(Closed) My newborn fell off a bed. PISSED!

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babeba:  You’d think so, but these people don’t seem to have much common sense, so who knows. I wouldn’t trust anything SIL says at this point. 

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weddingmaven:  That’s an interesting thought and certainly possible.

But it’s still bad babysitting by the adult(s), because behaviour like that by a 10 year old (if it happened) rarely comes out of the blue. The message should have been drilled in that if we’re going to let baby sleep in your room, you mustn’t disturb him. And if she’s the sort of 10 year old who’s known for doing irresponsible things, the baby never should have been left with her.

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If my boyfriends sister did this to my Dear Daughter id be sitting in a jail cell. They are morons. Serious respect to you for not being in a jail cell atm 

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Sugar bee

OMG, I would beyond furious {and I had a long reply to you which me computer ate}

No way in fucking hell I would I ever allow my child to be left with her.  There is no way she can justify/explain her monumetal lapse in judgement.  And if I remember correctly a six week infant can’t roll. 

It is out and out child endangerment and I sincerely hope you don’t Mary Sue this in the name of family harmony. Your husband has to grow a pair or two and support you this matter. She doesn’t deserve the privilege of watching your child.  If  their is EVER the time to go ballistic, IMO this is the case.

I’m sincerely happy your baby is fine.  I’m still flabbergasted at her lack of sense AND negligent attitude.

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anon1234bee:  Let it all out. Holy crap I am so p*ssed off for you. Just let it allllll out in a word document that you’ll never email out. Try to move on and not let this affect your relationship with everyone. Get every ounce of bad emotion all out at once thought do not let it dwell. I am SO SO relieve everybody is okay.

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weddingmaven:  agreed, wouldn’t trust SIL as far as I could throw her.

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That sounds sooo like my fmil. Seriously, next time she pulls him aside alone, I’d call her out on it. You have a legit reason from now on. I agree with your decision to ban them from LO. They’d have to do some seious ass kissing to get back in my good graces. 

Glad your lo is ok! 

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OMG, that is terrible. I am the furthest thing from an alarmist, but this is alarming. So many bad decisions. What if he landed on a toy that lodged in his eyeballl, or a plush rug that suffocated him? And then to just pick him up and say “oh well, no big deal. But don’t tell anyone, ok?” I don’t even know what to say. Is she on drugs? Because that’s something someone on drugs would do. Seriously, how could a mother think any of that was ok?

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Wow, I really hardly ever comment here, I’m not a mother either, However, reading this I am just so ANGRY.

If this were me, I would have been STRAIGHT round there to have it out with her, and I would definitely be taking action against her. If that means calling the CPS for fear she doesn’t look after her own kids… then so be it. I mean come on, who DOES that? It’s just totally unacceptable. All of it! 

I am so sorry this happened to you. The one wish I have for you is that your trust in OTHER, responsible babysitters isn’t damaged, and that you are able to leave your son with people and actually relax. I hope this horrible woman hasn’t damaged all of that

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anon1234bee:  I have a 5-week old son and this whole thing makes me livid. One, your Darling Husband needs to get over this idea that you should “calm down”. Hell no. Your SIL and Mother-In-Law deserve everything they will get from these awful and dangerous choices. Two, I would be mad at your Mother-In-Law as well. If somethjng happened to my baby and my Mother-In-Law avoided me to tell just Darling Husband, I would go off on her too. Unacceptable to think it’s okay to not tell the child’s mother because you’re scared of her reaction. They should be scared of your reaction. And your SIL…there are no words. I agree with every PP who says no more babysitting time and it would be a LONG time before I even wanted to be around them. I’m so sorry this happened to your sweet baby. 

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From your last update I think Mother-In-Law is off the hook.

She knew that no matter how she handled it she was going into a bad storm.  We don’t know her intentions but maybe she felt really WOULD be better if your Darling Husband told you.  MIL has done nothing to harm your baby and certainly had Hell in a handbasket handed to her when her granddaughter told her what happened.

Now, your SIL?  Yeah, just no.  My nephew lost his 5 month old daughter to co-sleeping.  He is an over the road trucker and while he was gone his wife rolled on their baby while sleeping and suffocated her.  It was a tragic mess.

I really only see SIL as the demon in all of this.  MIL didn’t know about it until after the fact and the niece is 10 and didn’t know any better.

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That’s just awful. SIL would be restricted to supervised visits ONLY. There would just be no way I could ever, ever trust her to be alone with my kid again if I were in your shoes. I would never “get over” it. Knowingly putting a child in harms way and then disregarding the health and safety of that child after the fact by not bringing him to a doctor AND then attempting to hide it from you on top of all of that? It would change my relationship with her forever. I’m so sorry you even have to deal with this kind of situation.

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Yea no fucKing way would I ever let your SIL near UR sweet LO again… She’s a dipshit, and a coward for not telling u herself. And if she had ANY brain at all she would have taken your LO to the ER to make sure he was OK. Completely insane & unacceptable. u need to have it out with that fucking moron.

UR Mother-In-Law somewhat redeemed herself by telling at least one of U the truth.

the ten year old seems to be the “smartest” one with a conscience in this case.

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Holy crap. I can’t wrap my mind around this, your SIL is a total a for putting your baby at risk like that, then trying to cover it up. I would be livid! 

My friend’s Father-In-Law gave her 4 month old a French fry dipped in gravy (he had never had any sort of solid foods at this point), she found and and flipped and her H thought it was NBD, I still shake with rage when I think about it. Sometimes family members feel that babies they’re related to are there for their entertainment and don’t always consider the child’s best interest, this is why I’m an over protective mother, you really just never know what other people think is OK. 


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“Unacceptable to think it’s okay to not tell the child’s mother because you’re scared of her reaction. They should be scared of your reaction.”

Yes, exactly.  OP and her H should have been told together.  At the very least, OP deserved and had the right to  hear this news directly,  to get as mad as she wanted, and to ask questions. Pathetic. Mother-In-Law is not off the hook, but it still pales in comparison to what SIL did and didn’t do. 

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