(Closed) My newborn fell off a bed. PISSED!

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Busy bee

Reading this I feel so sick and my heart is racing : (  I cannot even imagine how you are feeling OP. I would never want to lay eyes on SIL again. Fuck her. 

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Bumble bee

Focus on being happy your baby is safe. 

Be angry if you must but ultimately you need to focus on the positive outcomes and lessons learned and try to move past this and enjoy being a mother. 



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Helper bee
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I dont have children. 

But I read this before bed last night and I woke up still feeling shocked,  appalled and really sad. 

That poor poor baby,  thank goodness he’s alright,  this could have ended up so tragic.  Which is why I cannot fathom a reality where the baby was not taken to A&E or at the very least where you were informed and given the information so you could appropriately care for your child.  

That’s what really bothers me,  you weren’t made aware of potential injuries to look for… I hate to even think it but this whole week in blissful ignorance you could have missed a symptom and you’d then be receiving this information in a hospital.  

Without a doubt,  do not let this go OP,  whether your husband fully understands or not you need to have it out with the sister and the mother,  you deserve to know what happened why and why the hell you were not told.

But seriously I’m just so relieved your little baby is alright 🙂 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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anon1234bee:  Woah! Not only should they have never let LO sleep in the bed with the child but they should have told you straigh away about it. I would be so pissed and those two would never get alone time with my child. Ever.

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Sugar Beekeeper

babeba:  Chances are the Mother-In-Law knows some of the details. OP deserved to be told to her face. 

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Sugar bee
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I know that if it were me I’d rather someone tell Fiance sooner than take the time to have courge to tell both of us later. Unless it were the person directly involved (I.e. SIL). She should have told theM both that night.

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Honey bee
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anon1234bee:  OP, any update? Have you had a chance to speak to your SIL or MIL?

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Sugar bee
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Why is your husband trying to protect his family after they could have killed your baby, didn’t get him medical attention, and covered it up?  He should be as angry as you are at them.  

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Busy Beekeeper

This is maddening. I literally want to spit fire reading this. I can NOT imagine living thru this. Infants and children fall from beds and thankfully your LO is okay, now. But the entire way this was handled is shameful. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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If it were me, I would absolutely have it out with her face to face.  Who the fuck wakes up a 10 year old to hold a baby to warm a bottle.  She HAS 2 kids, how the hell did she manage a screaming baby feeding before she had a 10 year old or anyone to wake up to hold the kid.  A, hold the baby yourself and do everything wiht the other free arm.  B, let baby cry a a few minutes while bottle is being warmed.  Not rocket science.  I would have it out with her and her reaction would determine my future relationship with her.  Apologetic and truely sorry, we can probably get along after I take some time to get over this.  Defensive and trying to displace blame and not take responsibility, fuck her.

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Bumble bee

Wait until you calm down, and then go talk to her. Let her know how upset you are and that you will not be allowing her to watch the baby alone. Ever. And that she should explain to her daughter how dangerous it is to have babies in beds, or on couches. (Or maybe you should explain that, since she apparently doesn’t get it.)

I’d be super pissed too. If she’s not going to apologize or even attempt to admit wrongdoing then I wouldn’t give her the time of day, TBH.

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Busy bee
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anon1234bee:  That story does not jive at all. Who would place a crying baby in the room of an already sleeping child? Or who expects a 10 year old to be responsible for an infant after waking her up from sleep in the middle of the night? And how would Grace fall back asleep and/or stay asleep through a crying baby and then having him fall on the ground and continue to cry? And how hard is to to heat up a bottle with one hand and have a baby in the other?  


Your SIL is either full of bullshit or should not have been allowed to reproduce because she has zero common sense. Im sorry OP I dont believe that story for a minute. 

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Bumble bee
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anon1234bee:  I can’t understand why it’s ypir responsibility to reach out to your SIL. She shouldn’t be dodging your calls and avoiding you. I get she’s worried and upset about what happened, but she owes it to you to have told you right away, and owned up. 

How do you handle her? I would be upfront. I would drop in on her and tell her how upset you are about the entire thing, and how avoiding it is only making things that much worse. That the fact that it happened is one thing, but hiding it is a whole other bag. I understand people make mistakes, I understand things happen, especially with babies. But it was your right to know right away. If it were me, I would have called you as it happened and proceeded to make sure your child was ok by taking them to have them looked at. That’s what I would hope my SIL would do with my son. The trust to me ismy so much broken because it happened, the trust is broken because it happened and she didn’t tell you, and she’s been avoiding you.


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Honey bee
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Why not write a letter? Since u can’t get the bitch on the phone U can have Darling Husband deliver it and he can tell his sister how he feels. Or u can go with him and drop in unannounced…. And btw she’s a coward piece of shit for not having the BALLS and wherewithal to face U. What a disappointment. UR Mother-In-Law sounds like she is devastated and I wouldn’t hold it against her. Whatever u do, don’t confront Her with her daughter there… The little girl is probably already upset, U don’t want to make it worse. 

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