(Closed) My upstairs neighbors, i.e. the marching band above me

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I can relate. My neighbors teenage son just got a drum set. Its in the garage right beside of our house. He has been banging away. All. Day. Long. BAND BANG BANG BANG. All. Day. Long.

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Worker bee

Oh, that’s one of my biggest pet peeves. Stomping and neighbors playing music loud enough for me to hear it in my apartment.

Have you tried asking your landlord to talk to them about it? Maybe they don’t know they’re stomping around.

When my SO moved in together we wanted an apartment on the top floor just to avoid hearing people stomp around..that’s how much it bothers me lol.

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I call them the elephants. SOOOOOOOOOO LOUD. So annoying.

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Oooohhh that would boil my blood!! Do you live in an apartment? Can you place a complaint?

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Our former upstairs neighbors were SO LOUD. They were always screaming and cursing at each other and banging things around at the most random hours of the night. Luckily, they moved out. Our new upstairs neighbor plays the flute, but at least he does it during the day and it’s a lot less annoying than the constant fighting.

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Buzzing bee

The neighbors below me love to throw parties that are really loud on the weekends and they also love to bang on the ceiling in the middle of the night for no reason. My lease ends soon so hopefully I’ll be moving. 

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The guys across the hall from us work in the oil field, and wear big heavy steel toed boots, and NONE of them know how to walk quietly in them. There’s four of them living together in that apartment, and they’re  always coming and going, and I get woken up by the ones who go to work at 3:00 AM probably twice a week. Seriously annoying.

On the flip side, I’m a heavy walker. I’ve always been pointed out for it. I’m flat footed, and I walk with my heels, so I tend to stomp around. My mom pointed it out when I was a kid and I moved down stairs, and she siad she always knew it was me walking up the stairs, and my SO points it out now, by calling me Stompy McStompStomp. I have to be very aware of my foot steps, otherwise I feel really bad for the people under us. 

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I can only hope that I’m not the upstairs neighbor the people downstairs complain about lol. Honestly though, I wouldn’t care one bit if my walking around bothered them because our neighbors are a pain and a half. They take all 3 parking spots for the unit so we always have to walk 2 blocks in the dark after getting home from grad school, they swear and scream at each other constantly (last night it was 3:30am, then again at 6), and they invite drunk friends over to fight on our porch and drive their cars away drunk. Apparently our landlord has gotten complaints from the people in the next building over about them. We just try to run in and out of the house so that we don’t run into them. Before we moved in they had called our realtor to have him tell “the college kids moving in upstairs” to keep the noise down after hours. Most of us are in bed by 11 and we have yet to have more than 2 friends over at a time. They, on the other hand, are still screaming well after midnight. The nerve.

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Honey bee

Ugh I feel for you. My old neighbors used to constantly STOMP all day long! I since complained and then my apartment manager moved my DH and I to an upgraded apartment upstairs. It’s fantastic!!

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Helper bee

LOL @ dumping a poop bag on their welcome mat! I can’t stand noisy neighbours. Talk to your landlord and if all else fails then go upstairs one afternoon when they’re being noisy and talk to them about it directly. Tell them you are getting headaches from the loud noises which seem to echo loudly through the floors OR that you work really late and need to sleep during the day which is impossible with them stomping around all the time. It’s worth a shot and if they don’t start being more careful then go ahead with the dog poop 🙂

Two years ago when we went to the beach for a week the people who stayed above us made an incredible amount of noise. They would drag their dining room chairs on the floor constantly and it was SO LOUD. It reminded me of lunchtime in a school cafeteria and it was like all they did was shuffle those chairs around! After 3 days of this nonsense (until 1AM some nights) I lost my cool and started screaming through the vents to be quiet. Not my proudest moment, but they settled down a lot more after that.

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When I lived in an apt like that, I would take a broom stick & bang on the ceiling when they were loud!

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I am the upstairs neighbor and I am bothered by the neighbors below me. Seriously how loud is your music that my floor is shaking? They also get super drunk at parties that they throw on weekends and then get into arguments until 3AM. Really guys, I can hear every word through. the. floor. One day I would like to come home after work and be able to take a nap until it’s time to cook SO dinner but with the constant floor shaking music that’s not gonna happen.

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I feel your pain! I wake up every morning to my downstairs neighbor screaming on his cell phone. Literally, EVERY morning. I’m thinking of dumping a bucket of water on his head from my window.

On top of that, the neighbor is a drug dealer and his “clients” are constantly blocking the driveway. And all the pot he constantly smokes stinks up our apartment. Honestly, if you’re going to do/sell drugs, at least be discrete about it! Normally, I don’t care what people do in their private lives, but when it starts to affect me, I have a problem.

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@roweboat:  My downstairs neighbor used to do this to me, and I had no idea that he was doing it, it was just a loud banging and I attributed it to the pipes. One day he stopped by to complain in person and I was like, Oh yea, I hear that banging noise too! LOL.

Needless to say, banging on the ceiling is not a great way to communicate!

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