biting your nails? 

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The risk of getting engaged totally made me stop biting my nails, but I’ve definitely relapsed at times.

My helpers are:

-Keeping my nails super short (by cutting not biting)

-Keeping a nail file on me at all times so I’m not tempted to bite the nails off

-Using Butter’s Horse Power as a base coat to strengthen my nails

-Painting my nails my favorite color

-Topping it off with Seche Vite topcoat so my manicure lasts a while 

-If you can afford it, maybe try like 2 months of back to back to back gel manicures, those helped me a ton!


It’s hard to break the nervous habit, but I have faith in you!


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Sugar bee

amberback:  LOL I have bit gel nails off it isn’t a great thing to do but I have many times.

Worst case senerio I think they make a polish you put on that makes you throw up if you bite them. Keeping mine painted does help like PP have said. I tend to bite mine when I am stressed so maybe just identify your stressor and be mindful of it.

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Nail biting isn’t necessarily a nervous habit, especially if you’re officially diagnosed with ADD.  It’s probably sensory.  Chew gum, ice or other crunchy snacks – The sensation of biting down gives your mouth proprioceptive input – it’s basically telling your mouth/head where it is in relation to the world around it.  You are doing the same with your fingers as well.  For them, find a fidget object, probably something you can either roll on your fingertips or rub them against.  One of the recommendations I use at work sometimes is a strip of velcro (scratchy side) stuck to students’ desks.  You could also just hold something like that in your hand, of course.  Make sure you get a ‘sensory’ break every two hours or so, it’ll help cut down on the need to get input in ‘strange’ ways.  Look up proprioception online for more info.  I’d say check into oral sensory input as well, but heaven knows what might turn up on a search, haha.

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Sugar bee
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becomingsumner:  i used to bite a lotttt until i started getting acrylics. I no longer get acrylics or bite because I guess I was used to not having them anymore.

Get a thin layer of acrylic or silk wraps on your regular nails.

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becomingsumner:  I was the WORST kind of nail biter. I would even bite off the skin around my nails. My fingers were always a mess and my mom couldn’t stand it. She took me to get an overlay and I NEVER bite now. Not even my fingers. The overlays (which is just acrylic and no tip so they just look like my natural nail) make it not fun to bite them and also make it so I can’t really bite the skin around my nails. I tried to go without them for a little while a few years back and I immediately began biting again. Now I just go get them redone every two weeks and never have a problem with it.

try chewing gum or ice or something to keep your mouth busy.

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I have had a couple of friends get fake nails to stop the nail biting and it worked! 

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When I decided to stop biting, the following worked for me:

-Keeping my nails painted ALL THE TIME. If they were naked, I would bite. 

-Weaning myself off, not going cold turkey. I stopped biting one finger at a time by keeping a bandaid on the finger I was trying to grow out. one the nail was long enough, I would pit a bandaid on the next finger until it grew out. Any nail that hadn’t grown out yet was still fair game for biting. At the end, I had nice nails on all my fingers but my thumbs. I kept biting those for a few weeks before being able to stop. 

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Blushing bee

I used to bite my nails as well, but I bit my cuticles even more. If I got a dry piece or a rough edge of nail I would go to town! They looked so disgusting.

I found a few things helped, for my natural nails I made sure that I always had a nail file on me so I could smooth any edges that drove me crazy. I also started to use a cuticle oil. I also tried false nails and that worked too, they aren’t fun to bite lol.

A nice buffer, nail file, and cuticle oil is where I’d start I think.

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Buzzing bee

Not quite nail biting, but I’ve got ADD too and scalp/skin picking used to be a major problem. Fidget objects really help–an online search will probably give you results on amazon and specialty stores. They can be anything from desk toys to rings that keep your hands busy. I’ve also taken to applying a dab of hand cream or applying lip balm when I have the urge to pick at myself. Nibbling fruit leather or jerky might help too on the mouthy end of things.

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