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I had a bad experience with the Mystic Tan before a formal one time.  I didn’t wipe of the back of my calves and I got streaks.  I found that scrubbing the hell out of my calves got most of it off.  Anyways I don’t think my color lasted more than 3-4 days, it faded pretty quick for me.  Good luck!

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I’ve had the same problem before a vacation.  Use a lemon and rub it over your nails and hands.  It will lighten the tan.  I hope this helps. Good luck!!

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I did that too!  A week before the wedding.  I looked completely ridiculous.  I have relatively fair skin, I just wanted something to make me not ghost-like in our photos.  I told the stupid girls I was getting married, I said the lightest shade possible, etc.  ANd they were like, oh you’ll be fine, it doesn’t turn you orange at all, blah blah blah….I was so angry when I came out!  I was totally orange, and streaky.  I scrubbed like they said to do to rub it in, but clearly it didn’t work.  So, I showered a couple times a day and scrubbed with a loofah.  It faded enough by the wedding for me to look how I wanted to.  SUpposedly it starts to fade after 4 days.

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I’m kinda a pro at bad tans (I’m so fair!).  When I mess up my fake tan badly I get in the shower armed with a loofah, exfoliating salts, and lemon.  Scrub scrub scrub and you should even it out and lighten it up.  For the fingers I think rubbing alcohol with a cotton pad or old towel worked the best.  Good luck 🙂

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I’ve heard that if you used a lemon juice and sugar scrub it can help even things out.

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Oh, and if you’re at work and anxious to get it off your fingers (um, can you tell I’ve experienced this before, haha) instant hand sanitizer (b/c of the alcohol) works pretty well!

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I used to work at a salon where we had the mystic tan. You have to put a LOT of the barrier cream on your hands otherwise it could do that. Also, if the salon itself is not properly cleaning the machine (which is not hard, but people are lazy) it will definately streak and leave dark splotches on your skin. 

Try rubbing salt and lemon juice into it with a loofah. Mystic will usually last 1-2 weeks. Depending on A. how dark you were to start with B. if you exfoliated first, it will last longer.

Also, your hands will fade quicker than anything else because think of how many times a day we wash our hands, or have them in dish water, etc.

Good Luck!!!

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What everyone has been saying is exactly what I’ve heard. I tanner basically stains the top layer of skins so the faster you exfoliate that top layer of skin the more likely it is to fade and fade evenly. You’re friend who it came off in clumps most likely didn’t exfoliate before she went in so when her skin was sluffing off you could see the tan coming off too. The lemon juice is a really good idea. I’d recommend making a home made sugar scrub. Take a 1/2 cup or so of olive oil (or grape seed oil or something similar) and mix in enough sugar or salt to make it pretty much the consistency of pancake batter. Add in some lemon juice and then scoop up a few fingers full and scrub away. Becareful though because the oil will make your bathtub slippery. If nothing else then it’ll help even it out. Plus the salt/sugar scrub will make your skin feel wonderful! When I worked at a day spa in college I always recommended salt scrubs to brides. Your dress will feel so good against your skin since it’ll be all exfoliated! Good luck. You’ll be fine!

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I used to get airbrushed before big events. The airbrusher would recommend that if I didnt want my tan to fade that I must use a mild soap like Ivory (not DOVE) and a NonFragrant moisturizer like Curel.


So I would recommed the absolute opposite.


Use DOVE, use your fragrant moisterizer and scrub scrub with a facecloth.


It usually disappears in 3-5 days. 


Worst case scenario – a little brozner and the right makeup and I bet you will be gorgeous! Congrat’s 

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it sounds absolutely crazy, but i’ve heard that windex works to get self-tanner off… maybe it’d work for mystic tan?

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As far as your nails, a manicure (trimming the cuticles etc) will take that right off… Agree with all the other posts though. You can also touch up places with something like the Dove lotion with self tanner mixed in. Very mild.

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As a Mystic Tan booth owner, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to tell you guys some HINTS


Exfoliate: Spray tans penetrate 6 skin layers deep and most skin is on a 7 day cycle so you definitely want to go in your salon with a new skin layer!

Apply nail polish:
Barrier cream really doesn’t work very well on our nails so just slapping a clear coat of nail polish on your nails will definitely prevent spray color from getting on your nails!


Apply Lotion: Lotion acts as a barrier cream, because barrier cream IS lotion.

Wear Makeup: Unless its a Mineral based makeup. Oily makeup makes it hard to evenly spray your face and acts as a barrier to the solution.


When you finish your spray, PAT your skin, don’t rub. The booth evenly distributes the solution so rubbing only causes you to cause streaks.

If you do end up with streaks, WINDEX or BLEACH WATER will completely take the tan off and you can either go back to the salon for touch ups or use an at home self tanning MOUSSE or SPRAY. Self tanning LOTIONS are the devil and will NEVER work right.


Most salons will tell you that you can shower within 4-6 hours. This is true, but if you want to get the most out of your tan, wait until the next morning to shower. It gives the spray a lot more time to set into your skin and will last longer.

When you shower, try to only wash those IMPORTANT places! Scrubbing, using abraisive products, etc will shorten the lifespan of your tan. If you only use soap in the places that get funky and rinse the rest of you with water you wont be scrubbing skin layers off.

Keep “face touching” to a minimum.

We all do it, thousands of times a day. You lose the spray tan on your face faster than any part of your body because we constantly rub, touch, scratch and wash our faces. Definitely use mineral makeup since you don’t have to wash it off and invest in the Norvell face bronzer (Which is Mystic Spray tan’s creme de le creme of spray tan solution and the face bronzer is just their booths spray tan solution in a personal bottle) So you’ll want to use the face bronzer the same way you spray in the booth. Also, if you get the Norvell trial package, you can extend your tan indefinitely. Retail the package costs between $25 and $35 (about the cost OF the tan) and will keep your tan going a while. Which pretty much means it saves you a few trips to the booth, which in turn saves you MOOLAH!

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I heard 1/4 cup of lemon juice and half a cup of salt. Scrub, scrub, scrub…


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