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SithLady :  I just *knew* your last name was Kadashian!


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I have a short, but easy to mispronounce last name, and my FI’s last name is super common.  We plan to hyphenate and both take that name. I’m wondering how he’ll deal with having MY last name, considering how easy he’s had it his whole life!

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Preach, so many folk spell my name incorrectly that I auto spell it when i make any calls, when people call my name places as well they always get it wrong, pah

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I sort of have this problem. My first name is super common, and my maiden name was super simple to pronounce. But my married last name….. NO ONE has ever pronounced right on just seeing it. If I tell them what it is they’ll say it, but it’s one of those things that I’ll be correcting for the rest of forever. I’ve had nurses call me back to the doctor like, “ASH. Pa-uhhhh… Hm.” I’ll just say “it’s pronounced ___” and move on lol it’s been weird, since I grew up with a full name that was super easy to pronounce. But hey my own mother in law pronounces it strangely, and she’s has the name longer than I have lol 

It’s just one of those things, you know? 

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I feel your pain.  My last name is constantly mispronounced and misspelled. It’s not even a hard name!  It’s actually very easy and a nice name, but I think people just don’t take the time to look and read it properly. They constantly switch two letters so it changes the name completely.  Ugh.  I’m constantly calling credit card companies, vendors, work colleagues, you name it, to correct the spelling of my last name.  I’ve gotten to the point where I just expect people to screw it up now as that’s more normal than getting it correct right off the hop.  But when someone does say and write it correctly, I’ll be so amazed that I have to thank them profusely for getting it right!  LOL.

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Everyone is messing up my new lastname too. I have no idea why because it’s a super easy name! It’s a name that is usually used as a first name, so I think people see it and just think “no, that’s not right. That’s a first name” and say what they think it should be. Lol. Even my students have a hard time with it. My maiden name is super difficult and students and adults had an easier time with that name. lol. 

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my maiden name was 10 letters long and constantly mispronounced. my married name is 11 letters long and indian. it’s a bit easier because it’s more phoenetic, but people still struggle with it. i’ve gotten used to it in my life!

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My husband’s name is from a tonal language. No one in the US is able to say his name correctly even if they get to the closest version. We also don’t teach them the right version because the time it would take to explain tone and try to have them get the proper tone would be ridiculous. So, I pretty much accept that it will be said wrong and that I will have to correct a lot of people/things.

The funniest is when people argue it like, “my doctor is that ethnicity and he said to say it this way.”…what they don’t realize is their doctor isn’t going to give them a long tonal language lessons and practice with them till they get to the right sounds. So, yeah, you’re still saying it wrong but…technically you’re as close to saying it right as you can be which is better than the completely butchered versions.

Side note, I do not even know the exact tones of my husband’s full name. His first name is hard for even speakers of the language to pronounce correctly. I try to practice so one day I hope I’ll make the right tone more consistently. Learning new tones as an adult is harder than learning as a child.

My husband will use my maiden name sometimes for trying to answer sale ads because we’re pretty sure people ignore his name (which is it’s own messed up issue).

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Well, I’m not I have advice for you, but try to embrace the new name and just kindly correct people as you go. I know how it feels! For me its bad either way, because my last name is Darrach. People always say it wrong. But usually I don’t want to correct them because my first name is Sarah. Basically my first and last name rhyme. Sarah Darah. This is my maiden name though, so I look forward to changing it! 

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My fiancé has a double barrelled last name. People always spell and pronounce the second part wrong. I’m actually keeping my name because I like it, and I think he may take mine too. People spell my last name wrong 90% of the time, but they always pronounce it correctly. Can’t win! That said, you’ll get used to it. My fiancé did and so did I.

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I grew up with a last name that was difficult to pronounce AND spell because it’s similar to a more popular last name. Even people who knew me for years. Friends. Instructors. Co-workers. Honestly, after 26 years…you just kinda get used to it. Most people don’t mean it out of malice or disrespect, it’s just not something they’re constantly thinking about to remember it for next time, you know? I’m sure because it’s new to you it’s still a bother, but I think it’s just something you need to learn to let go and not let it get under your skin. 

I’m pretty happy since my new last name is so common no one ever messes it up!

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goldengardenia :  Welcome to the club! My Father-In-Law actually legally changed the spelling of his last name because he was sick of people mispronouncing it. They still butcher it even though its spelled phonetically now. It’s extra annoying for me because people can’t pronounce my first name either so it’s a double whammy. 

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I had this with my maiden name, and it was a (I think) fiarly common “Mc” name. It was never a problem growing up and then all of a sudden about 6 years ago people started adding a G to it, pronouning it with extra Is and Es… Darling Husband didn’t pronounce it right the entire time we were dating. I would be like, are you serious? You are a lilly white person of british decent who cant pronounce a scottish last name? Where did you learn to read?? I got used to spelling it out for every single person I spoke to on the phone and re-correcting people over and over.

My new last name has got a couple Zs in it and is of arabic decent so I’m looking forward to both the extra security checks at TSA and constantly correcting other peoples prononciation of it.

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I have a slightly unusual first name, I just correct people. It doesn’t bother me. If its unfamilar it just is what it is. I fail to get stressed about things like this. 

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