(Closed) My neighbor's dog is the DEVIL!!!!!!! HELP!!!

posted 5 years ago in Pets
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    I would call your local Animal Control, explain your situation and ask if you have any recourse.  Some cities and towns have noise ordinances.  You could make an anonymous report and they could be warned and/or fined.  Maybe, if you’re lucky.  That would drive me nuts, really.

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    LadyAprill:  We currently have the same issue. The people who live behind us let there dog outside at all hours of the night and morning and it barks uncontrollably! It is right by our bedroom window and now that its winter we dont open the window but I would like to in the summer so this has got to stop! We are planning to write a polite letter first and puttting it in there mailbox and if nothing changes we are going to file a complaint with the city.

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    LadyAprill:  My Mother-In-Law just purchased a “dog silencer”. I think it is either solar powered or battery operated. Anyway, she hung it in her tree and the little yappy dog next door FINALLY quit barking. If you are interested just google “dog barking deterrent” and several of them pop up.

    I personally wouldn’t be opposed to talking with them about this either. Although, if you can hear it, so can they. In that case, they probably don’t care. Hope this helps!

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    LadyAprill:  Well, I am that dog owner. Sort of. My sitch is I have FOUR dogs. Yup, can’t help myself. And one or 2 will bark. The others are quiet. Not incessantly cray cray like you are talking about, but if a neighbor is out it can get a bit nuts. That is why I am ALWAYS out with them or watching them through the window. ALWAYS. Then if things get out of hand, you know, more than a couple barks, in they go! Cuz let’s face it, a dog will bark sometimes. I hope my neighbors aren’t too bothered. Anyway…

    So, if it were me I think I’d hope you would come to me as nicely as you can and say, “Hey, I know your dog has to go out to do his biz, but is there something you can do for the early a.m. barking? He wakes us up EVERY day.” Something like that. Hopefully they will be nice and try to at least bring him in quickly when he’s done. Unfortunately I don’t know what they could do or are willing to do. Bark collars (that shock) would never be an option. That’s bringing an animal pain and fear. They do have ones that spray citronella when they bark because apparently they don’t like the smell. Or behavior modification, but that would require work on the owner’s part. Oy. It’s definitely a tricky spot for you. Sorry.

    If that fails, it’s actually code enforcement you would call, I believe. My dad did that to the neighbor how had a chicken that turned out to be a rooster (in the city). How’s that for a wake up call every day??

    Good luck!

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    Personally I hate confronting people so I’d probably call the non-emergency police # and ask them to speak to the owners. In my experience people that have no consideration for others probably aren’t going to change their ways unless they’re forced to.

    We have a little yippy frenchy behind us so I feel your pain. Thankfully she’s not deafening, but EVERY time I let my dogs out (in our fenced yard) I have to listen to her bark.

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    I like to avoid confrontation with people, so I would probably make any anonymous tip.  Not sure how it works where you live, that might be to the non-emergecy policy number, animal control, or a home owners association. 

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    LadyAprill:  Call the police regarding the noise violation and invest in a sound machine (it’s weird at first, but you get used to it)! 

    You tried bringing it up to them and it didn’t work, so time to go the other route!

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    LadyAprill:   Since you have spoken to them before about it, perhaps you can approach them again, and tell them the noise is bothering you, mention what times, and ask them if they can possibly go outside WITH the dog, or purchase a bark collar and use that in the morning.  The dog is most likely barking because it is afraid, so I hope they would consider going out with it.   I think proposing possible solutions directly to the neighbor might be your best bet.


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    I can tell you right now that, unless US law is really very different indeed, the police and the dog warden can do sweet FA about this, because it’s not a crime.

    However, in the UK you can contact your local council, who will ask you to document the noise and may place recorders in your home to determine if there is a nuisance next door. If next door are being too loud, the council can then take action against them.

    In the meantime, I recommend anti-barking devices and earplugs!

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    LadyAprill:  NO (shock) bark collar, please. Those noise things you sleep with are cool. I sleep with one every night. It’s actually an app on my phone so I take it everywhere. And my ‘hood is quiet, usually. Though the neighbor’s dog was out last night at 12:30 am barking. Which starts my dogs (inside) barking. Lol!

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