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Hmm. You say it’s been going off and on… I know that I can be strict with my diet and then go off of it for a few days and completely undo all my hard work. Is that what’s going on? If so you may need to set your calories in MFP higher. You will lose more slowly but consistency if you don’t feel the need to cheat because you’re starving.

A lot of Bees are on MFP… usernames on this thread if you want to friend people for support!

My Fitness Pal buddies anyone?

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Your body may just be reacting and holding onto weight and water because it isn’t use to the changes you are making with your diet/exercise, so it is storing it to make sure you stick with it. Think of it as your body wondering if you are going to stick with it this time? Or give up. It is natural. But don’t give up, keep working out and eating right. Increase your water to the recommended 8 glasses a day if possible, and increase your fiber intake. Don’t give up! In due time the scale will start showing lower numbers.

Also, recommend you doing measurements…you are probably losing inches, which to me is better than anything the scale tells you.

Also, don’t weigh yourself every day. Once a week is good. Say Sunday mornings when you wake up, after tinkle, before you eat.

I started working out 5 months ago, in first month gained 6lbs, was super discouraged, but kept on going with working out and eating right. I did my measurements and weighed myself. Then put the scale & tape measurer away for a month. What I saw a month later was amazing! I was down 5 inches total. To date I am down a pant size and 1/2 and 14lbs on the scale. I will take smaller pant size any day.


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I had trouble getting started a few years ago. I lost about 92 lbs, since gained 30 back but kept the 60+off for 3 years–in the process of taking that off again, wedding is a great motivator (down about 10 of that plus I need to drop an additional 15-20). LOL that sounds confusing!  So my goal this time around is somewhere between another 35-50 lbs, I will see when I get down 35 how I look/feel.

Anyway, when I started to drop the weight what worked best for me (and seems to always work) is lots of lean protein, low carbs/sugar and lots of fruit/veggies.  I base my diet on water based foods, for me they digest best and flush out.  Plus exercise every day that you can–I HAVE to do cardio, I worked up to 60 mins cardio and 15-20 mins light weights/stretching.  Right now I’ve been lazy since I gained the 30 back so I am back down to 30-40 mins cardio.  I do my elliptical and/or combo that with my recumbent bike.  I can diet all I want but if I don’t do the cardio to burn the fat, I won’t lose any weight!

Once in a while I throw in some Jillian but that’s just for a day or so here and there to switch it up.  The cardio consistently burns the fat off of me, it’s the only exercise that works all the time for me.  I use the light weight training for toning and to keep me flexible.  I can lose up to 30 lbs in 30 days if I’m super strict and work out 60 mins a day but I don’t like to lose that fast, it’s not healthy and it doesn’t stay off as well as when I take it off slower.

To recap:

  • Lots of lean protein (I like beef, chicken, fish)
  • Lots of veggies and fruit (not TOO much sugary fruit though) – water based foods are great!
  • Lots of water (and I drink unsweetened iced tea or water with lemon or lime juice)
  • Daily multivitamins, b complex, biotin and D & E supplements (spread out throughout the day so I don’t get a stomach ache)
  • Cardio every day possible, even walking is good if you are pressed for time.  Start at even 10 mins a day, or three 10 min sessions and work your way up to what is best for you, stretching and light weights eventually. 

If you want a diet/workout buddy, I’m on mine right now and plan to go gangbusters for the next 90 days (then my fittings start) and then maintain what I lose between now and then.

P.S. – I found that cutting out most dairy helps, kept in yogurt or skim milk occasionally.  And Special K protein meal bars were my savior!  The chocolate covered peanut butter bars.  I would have one in the morning or afternoon if I felt a sweet tooth craving coming on–they are only 190 calories but have 10 grams of protein and vitamins.  For someone like me with a HUGE problem sweet tooth, they were perfect.  And one more thing–5 smaller meals spread out throughout the day worked great, kept my metabolism even and kept me from being starving hungry and overeating.  I would have fruit/yogurt early, a protein bar (or sometimes a Nature Valley chewy trail mix bar–140 calories) late morning, salad and protein for lunch, a small snack (again either a trail mix/protein bar or fruit) late afternoon, healthy dinner.


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