(Closed) My SO had a bad experience at the jewelry store.. (vent-y!)

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I think its a good thing you are intrested in gemstone rings for your self. I feel like a unique person and wonder if the solitaire i chose was  too safe. Kudos to you for thinking out of the box. thought this thread might help for your future hubby to get ideas.http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/masculine-rose-gold-ring-for-fi

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Poor fella! Nothing worse than trying to do something nice for someone then having it blow up in your face! 

Was it a franchised jewerly store? Could he make a complaint?


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That “just copper” comment doesn’t make any sense.

The pink tone is from the copper but the 14k vs. 18k relates to how much gold is in the product. 18k should look more like yellow gold whereas I guess 14k might look a little more colder and penny-like.

Something that is just copper, is just copper. It’s not the same.

The associate really sounds incompetent more than anything else. I ran into incompetent salespeople a lot, like when I was shopping for a man-gagement ring and they told me that the london blue topaz comes in different shades…because it is a natural stone with natural varied color(they assured me that the designer only works with fully natural stones). Ummm… london blue topaz is irradiated, as in, in a nuclear reactor. If it’s darker it had more artificial radiation. I went to another location that sold the same designer and they give me the same speil that these are all fully natural stones, including the blue and london blue topaz, which is freaking impossible.

At that point I realized that I have to design his ring myself from the ground up.

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@Tralalaubee:  Uh…. how could a jeweller not know that rose gold exists?


I mean, I didn’t think narwhals were real until after I met my Fi (and I didn’t believe him when he told me) but it’s not like I am a biologist….


Plus, it’s not like the eexistence of rose gold is on the same level as the existence of a swimming arctic unicorn ~_^


It’s sad for your fi, but I think he needs to find a new jeweller. Looks like some things have gone downhill since he last went there. ๐Ÿ™ Poor guy.

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@Tralalaubee:  OMG! this sales person is just stupid. There is such a thing as rose gold. yes it has more copper in it than normal yellow gold, just like white gole has more nickle in it. That doesnt make it just nickle because it has nickle in it. And GIA does have a grading scale for tanzinite, however it is not like you would see with a diamond. 

It is true that if you buy a tansinite then they will most likely have to order it online, and in essence you would not be able to send back if you did not like the color. 

I think this sales person was has just misunderstand rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, red gold, black gold, green gold, etc. They took one statement (Rose gold has a lot of copper in it) and understand that as it is only copper. That is completely incorrect. 

I would try a different jeweler. Or a different sales person. Sometimes sales people lose sight of what the customer wants and they only try to make as much commission as possible. Its crazy really!

I hope you guys can get it all worked out!

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wow, that person is so wrong, yellow gold is the only “pure” gold, white gold is yellow gold with nickel or palladium or platinum or manganese, and rose gold is yellow gold with copper added. I cant believe that salesperson would say rose gold isnt gold and that white gold is???   

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Would you be open to someone online who will do what you ask? The people who made my ring started doing cladaghs and they’ll alter the design any way you wish. They’ll ship you metal samples cross country. They’ll ship the stone for you to inspect. They are very highly rated. Here is the cladagh they’ve done in the past, but any alterations you want they will do. Those alterations include metal color, stone shape, setting alterations, etc. Every ring is custom they do not keep wax molds so as stated anything you dream they can do.




 Editted to add I just noticed your in AZ. If you can get to Tucson their showroom is there. Someday I’m making the trek to see them. Love this company.

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That sales person did not know what he was talking about, and in order to make up for his ignorance, he resorted to trying to make your SO feel stupid.  

If I were your SO, I would call the shop and ask to speak directly to the owner or the manager.  If he got the salesman’s name, he should report him, because that guy will lose the store a lot of business.

I did that when I looking for a new laptop. I went to Staples, and the guy told me a 6cell battery meant it would last six hours. He also told me the processor I wanted was an older processes that didn’t include a graphic card. When I told him what he was telling was exactly opposite of what the guy the previous day had told me. He told me the other guy didn’t know as much about it as he did, because he builds computers. The manager thanked me for letting him know, because he didn’t want any of his employees giving such bad and obviously wrong information. 

Anyway, there is such a thing as rose gold…there’s also such a thing as green gold. Here’s a link that gives you a breakdown of the alloys and the approximate amounts used to make each color of gold. http://chemistry.about.com/od/jewelrychemistry/a/goldalloys.htm

I hope your SO gets over his discouragement. What an awful experience!!!! 

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Poor SO! That sucks to have such a horrible ordeal in what’s suppose to be such a joyous occasion. He (the salesperson) was completely wrong. How can he believe there’s no such thing as rose gold?! & so annoying when they try to push towards something else besides what you asked for. Embarrassing how all us bee’s have more knowledge in his own field than he does! Hope you guys sort it all out & get exactly what you want =) 

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I laughed out loud at the “no such thing as rose gold.”  Guess I’m just imagining the difference between the copper earrings, 14k rose gold necklace, and 18k bracelet that I have.

I’m sorry your SO had a bad experience.  Not gonna lie, I’d have a hard time not going back and trolling them a little to see what other silly things they would say.

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That salesperson sucks, wow. I’m sorry your SO had such a horrible experience.

Are you sure you want tanzanite for your engagement ring? It’s not a very durable stone and is prone to chipping/cracking, and also will under any circumstances get micropitting and facet abrasion from encountering dust in the air because its moh’s hardness is less than that of dust. Tanzanites are gorgeous and great for occasional wear rings, but I would not recommend one for your engagement ring unless you have a full understanding and acceptance of the fact that it will need to be recut/repolished or possibly replaced eventually, and that it could be difficult to find one the same size to fit into your setting so that may necessitate a whole new setting.

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@Tralalaubee:  You can get blue violet sapphires too. They are harder than tanzanites as well.

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