(Closed) My Puppy Suffers from really bad Separation Anxiety

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Sugar bee
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my cat is like this too.  gets so sad when i leave and takes days to come around again.

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Helper bee

How old is she?  She might be crying also because she is scared.  My puppy is very attached to me and cries if I go outside the house if she is left to roam free in the house.  When I leave and put her in her kennel though, she never cries.  I think she sees it as her safe place, a place where she can just relax and take a nap.  I would suggest you to get her a little kennel. It has made a world of a difference for us. Cute name! 🙂

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Sugar bee
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if she is not crate trained i would suggest doing that. if you teach her that it is her crate, and her safe place… she wont feel like she is all alone in a HUGE house. that might help. start out by putting treats in the crate and rewarding her for going in it by herself… make sure you leave the door open when you do this…. then start leaving her in there with toys and bones while you are home… she will cry at first but DO NOT let her out when she is crying… then leave her in for longer periods of time. she will eventually get used to it. my two pups love their crate now… they just go in there randomly to lay down or sleep. they were the same way with the anxiety when we first got them and our trainer told us that the crate was best for them and it worked! good luck!!!!


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Bumble bee
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The crate definitely helps. Also, a book on “how dogs think”  is so important in situations like this. Temple Grandin has written books on understanding animals: “Animals Make Us Human” and “Animals in Translation” are good ones.

One of the things I remember either reading about or having a trainer tell me, was that it is important NOT to make a big deal out of leaving or coming home. When you walk in the door and immediately shower your pup with lovies, or when you give her lots of pets before you say goodbye, the idea is that it builds up alot of emotion around the event of leaving/coming home–and that adds to any separation anxiety the dog already feels. I don’t know if you are doing this but I had an anxious terrier too and would do this without even realizing it!

When you leave, go quietly–leave a radio or TV on low-volume in the house for some background noise (my mom used to use CNN lol)–and come in calmly and quietly too. She will probably be super happy to see you but keep calm and wait a couple minutes before you start petting. I hope this helps some! Good luck!

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Buzzing bee
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My booboo is like this too!   She cries, and cries.   But I am a firm believer in tough love, so I crate her and let her be.   Poor baby…

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Buzzing bee
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Yep, crate training! Put in her blankets, toys, and a treat every time you leave, and eventually, it will become her safe place. If you can also sleep with one of her blankets for a few nights so it gets your smell on it, and then leave it in the crate with her.

It took our dog about two months, but she finally doesn’t cry as much when we leave her in her crate every day. She still whimpers, and probably always will, but it’s gotten a LOT better. We also started to feed her in her crate to show her it was a happy place 🙂

I hope that helps!

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Bumble bee
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Have you talked to your vet?

FI had a dog like this, but instead of crying he was unbelievably distructive. He had already been returned to the rescue twice so Fiance knew he was his last chance. Anyway, it ended up that the vet said he is lonely and needs another dog- not just for company, but to “teach” him how to behave. It worked like a charm! Fiance got another dog, but before getting him, made sure that dog #2 had the characteristics he wanted in a dog. In fact, dog #2 even taught dog #1 how to lift his leg (LOL).

I’m not saying you need to get anther dog, I’m saying that there are things that can be done- there are other options, too, including dogie xanax if it is really bad!

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Honey bee
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Try getting a Kong if you don’t already have one. Fill it with peanut butter and treats and give it to her only when you’re leaving the house. This should help distract her while you leave, and it should take quite a while for her to get all of the stuff out of the Kong. Our trainer and our breeder both suggested this 🙂

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Busy Beekeeper
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My dog is the exact same way. I tried to keep him in the kennel, but that doesn’t help him. He just knaws on the bars and shakes the kennel. He has filed down his teeth from doing this. It makes me very sad, but I have to work. 🙁

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Busy bee
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I’m not sure how old your pup is but we crate trained our puppy since the day we brought him home.  I would put him in the crate and not make a big fuss out of it.  No kisses good bye, no baby talk, nothing!  Just in the crate and walk away!  I’m sure he whined a bit but there’s not much I can do it i’m not there.  After a few months in the crate he is now free to be in the house when we leave.  Do not make much fuss when you leave. 

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Busy bee
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I am such a pushover!  Our Boxer suffers from this – he follows me around the house, has to always be in the same room, has to sit SUPER close to you on the couch/bed, and he leans on us all the time!

Generally, if its not very hot out or really cold out, and its just a short trip, I take him with us – he loves the car ride!  Our dog is not crated either and roams freely around the house.

I ahve a friend who’s dog has severe seperation anxiety and he is on meds that are similiar to meds a human would take for anxiety – definitely discuss this with your vet!

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Blushing bee

I second the crate training suggestion as well. Imagine how the dog feels…. it has you to entertain it every time you are home. When you leave, its entertainment is gone. It is just natural for all dogs to want to be around their family, and will use whining/crying to get their family to come back to them, just like they did to their mothers. You need to resolve this issue before it increases into more destructive behavior, like tearing your house up or eating something that could harm her. Even tiny dogs can tear stuff up and eat something harmful.

Start by feeding her in the crate, giving special cookies in the crate, make it a fun happy place! Never use it as punishment. I never closed the door on a dog that is not first relaxed inside. Invest in some kongs, special chewies or hollow bones filled with PB, spray cheese, cookies or even their dog food. Only close the door when the puppy is laying down, and content inside. Start with short trips, and never let her our if she is crying. After she comes out, ignore her. Go on with your daily chores, and only give affection after she is completely relaxed. Never award her with attention while she is panicking!!! Also, always EXERCISE her right before hand, it always helps! Goodluck 🙂

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