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Bumble bee
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@Mrs.KMM: agreed, this show would probably just piss me off lol.

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Busy bee
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@PutABirdOnIt: You are right, i misunderstood the part that in the end there is going to be a wedding for every couple. Probably because it reminded me of a game show from the 90s where three couples had to compete against each other, they got several smaller prices for winning different challenges and in the end only the best couple was allowed to get married during the show, plus they got an expensive car and a huge amount of money, i think 1 million. Everyone loved that show.

However even if you say it is common in the US that the production company does not pay i still doubt that you will find a lot of people who are willing to participate when they have to spend their own money. Anyways, you seem to be firmly convinced of your concept and that’s probably most important, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to present it to a producer 😉 

Good luck and keep us updated!

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Sugar bee

I would think before you would present this concept to a producer, you’d have actually tried it out first. Can you gather up 6 people and let them have at it with the basic parameters of only being able to borrow or rent thngs at minimal cost and see what they manage to get done in a 12 hr. time frame? THAT I’d like to see before passing judgment!

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@PutABirdOnIt: “Some people have commented that it wouldn’t be a special wedding or have any meaning.  Not true.  I’ve heard people here counsel a bride over and over again, that the only thing that matters is that they’re marrying the man they love.”

I disagree and that’s why the show would piss me off.  I see people throwing together an event in 12/24 in an attempt to win cash as making a mockery of the specialness and meaning behind a wedding ceremony.  You can’t build a relationship with an officiant, you can’t create a personalized ceremony, you can’t involve most of your friends and family, you can’t incorporate much in the way of personalized touches.  These are things that take time.

If all that matters is marrying the man that you love (and nothing else has any meaning or importance) every person would go get married at the courthouse with a completely generic ceremony.  Obviously, the vast majority don’t do this so there is more that people find important about a wedding ceremony.

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And to the “couples using their own cash issue”, you can’t really compare it to Four Weddings.  In Four Weddings, the couples have months and months to plan so they are able to use their money wisely, they are about to personalize things, they are about to shop around, etc all to create the day as they see fit.

Your plan doesn’t allow couples to do this because they simply don’t have the time.

There is a big difference between using you own money when you are planning the event in an identical matter to how you would if you were not on a reality TV show and using your own money when you are forced to plan on a miniscule timeframe and sacrafice a ton of aspects of your event.

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Buzzing bee
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Here’s my 2 cents worth:

First off, no, I wouldn’t watch it.  I hate reality TV because it’s all staged (in one form or another.  You can NOT tell me people don’t act different when they’re a camera around.  I’ll concede not everyone act different, but the vast proportion of the population DOES.)

Secondly, ANYONE can call up people (family and friends), say “hey, getting married tomorrow, be at the courthouse (or wherever the ceremony will take place) at x-time if you wanna see us getting hitched”.  Will everyone be able to come? NO.  Can you then go out to celebrate at a restaurant?  Hell yeah!  

Also, don’t forget that people have been doing this for DECADES.  Its called “running off to Vegas”.  Those who live around the city, probably do it more often than you can think, because a)cheap, b)easy, c)fun.

I really don’t see where this is any different from people eloping at the last minute.  Some invite family and friends, other don’t.  Again, people have been doing it for centuries.  

Would this work?  Would you get people to apply?  Sure.  People will do ANYTHING to be on TV for their five minutes of fame.  Is it possible this could be popular?  Duh.  It’s weddings and people going nuts trying to pull it off in x-amount of time and trying to win a prize.  

If someone wanted to do a reality tv on trainwrecks, that would go to.  oh…wait… didn’t they do something similiar with “Cops” and “Emergency, 911”?  Admittedly, they were renactments, but both lasted several seasons.


Back to the question at hand: the major problem with this I can see is the likely hood of having a truly religious wedding.  I can’t see a Catholic wedding taking place in 12 or 24 hours.  Or even a Jewish wedding (or ANY wedding that requires counciling prior to the wedding).  So, if, say a Catholic wedding occured on the show, it would be a dead-giveaway that this has been planned out and put together prior to the 12/24-hour timeslot.  UNLESS, you’re saying the person has x-many months to plan, which would really defeat the plot/theme of the show.

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Worker bee

* I haven’t read all the comments so this may be repetitive.

I am wondering since they have a three month window of when to expect the challenge, what’s keeping the bride and groom from pre contacting vendors in their area and letting them in on the plan? Working it out with them to be on alert so they can look like super vendors that come to the rescue and get free publicity.

Its sounds like a good and entertaining outline for a show, kudos to you for going after an idea.

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I think this is a very fun idea, and I would definitely watch.  However, I agree with a lot of the other posters who said that the 12 hr. time frame isn’t realistic and won’t make for very good TV.  Actually, I think even 24 hours would be cutting it.  Personally, I liked the idea of 6 AM Fri – 6 PM Sat.  That gives you enough time to plan, personalize, and there’s definitely still enough time-crunch drama to satisfy viewers.  There’s absolutely no way you’re going to get what you’re expecting (brides completing neat DIY projects) if you only give them 12 hours, no matter how much help they have.  If you want the weddings to be fun, quirky, and creative, you have to give the brides enough time to create things that are fun, quirky, and creative.  Otherwise they’ll only have enough time to run out to the store and buy stuff, which makes it pretty boring.

Also, I agree with the comments about people not wanting to spend their own money for this.  If they are, great.  But I think you’ll have more people willing to do it if they’re given a budget of $5,000 or something like that.  Just a thought.

Good luck, and I hope it gets picked up!

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Busy bee
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@Mrs.KMM: do you feel the same way about Vegas chapel weddings?

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What might work- Make it a twist on on those super overachievers type A who get everything done months early (so not that person).  Have them change everything by x amount of time- 10 days – 2 weeks- and see if that can be done—

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