(Closed) My political rant: Big Brother is driving me nuts.

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Sugar bee
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@MrsPanda99:  I think the reason the US (or Western World) is able to get away with this is b/c people here are so in the dark about everything going on in the world. I mean, have you noticed how news coverage has changed recently? I remember back in the 90s, I would actually see what went on in the world on the news – it was normal.The other night, I sat down with my Fiance to watch the evening news, and this was (not kidding) the schedule:

Alec Baldwin attacking a photog in NYC

Something about some other celebrity (I forget which, but I remember saying to my Fiance, “I thought this was the news, not TMZ!”)

CVS receipts being too long (Yes, this actually merits news coverage ::face palm::)

A line of people during the day on a weekday (Uh, don’t these people have jobs?) for an advance screening of that new big movie coming out (forget which)

How men over 50 who want children are turning to surrogacy

Real life Super Mario Brothers


I was like, “Uh, where is the world coverage? Where is the political coverage? Where is there anything that gives people a clue about what is going on around them?”

As long as we remain in the dark and blissfully ignorant, our ruling bodies will do what they want.

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It really pisses me off, no wonder the world hates us.

Especially now, when we can look back and see how our involvement in these types of things in the past has turn around and bit us in the ass you would think we would be more careful.

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Honey bee
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Completely agree. Sometimes we just need to stay out of it and mind our own business.

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Bumble bee

@MrsNewDay:  You have solved a mystery.  Now I know what’s lacking with the news. Everyday I turn it on hoping to hear important news and always leave disappointed.  As big as this country & world is, all the stations carry the same “news.”

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Busy bee
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@MrsPanda99:  I dunno, I’m on the fence about this one.

If you scale all this down to playground ethics, it’s like showing a bully you don’t stand for what he’s doing. Of course this is all on a global massive scale, and people are dying, but still.

On one hand, the US going in and trying to tone down the conflict in Syria is not going to solve the deeply rooted issues that lay within that country. There is no possible way they could change people’s minds or change their perspectives on the way they run business in Syria.

On the other hand, the US coming in and acting like the Police of the World is a thankless job. Them coming in is sending a powerful political message to Syria saying, we know what you’re doing and we are not ok with it. 

What we don’t know as civilians of US and Canada, is what is going on between the lines here. It’s a tricky situation.

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Sugar bee
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The world should be very afraid of what is happening in the US. It’s getting very scary and it sounds like it’s not being reported on in your own country. For good reason, they don’t want you to know about it. Your leaders are now doing whatever the hell they like and they no longer have to report to the people or the UN. Very scary indeed. 

If the US are going into Syria they are going in so they benefit themselves in some way. It’s never just to help for the greater good of humanity.

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Busy bee
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Its always very eye opening to see how the rest of the world views us (the US).. and frankly saddening..

there is a lot more to goverment decisions than actually meet the eye.. i, by no means, support every government decision but I do think that there are a lot of reasons for why things happen the way they do. My husband was in the military and explained to me the way things work with the UN and how the US is viewed… 

Someone has to be the bad guy, and since the US has the strongest military its usually us who gets picked (by the UN) to take action.. and if the US didnt do anything, and said “we are going to just work on ourselves this time” we would be dicks too.. 


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Bee Keeper
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It’s convoluted but very few countries are self-sufficient. We need things from one another. Blocking each other out is unfortunately not a feasible option. If you ignore the wars in the Middle East you can’t very well still mosey on over there with a big smiley face and ask for oil as if nothing else was going on. Countries trade goods (let’s be honest here – weapons) for allies. It f*cking sucks and innocent lives are lost every day, but it’s not as simple as saying the US should just butt out of everyone else’s business. 

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War is a business, and it is immensely profitable to many people we have elected to positions of power. Half of our national spending goes to defense, and that money doesn’t just disappear into thin air. And it’s not just about military money. Halliburton has deals for tons of Lybian oil and has a lot of expensive drilling and refining equipment there. They don’t want to lose that investment. Plus, unstable governments don’t prioritize international relations/trade which is bad for us. And this (and most middle-eastern issues) also retain some Cold War elements… pretty much every middle eastern country is either pro-west or pro-Russia with hardly any overlap. Russia and Iran are planning on attacking Saudi Arabia if we intervene in Syria and there is a reason for that.

anyway, that’s my BA in poli sci rant lol. It’s about money, always.

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You know, I feel like in these situations, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

This has been going on for a long time and I’ve read all sorts of articles about other countries complaining and asking why the US hasn’t gotten involved. Right now the second headline on CNN is “UK: World must act.” Well, from what I’ve read, the US has been waiting to act until the UN issues a ruling on it.

If the US decides to act, it will be either too much, too little, too late, too soon depending on who you ask. Everyone complains when the US acts as world police and they complain when the US holds back. It’s just a no-win situation.

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@MrsPanda99:  I agree with you. We have our own issues, an ever increasing deficit, and debt ceiling to face again in October.


I’m not sure why the US wants to “save” everyone. I believe there are reasons beyond us, and there are many theories as to “why”.


I hate to see innocent children being murdered by a corrupt government but unfortunately, this is not the only country with a corrupt government killing their own people. I don’t believe hitting Syria with a cruise missile will “solve” anything, only lead to more devastation.


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@MrsNewDay:  Yes, I agree, we are definitely “distracted” these days and offered more to look at. I think a lot of this has to do with technology though.

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