(Closed) My OB probably won't be there for my delivery :( Anyone else?

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Helper bee

Don’t worry about it too much! My second child, I went to a midwife and she only observed the pregnancy and a Med student and a different midwife delievered. My first and third were by my original OB because she happened to be one of the two doctors on call. But I loved both of the on calls.

P.S. the med student needed to deliever, same with the 20 nurses gathered around my crotch. You have to learn some how. And he did great. I trusted him.

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My doctor is one of five in a practice…he says he still delivers about 80% of his babies, but…yeah.  And I just found out today, he’ll be out of town for a few days, starting on my due date.  Luckily, family history seems to indicate I won’t carry this little guy until then, but that still makes me nervous.  That said, if doctors are in practice together, they generally have similar philosophies/policies.

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I ended up delivering two weeks early and my OB just happened to be on vacation that week. I had another OB from the same practice and honestly, it was fine. I did need a forceps delivery but if I hadn’t I think the OB would have shown up just to catch the baby, the nurse did most of the work.

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i wouldnt worry about it! my OB was there for the delivery but turns out 3 of his other patient were in labor too so he would check in but mostly it was a nurse practitioner who did everything. my OB was only called in hen i had to have an emergency c section and when they removed my son they found something wierd

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@cbee:  I did this with DD!  There were about 7 doctors at my practice, and then about 5 at their sister practice.  I had only met a total of three, maybe four.

The doctor who delivered Dirty Delete, I had never met. 

I could not have cared less.  

He was nice, empathetic, and communicative, and I had no issue at all with him, or my delivery.  He joked with my husband, and encouraged him to cut the cord, even though  DH was extremely nervous/squeamish about it.  He was kind to me, and complimentary of both how I did, and my baby.

I couldn’t have asked for anything else had it been my regular doctor. He introduced himself as soon as he got to the hospital.  He addressed any questions we had.  He let me know how long he would be on call for, and when it was clear I would be delivering under his care, he reminded me that it would be him, and he was in it for the duration. 

As long as you’re sure whoever is on call is aware of any issues/concerns that you have, it really doesn’t matter.  A couple of things might differ, but generally, in my experience, doctors from the same practice share ideologies, so there shouldn’t be big surprises.  You’ll spend so much more time with the nurses anyway!

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Do you at least get to meet the other doctors first so you feel more comfortable?  In the practice I go to it works the same way- whoever is on call delivers the baby.  But throughout the pregnancy we see a different doctor each time so we get to know them all.  It’s not ideal, but I understand why they do it.  Because otherwise it would be a scheduling nightmare between appts at the office and deliveries.  

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You will see the ob very little in the actual delivery anyway so I don’t think it ia a huge issue. They may stop in once or twice then show up five minutes before the baby is out. It is good that you have liked the other OBs though!

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Honey bee
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I honestly have no idea whether I’ll have my OB for the delivery. There are several other OBs at the practice and they routinely have patients meet with some of the other doctors to get to know them just in case. Also, I believe our hospital has a nurse midwife in charge of labor and delivery during the day so the doctors aren’t pulled away from their appointments with patients unless there’s an emergency.

That’s how I understand it anyway. I’m only 19 weeks so I haven’t asked a ton of questions yet.

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@cbee:  I had a midwife, but the hospital I went to, it was the on call midwife who delivers, I wound up having four different midwives while laboring, and then wound up needing a c-section so the OB resident on call wound up delivering DS. I didn’t care that it wasn’t the midwife I had been seeing throughout my pregnancy. As a PP stated, you spend more time with the nurses anyways. They were all great, and explained everything to me and listened to what I had to say about what I wanted to happen. They also did a great job of explaining things to Darling Husband as well and keeping him involved.

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My practice does this as well so I’ve made it a point to make appointments with all the doctors and midwives on staff so I’ve at least met them once before going into labor. Unfortunately they have 2 other pracitices in my City..I haven’t met the docotors/midwives there so I’m really hoping out of the 6 different people i’ve met with one of them will be on call when I go into labor.

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My OB will not be there either. It depends on who is at the hospital at the time. That is the way it is with the health care provider we have chosen. It really dosn’t bother me though, I am pretty much just a “go with the flow” type of person.

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I’m having a scheduled c-section, and they originally SCHEDULED it with the other doctor.  Why, I have no idea.  I had them change it, because, since it’s scheduled, it makes no sense to me why I’d go to the other doctor.  If it were an emergency or unscheduled, I wouldn’t worry about it.  I’m sure at the time, you will just want that baby!

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It will be fine.

My group has only 4 doctors (one of the smaller groups in my area – most have close to 10) and the purposely have you meet all of them.  Out of 3 kids, my “main” OB was there for one of them; it was just the luck of the draw.  I had absolutely no problems with any of them.  They are all professionals.

Edited to add, that it’s more common that not to NOT have your preferred OB.

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@cbee: One of the doctors in my practice was there during delivery. My son was actually delivered by the attending doctor while shifts were being changed out in the morning. I saw my regular OB later in the day when she did his circumcision.

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