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Helper bee
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Your wedding is in August so you have plenty of time to get your skin in tip top shape.  I would recommend visiting a dermatoligist to get on a solid regimen.  Acne also gets really bad with stress, so breathe and remember it will all be ok!

I am not sure what you are using but if you are using the MAC powder foundation- BEWARE!  It stays in your skin and causes break outs.  I have been told by like 10 facialists that the stuff is evil.  Women use it because covers well but it turns into a viscious cycle.   Make sure your make up is oil free; read the labels you will be suprised were “mineral oil” shows up.

Also going on the Pill may help reduce acne too.    You are going to be a beautiful radiant bride no matter what!  You have plenty of time still!

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Buzzing bee
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Breathe, girl! Breathe!

First, you might try talking to another dermatologist. It never hurts to get a second opinion! Make sure you tell him/her about all the treatments you’ve tried!

Second, remember that even if you can’t get your skin cleared up by your wedding day, you can make the acne much less noticeable with makeup. Hire a good makeup artist and consider it an investment in your sanity!

Third, no matter what you look like on the day of, your pics can always be retouched in photoshop! It’s magical! I promise you’ll look lovely in your photos (and I’m sure your Fiance is right. You’re beautiful all the time, acne or no!).

*big bee hugs*

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Honey Beekeeper
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Oh no!! My husband has really bad adult acne–he’s 26 and sometimes it can just be so awful I don’t know how he does it. At least as women we have makeup which is only a slight consolation.

Has your dermatologist considered any sort of laser treatment with you to treat anythijg external? Often with adults it’s more of an internal hormonal imbalance–are you on birth control? That is supposed to help (i know it did mine–i don’t break out too often but when i do it’s those big, painful, nodular cystic ones that hurt with every smile or wrinkle of my nose). Is there a specialist you can see? Someone who is more familiar with adult acne, not teen acne?

What about one of the MD lines for adult skin? Proactive was great when i was a kid and now I find that oil of olay (all oil free) works best for adults b/c it’s not as harsh…seeing as how the problem is typically internal.

But that’s just my experience with my husband’s and me trying to help him out. He is on that Okazaki system or whatever on Amazon.com (that was recommended by a fellow bee) and it’s like $120 and a 3-step system (kind of a pain, you have to wait in between the steps) but it eally has cleared up his skin a lot.

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I second MsMarch – go to a dermatologist.  I’m just like you – my skin was great until I was 20, then… not so much.  The only things that have helped me are prescription regimes.  The new treatments usually take a few months, but it’s definitely worth it.

Lots of hugs.

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Honey bee
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EDIT: Sorry I missed a part of your post.

It’s possible that your skin is also “tired”… are you cleansing too much? Do you let your skin breathe? I suffered from bad acne for a long time. My skin literally ached every day. Proactiv was my solution, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Have you tried going on birth control? I tried that to combat my acne, but it didn’t work for me! Everyone is different… I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble finding products that work.

I would suggest trying a different dermatologist that can find the right solution for you. Also in my experience, I wouldn’t suggest washing your face more than once a day. It can be too much for your skin & can actually cause more breakouts.

Also, when you try these different products, how long do you stick with the program? To get completely clear skin on proactiv, it took atleast 6 months of daily use. I noticed a difference within the first week, but if I stopped I was back at square 1. Now I only use it every other day… but thats after 3 years of regular use.

I can relate to the stress of acne. ((hugs))

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Weddings are very stressful and can cause acne to get worse. You should do your best to try and relax and not stress yourself out too much.

I never had much of a skin problem but I noticed that my skin was breaking out about a month before my wedding — stress related, I assume. I started to panic but I made sure I drank plenty of water and cleaned my face in the morning and before bed.

I went on a weekend beach getaway the weekend before my wedding…it was exactly what I needed! I didn’t think about the wedding once — except when my top nearly came off because the wind was blowing and I didn’t have it around my neck because I was determined not to get neck tan lines! This time I had to destress, really helped my skin a lot.

I didn’t have perfect skin the day of my wedding, but you would have NEVER known! Airbrush is great at covering up imperfections! I would recommend relaxing, drinking a lot of water, and getting a great makeup artist!

Any imperfections that makeup can’t cover up, your photographer can airbrush out of your photographs. You are going to be having the time of your life at your wedding, you won’t even remember your skin isn’t at its best. Trust me, no one will notice a few pimples when you are wearing a gorgeous white dress with your hair done and makeup all done up! And remember, you are standing at a distance at your ceremony and your reception light will be dimmed! No one will notice! Don’t let it ruin your wonderful day!

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Busy bee

*hugs* It’ll be okay. Trust me.

I agree with Bunny – try another derm – a 2nd opinion is always a good idea – in ANY situation. I feel your pain – seriously! My skin gets worse and worse – I’ve even started breaking out on my back (which is a big deal for me – I have tattoos that I like to show off there!) but dermatologists can be great and helpful. Depending on the type of acne you have those certain pills and creams might not be right for you … it will work out – I know it!

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Busy bee
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I recently got a (really mild) chemical peel and am already seeing results… and it’s been five days I think. I had totally had it with my skin and luckily work at a medical spa that specializes in skin care. There are different types of peels. The one I got is tame so I’m going to do a series of them. There are more hard core ones as well. I would see a dermatologist or go to a medi-spa and get some more info. I’m presently blogging about the process… if you click on my profile you can go there.

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I have the same issue, so I understand your frusteration.  I’ve always drank a ton of water, used mineral and oil free make ups, watched my diet, and been religious about washing my face twice a day.. but I still had adult cystic acne.

After getting engaged, the first person I called after family and friends.. was a dermotologist.  It was two months to get in with someone, so in the meanwhile I went to sephoria and bought 250 bucks worth of skin care treatments.  I had done a bunch of research and thought I was making a good choice, but the DDF system only made my skin worse.  By the time I got in with the derm she suggested Accutane off the bat.  I’ve heard so many horror stories about the product that I insisted on doing something else I had read about .. and seeing how that worked before we went to such desperate measures. 

I’ve now been on Spionolactone (for women over 25 – it battles hormonal acne) and minocycline for almost two months, and I’m not kidding when I say its like night and day.  I no longer have to worry about finding huge breakouts every morning.. sure there has been some little stuff here and there, as it takes two-three months for your skin to renew, so I’ve been accepting of the bumps along the road (ha)

So as someone who knows exactly where you are coming from, I can not say how important it is to get in with a derm asap.  Do some research online (acne.org is good) and I would really suggest looking at Spironolactone.. its been a life saver for me!  Keep your head up, you have lots of time to transform your face into the wedding look you’ve always wanted!

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Honey Beekeeper
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A doc can recommend some hormone medication that won’t stop your periods like BC. Maybe a very small dose would even help. All i know is that if your body is in estrogen overdrive or another hormone, one to counterbalance or decrease production could help!

How often do you clean your makeup brush? I know it sounds dumb, but once a week is ideal, with isopropyl alcohol in between.

Photographers should touch up ALL photos in your album and if it costs too much to do *all* of them, you might invest in the $400 worth of software and DIY! I always have to touch up DH’s pictures but I’m holding out for some Adobe Portraiture!

Also, sometimes tanning helps. I know, it’s bad for you, but sometimes it can really help and is even prescribed

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Okay 1- breath! 2- if your derm didn’t help you, find another one. There are LOTS of options including lasers. 3- find a good makeup artist– preferably airbrush 4- remember the wonder of photoshop! Seriously, find a good photographer, talk to them about your concerns. 


Really, even if you can’t get your skin to be naturally clear by the time of your wedding, with the makeup artist/photog-photoshop combo, you will look absolutely beautiful both in person and on film!

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