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Honey bee

Moissanite is the 2nd set of photos.

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Bumble bee

fcm16 :  I would have guessed #2 photos, too.  If the lighting is great and they don’t white out or throw extra rainbows, moissy sometimes look “fuzzy” instead of crisp in the facet photos. Kind of like Zircons (I mean actual zircon — blue or white — not CZ). That was actually the reason I was going to guess the second set of photos, this time. I 100% can’t always tell in photographs, especially with certain camera angles and lighting. They look a bit different in person to me though. I’m not a photo diamond snob and don’t pretend to always know instantly, because I don’t.

The side gallery is really beautiful!

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Honey bee

fcm16 :  First let me say both rings are beautiful. But jewelry has a mind-clean aspect to it that shouldn’t be ignored. It can can be very important(as it was to your fiance) but often it’s hard to articulate *why* it’s so important.

So how do you tell the difference? This is another thing that’s a lite hard to describe. I can always pick out the moissanite when people post their rings. The cut is different and there is a very faint green tone. I think most people wouldn’t even notice it, but I have a biological advantage when it comes to color perception. 

Having said that, it’s one thing to look at a photo and determine whether it’s moissy or diamond, but the pictures ate many times larger than real life. The result is magnification and that wont happen with the little rock in your ring. It’s like the images of inclusions that look bad, but when the diamond is there in real life you can’t see them at all. In person there is a sparkle difference as well. And diamonds can reflect pastel colors too! 

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Helper bee

Wow, your new ring is unbelievable! I agree with PP, it was extremely obvious to me that the second stone was the moissy. I have never guessed a stone incorrectly as they look extremely different to me (and my partner). Moissy shows up “fairylike” colours and it also  always seems like it has a different base colour to me, a little milky if that makes sense? I will add though, people on here can get very mad when people say it is very obvious (even though I am just being honest) so I will just say, me saying they don’t look the same is not me saying there is anything wrong with moissy. If that is what someone prefers over a diamond that is what they should use, the same way some people want an emerald or ruby!

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Bumble bee

I think it’s obvious the moissy is in the 2nd pics, it looks like a badly cut cloudy/dirty diamond or CZ. The facets are less crisp, it’s cloudy and fuzzy looking, the cut just looks off, especially the table. I know you said you couldn’t tell the difference, which is what matters, but I think your diamond looks 100x better. 

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Worker bee

fcm16 :  Congratulations on your ring, it’s amazing. I totally understand his point about the comments from others. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a reality. Some people aren’t affected by it… I totally am, so I would need to have a diamond, even if it meant not getting the finger coverage that I would like. I know that stoes 8mm and up look best on my hand, but it just won’t happen hahaha.

And that’s okay, because to me (and him), we’d rather have a ring that no one says “is that real” and then have to explain our choice to go with an alternative stone. While that’s just fine for others, it’s not fine for us.

A lady in my office got engaged with a 2.00 carat equivalent moissy… and while it looks beautiful, I have been in her cubicle when people ask “is that real” and it gets awkward. I think it’s a rude question to ask, but I think some people just don’t have tact and it’s inevitable that a person will be asked that when it’s a substantial looking stone. (The average around here I would say is between 0.7 ct and 1.00 ct.)

That said, I think it’s totally okay to want “the classic” diamond, and it’s also okay to want to have something to feel “proud of” that represents your engagement… 🙂

Wear it in good health <3

P.s. that profile view is incredible.

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