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you’re picture isn’t showing up. 

normally, or at least back when i had braces so like 10 years ago… braces were worn for like 3 years.  when i had mine put on they had pulled out all my wisdom teeth, and 2 others near the front to make room for my teeth to move.  so for me… in 8 months… my teeth had moved quite a bit but still had a ways to go.   I had to go back i think every month to get them tightened…. which was fricken painful for a few days afterwards.   It’s so worth it though.   you’re teeth may not be straight after 8 months but they will have shifted at least.

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I had adult braces as well, for 3.5 years! They suck, I’ll admit, but it is so worth it! I’d also add that you probably won’t be done with your braces by your wedding date, if anything my teeth looked worse after that time – the ortho basically had to “pull” them apart before he could put them together. So at the 6-18 month mark I had large gaps in my teeth.

With that said, everyone’s oral anatomy is different and that may not be the case for you. But I would talk to your ortho and get a true idea of where your teeth will be at that 8 month mark.

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I would ask your orthodontist how straight they will be by then.  For my crooked bottom teeth, they had to pull them further apart first and then back together straight.  It took me 2 years all together once I had the braces on.

That being said, thats great that you are finally doing something that clearly means a lot to you!  They hurt, but are so worth it.  WEAR YOUR RETAINER AFTERWARDS!  My brother had to get braces put back on 4 years later, and then didn’t wear the retainer again and now his teeth are terribly crooked yet again.

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Does your orthodontist know you are getting married in 8 months? I am a dental assistant at an ortho office and if you tell us ahead of time, we get your teeth to a point where they ‘look’ better (no spaces etc) and will remove them for the wedding, give you a retainer to hold them, and put them back on after the honeymoon to finish your treatment. The bite will not be right and the alignment will not be perfect but in 8 months they will cosmetically look better. Teeth seem to move quite quickly in the beginning, it is the crowns (the part we see outside of the gums) that move quickly, it takes a long time for the roots of the teeth to catch up, which is why people wear them for 2-3 years. If we took them off before the roots are aligned they will just move right back to where they were. Sometimes there is a charge for the removal and rebonding though when it is mid-treatment because it is a big ordeal so you should ask what their policy is regarding this. AND if you go this route, keep reminding them at each appointment what the plan is so they make sure you aren’t at a point where you have a big space or something:) OH and when all is said and done, WEAR YOUR RETAINER:)

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I have braces right now!  I have actually had them for 8 months now, coincidentally.  I will show you some pictures.  Mind you, I have terrible teeth.  Terrible, terrible.   They look so much better now than they used to, though and I am very pleased with everything.  I recently had a bottom tooth pulled to make space in my lower jaw.  I’ve only had my lower braces on for 6 weeks so the bottom teeth are much less straight compared to my upper teeth.  I got my braces put on 5 months after my wedding.  I am 28 years old and I will have them on for another 2 years.

So here is Day 1 in braces:

and the top arch on Day 1:


And here is 8 months in braces:

And the 8 month arch:

Obviously much better but still so much work to do!

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@raisedonrobbery:  I don’t have pictures, but I have gone through braces (3 TIMES!!!) in my life, once as a kid, once from 17-20 and now from 25-until about 27.

Braces can be a pain, but they are really not that bad. Pain is usually limited to adjustment times, so if you take a mild pain reliever before/after appointments, you’re fine. 

I would have an open discussion with your orthodonist about your wedding plans, and he should be able to lay out a general plan and try to get your smile to the best position possible in that time frame. Listen to all his instructions. Don’t eat tough food that may break your brackets, be very diligent about cleaning them, and if you have elastics, wear them as much as you can.

I had/currently have cermaic braces and they really aren’t all that noticeable in pictures unless they are close ups. I had braces for my senior pictures in high school and the photographer was able to edit my braces out of all the pictures, so discuss that option with your photographer.

I had to go for jaw surgery as a part of my last leg of braces this past year, and I was really self conscious about having braces and going through a lot of changes appearance wise. However, know that if you experience anything like that, know that you notice it more than anyone else. I met someone the other night at a social get together for the first time and it took her about four hours into our conversation to realize I even had braces in the first place.

Sorry to write a novel, but after 9 years in braces and jaw surgery, I definitely have some experience with it! Feel free to message me with any other questions you may have!

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I got Invisalign 7 months before my wedding and it worked out great.  My dentist and orthodontist worked closely to make sure it could get done on time.  They committed to me that even if the work wasn’t finished, they’d take off the attachments & use bonding to make me presentable, and I could go back to finish the Invisalign after the wedding.  As it turned out after the wedding I just needed “refinements” but the bonding will not have to be redone and my smile looks better than it ever looked before.  I couldn’t be happier.

It’s kind of hard to find before pics because I’ve been self-conscious about the big gaps in my teeth ever since I got my braces off in 1986.  I cannot believe I lived with those teeth for so many years, I wish I’d gotten them fixed years ago!  FWIW I had braces for 3 years in high school, followed up by cosmetic bonding, and still had gaps at the end of it.  I started Invisalign in May 2011 and had new bonding put on just before my wedding in November 2011. 

Here are the best pics I can find to show the before & after (cringe – I cannot believe I went out in public like this for 25 years!):

April 2011:

November 2011:

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