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Buzzing bee
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Oh no, you poor thing! I know what it’s like!! I have been through many rings for many reasons lol. I think the forever 1 is too white almost cloudy looking sometimes? Maybe you should go a G H colour or even an I J colour Hearts and arrows. They in my opinion look much more like diamonds with more depth. I have an I J colour Hearts and Arrows cut 5 carat that looks just like a diamond. My I J colour does not look warm at all! There is no yellow tint just a lovely diamond like stone. It also doesn’t have that same fire or rainbow sparkle some cuts can have. I absolutely LOVE moissanite. lovetwoloveme :  

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Honey bee

I’ve said this before, but have you seen the August vintage moissy cuts? Very diamond like, just stunning. I will say that I have heard people complain about the flatness and lack of depth of the regular cut. Can’t say I’m a fan. 

What did you not like about diamonds you saw? Were they smaller than you hoped? Getting an ideal cut diamond helps with size as they look larger. And I’m not talking about GIA XXX, but an AGS 000. 

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I think your ring looks gorgeous! But it’s your ring, and your opinions is what matters.

Sometimes when people hate moissanites and think they look like plastic or glass compared to diamonds, I think maybe it’s more like a mental barrier. The closest example I can think of is how some women need a “mind clean” diamond. What they mean by that is that even if the inclusions of a stone can’t be seen without magnification and in no way hinder the beauty of their diamond, they just can’t be comfortable with the diamond unless the clarity is good enough for their mind to be at peace. It’s all mentality. I know some women just genuinely don’t like the look of moissanites and prefer diamonds, but I do think that there’s a lot of instances when it’s more the mental barrier and knowing it’s not “a real diamond”. 

 HOWEVER, since you’re having issues with both moissanites and diamonds, there’s a possibility that maybe you just don’t prefer the look of those stones? Maybe you could take your ring in to a jewelry store and compare it to other rings. Maybe you’d be happier with an alternative gemstone? 

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Sugar bee
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lovetwoloveme :  No you don’t! You like what you like, I get that. Is it the round brilliant or H&A cut because that can make a big difference. I agree with a PP that going down in color helps it look more “realistic” so to speak as well as smaller sizes. A lot of bees have said if you want it to pass for a diamond, either H&A cut or antique cuts are your best bet. 

I was also told by a VERY reputable vendor (I don’t want to name drop) that the F1 is the LEAST diamond like option on the market. They aren’t cut to ideal standards, they have larger tables, and flatter crowns. I’d consider returning the stone if you love the setting and looking into Amora Gem Eternity or August Vintage Ideal Rounds. They are most definitely the best of the best when it comes to Moissanite. 

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Helper bee

lovetwoloveme :  With Moissanite, the bigger you go the faker they look. Sorry I didnt see your previous threads or I would have told you to go with glass before paying 2000 for a moissanite. I debated moissanite but ended up getting a lab diamond. Less than half the cost of real diamond but with virtually the same chemical makeup as mined diamond.

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Bumble bee
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lovetwoloveme :  Of course. Definitely keep looking. You will find either a diamond or a moissy you fall in love with πŸ™‚ I just know for me size in moissy was the issue. I wanted to love that size moissy since bigger was supposed to be better. I really did! Just couldn’t lol.

And like Sunburn said. Try out August Vintage Moissy. I know if I was going to pick a moissy  it will be that one. 

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Busy bee

It does sound like you might prefer diamonds as a pop said, yes. Have you looked at lab diamonds (were any of the previous?) If you’re wanting more weight for less money, you’ll get a bump there. That said, I feel like you may be sacrificing cut for weight and that’s why. You’d be surprised how much more you loved a smaller stone with amazing cut and clarity. There’s no comparison really. 

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Blushing bee

Hi! I think your ring looks lovely πŸ™‚ I have the feeling you would love the Amora Eternity and the new MoCo H&A moissanites. These were my and my Fiance favorites when we compared round moissanites. Again your ring looks gorgeous but it’s important to find a ring that makes you 1000% happy when you look at it πŸ™‚

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Helper bee

I think it is beautiful! I have an Amora in my engagement ring and will soon be getting an August Vintage ring for my right hand. I’d be happy to post a few pictures here if you would be interested in the vintage cuts! Some color can be very flattering in a stone, especially if you like yellow or rose gold. It would also give you some character that it seems you are looking for. 

I hope you’re able to find something that makes you swoon! 

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Helper bee

 I think that could be your problem since you stated that you’ve been through 3 diamond rings prior to the moissanite of varying sizes and styles. First, jewelry store lighting is set up to make diamonds and stones in general look their best. Second, diamonds/moissanite sparkle differently in different lighting. On overcast days, my diamonds and moissanite look dull and gray. They all sparkle good in my classroom at work, but in the sun, restaurants, and low lighting are when they become true sparkle bombs(like in the jewelry store)! My moissanite even sparkles in the dark and at night. So if you’re expecting any stone to look the same as it did in the jewelry store all of the time, you’ll never be satisfied. Or….it could be that you’re just underwhelmed with clear sparkly stones in general & realizing it now. We hold diamonds and sparkles to such high standards that it can cause some disappointment for some people once they finally receive one. Have you thought about a colored gemstone?

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