(Closed) My sisters bf got committed into a pysch ward tonight

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I’m sure someone else has more experience than me.

I’ve only see this happen on TV so it means nothing but I think they’ll do a psych evaluation. They’ll have to prove he’s a danger to himself or others to hold him. That’s a pretty high standard so he’ll probably be released in the next day or two.

I would try to be as supportive as possible of your sister and not criticise her Boyfriend or Best Friend. She needs to feel like there’s a safe place for her to go where people won’t judge her. 

I hope everything works out for the best. 

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@Ap2010:  They probably 5150ed him, meaning they took him in to protect others (and himself) from harm. He’ll be held and receive a psych evaluation and they’ll proceed from there. It really depends on what the medical professionals think about his state of mind.

My little brother was 5150ed last year and it broke my heart but he was really worrying us, it was kind of a wake up call for him- he’s still struggling, but not being as erratic and irrational –  so hopefully everything turns out alright for your sister and her bf.

ETA: I just looked it up and 5150 is a California law, so I’m not sure about Michigan.

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@Ap2010:  He’s dropped out of high school but has the opportunity to finish at a continuation school so we’re hoping he’ll take advantage of that. He was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder at the psych ward but stopped taking his meds after 3 months because they made him feel “like he was underwater or walking through molasses” and made him sleep A LOT. Granted, my family has a history of sleeping quite a bit in general and he still takes naps almost every day (as do I, when I have the chance lol). The one thing that has really helped him is that he’s really gotten into religion – Christianity, to be exact. We (immediate family) are not religious at all but we’re happy he’s staying away from hard drugs and the friends he was doing them with – long story but suffice to say he took acid and had a “revelation” about the world and life and he was going to start his own religion… -_-

Anyway, your sister’s bf sounds like he needs anger management at the very least.

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My sister has some mental health issues, and while she has never been involuntarily committed to the hospital, she has been hospitalized a couple of times. Both times, she was advised to stay for at least 3 days and then they went from there. I bet that’s what will happen to your sister’s boyfriend – they’ll evaluate him (and most likely medicate him) for that amount of time (it may vary by state). If he’s not considered a danger to himself or others, they will let him go.

So sorry your sister is dealing with this – it’s tough!

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@Ap2010:  I’d be there for your sister as much as you can.  My only experience with mental illness is from my previous employment as a police call taker and dispatcher.  Often people would be taken to the Short Stay Unit at our local psych hospital for evalutaion after certain incidents.  Hopefully her boyfriend gets the help he needs.

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In PA, it’s a 302 (involuntary commitment) and it’s usually on the ground of imminent harm to self/others, or both. This needs to be initiated by someone who has seen the behavior.

They usually evaluate and observe your for 48-72 hours. At that point, the person can 201, or voluntarily commit themselves for a set period (usually 4-7 days). During that time, they evaluate and treat as needed. Some hospitals provide groups and classes.

I’m sorry this happened! I hope he really does not drink anymore.

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@FutureMrsJohnson_:  In Pennsylvania there’s a similar code…it’s called being “302’d” which is basically being involuntarily committed to prevent harm to yourself and others in cases of violence, drugs, panic, extreme depression etc

He’ll go through a psych evaluation and pending that analysis, either released or held. This might be the best thing for your sister to do a self evaluation while he’s gone and figure out if she has the capacity to deal with his anger issues and possibly unreasonable jealousy. She can think about whether or not his demands to drop her friend are a genuine concern for the relationship interference or an attempt to isolate her from her loved ones, the latter being a major predictor of abuse. Be a support system for her but try not to be an enabler and above all, don’t get sucked into the drama vortex, it can be draining and dangerous!


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@Ap2010:  Does your sister’s Boyfriend or Best Friend frequently drink and do things he regrets/get violent? While you (and she) can’t control him and his actions, if he does sometimes drink too much or if she needs support, there are AA groups for SOs and family of people who have problems with alcohol.

Just something to think about. I get that this is probably the first (and hopefully last!) time that something like this happens, but this also could be a chance to get your sister help and be there for her if she needs it.

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They’ll probably hold him for a few days or a week depending on his behavior. I was admitted once but I was under 18. Also, maybe just give him therapy, and medication, and be evaluated to make sure he is no longer a harm to himself or others. Being there gives you a lot of thinking time. How has the friend caused them to fight ?

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