My period is a pain in the ass. Literally.

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Heating pads, hot baths, hot showers, massage. Could be your sciatic never acting up.

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That doesn’t sound fun at all! Periods are so annoying and painful already, so any extra pain is just ridiculous! I’m not sure if they have it where you live, but there is something called “NurofenPlus” that is seriously so amazing. It takes really strong pain away in a few minutes! The generic brand is called “Ibuprofen – Plus Codeine”. You can get it behind the counter at a pharmacy, but yeah it is really helpful! Hope the pain goes away!




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Taking hot baths helps me! I also have a heating pad (the rice kind you put in the microwave), and that helps a lot for me.

My stepmom swears being active helps, but I hate trying to work out when I feel so bad. 

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Advil (ibuprofen) helps me 10000 times more than tylenol when it comes to muscle or cramp pain of any kind. Try that. When I’m on my period I often end up taking 3 advils instead of the usual 2… does the trick and gets rid of the horribly bad cramps I get.

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Tylenol 1’s are usually available over the counter as well, but you do have to ask a pharmacist usually. They’re a milder version on Tylenol 3’s. You could always ask your local pharmacist for them. What’s the worst that happens? They tell you that you need a prescription?

On a side note, is there any way you could get a prescription from your doctor for something a little stronger if it turns out you do need a prescription for anything with codeine?

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@cls9q:  That sounds like the symptoms a friend gets from endometriosis.  It might be worth mentioning it to a doctor.

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@AB Bride:  +1! Absolutely the first thought on my mind. Please talk to a doctor!! They might be able to provide some relief.

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Make your SO ask! Darling Husband is the one who gets me my T1’s! Or if it’s more asking your doctor, you could start by telling him/her about the pain and how bad it is and ask what you can do for the pain. They might be able to give you suggestions for things you haven’t tried that might work without drugs. Or maybe they’ll recommend drugs as an option.

One thing though with codeine is it can cause other bum issues, mainly not being able to, er, ‘go’. So you may want to take any pills with codeine with prune juice or something 😉 . I didn’t have that issue the first time I took t3’s (after having a breast reduction surgery) but I did when I broke my arm and took them for the second time. Oddly enough, breaking my arm hurt way worse and hurt for longer so I was taking more T3’s and took them for longer.

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@cls9q:  Yes!  The last time I had my periods, my anus was really throbbing as if something was poking it.    Remember our anus has hundreds of nerves.   

I am waiting paitently for my periods..waiting and waiting.  Wanting it come so I can start work afresh next week.

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@cls9q:  Hi there! I have stage 3 endometriosis and your symptoms sound pretty similiar to what I deal with.  Endometriosis is very painful disease. The only way you can be diagnosed is to undergo a laparscopy. I would schedule an appt with your ob/gyn. Do you ever feel sharp stabbing or jerking pains in your pelvic area? That was my first symptom and it continually became worse from there. I was undiagnosed for 7 years.  Look into as soon as you can because it is the leading cause of infertility. 

I hope you are able to to find an answer soon! If you have any questions on endometriosis ask away!  I’ve been through 3 laparascopies and a lot of hormonal treatments so I’ve learned quite a bit along the way. 

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