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  • poll: Will you wear artificial nails for your wedding day?
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    I do not wear fake nails normally or even keep up a manicure. For the wedding I am sporting fake nails, but I am going to look into the silk gels vs. acrylics because I think supposedly silk is better…I honestly don’t know. The things you mention are the things I do not like about fake nails, if they are too think or too long or get in the way . My problem is that my nails are thin and dont grow with a downward curve, they grow straight. So my nails will get long and then break and rip and it is not cute for wedding day. 

    I don’t know if fake nails necessarily make me look different to people. Someone might see me as more high maintainence but I am wearing them for wedding day not for everyday, they will come off after I get back from my honeymoon. I would hope not to be judged by other because I have fake nails for a special occasion. Anyway if I had nice natural nails I would just get a french manicure and not get fake tips. Maybe see how you feel in a few more days?

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    I’ll be wearing my acrylics… but I wear them all the time.

    I do remember that adjustment period the first few days. I remember specifically the feeling that my hands were heavier and the soreness from all that equipment/chemicals. Honestly, you get used to it and eventually you’ll hardly think about it.

    People in general don’t pay too much attention to your nails. I don’t think it changes people’s perceptions of you, unless your nails are really really really long! That doesn’t sound like that’s the case with you. 🙂 I do like that my nails are always "done," which I think helps how I perceive myself. 

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    I have had "fake" nails done before.  They did hurt at first and were hard to pick up objects with.  Also typing was difficult as well.  I also hated that I had to get them filled every two weeks – my nails grow fast and if I didn’t  get them filled they would look really bad.  

    They did hold nail polish nicely and looked pretty, but way to much effort and money for me.

    I am just going to get a regular manicure with French polish the day before my wedding.  

    I was in a wedding last summer and did this and the polish held up well and my nails looked great. 

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    If you feel silly and uncomfortable, I’d probably get them removed– you don’t want to feel awkward, or not like the way they look in all the photos.  Hands are photographed a lot at weddings: shots of the rings, shots of you holding hands, bouquet shots, your hands on your husbands shoulders during the dancing, etc…  If you’re feeling iffy at all about the way they look, I wouldn’t keep them.

    If you’d like the French manicure look for the wedding, just get one a couple of days before, then just take a small bottle of remover and a neutral polish with you for when they start to chip in Australia (mine have never lasted more than a few days, but maybe I’m just too rough!)

    Also, off-topic a bit, but have you ever tried Nailtiques?  It’s a bit expensive, but that stuff is like magic in a bottle for my nails– it really makes them strong and less likely to split.

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    I don’t usually wear acrylics because they are really  uncomfortable.  Try taking out a contact with those beasts on your nails— impossible.  I usually just use Sally Hansen hard as nails– it’s cheap, you can buy it anywhere, and it actually works.  My nails grow faster, thicker, and stronger when I use it.


    That being said, I’m considering getting something fake put on for the wedding, because I tend to chew my nails when I’m nervous, and I’d like them to all look the same length and shape in the photos. 

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    I am going to give myself a french manicure (white tips and clear over it all – i’m using the band-aid technique to stay in the lines). I have never gotten a manicure, and I don’t really think the expense is worth starting now. Yes, I want my nails to look good so hand/ring pictures will look good… but, i think I can do it myself no problem.

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    Sugar bee

    I’m not going to wear fake nails/acrylics for the wedding.  I work with young kids and I just don’t think they’re practical for me.  However, I do keep my nails in good condition and they grow very quickly.  I’m keeping them a little on the long side for the wedding, so I can have a french manciure.

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    I’m not wearing fake nails. I I kept fake nails for a while and I didn’t like the beating my really nails ahve to take. A good mani is fine with me 🙂

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    I have pink and white acrylics and I don’t have any of the issues anyone speaks of! They take me about a day to get used to if I haven’t had them for awhile. Mine are short for acrylics, though. Less than 0.25" past my fingers. I hate that they thin out my real nails so bad, though, but I can’t keep my real nails all to the same length so they look nice. I can keep about 8 of them looking nice. Two of them always breaks. I haven’t had acrylics in a couple of years (regularly that is) and a month ago started going back to them so I look more put together. 

    As someone who always had gnarly, chewed apart fingernails, I must say I judge people who don’t take care of their nails at least a little bit. Simply because I always perceived MYSELF as not put together, which translates to everyone else. I’m sorry, I hate that I look at someone and thinks she needs a manicure or at least a little TLC. 

    Your fingers shouldn’t hurt like that…they must’ve been too rough on you. 

    Personally, I love them. I spent WAY too much time painting my nails and messing with them and/or trying not to chew on them. I feel very put together and professional. Sorry, orange and hot pink nails (my fave!) don’t look professional when you’re the ONLY female engineer in a manufacturing unit. I got tired of people looking at my rings and my ugly nails, so they work for me! 

    Just go back to the place you had them done and tell them they’re too thick and have them "cut down". YOu are right, you don’t have time to have your real nails done nicely for the wedding. They will be THN. Which i hate. 

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    Buzzing bee

    My nails are long and strong enough that I don’t feel the need for artificial. I’m going to get a french manicure though 🙂

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    I hade fake nails all through high school and they destroyed my nails and I look back and think yuck! But they are kept better these days with styles and lengths. 10 years ago when I was a senior, long was in and I cant beleive what I looked like! But I took them off in college and my nails are so healthy and strong and I keep them short for work but they can grown really good in about 4 weeks. My suggestion for anyone wanting to grow out natural nails a bit or keep them in shape is Sally Hansen Maxium Growth and follow their  program. It really does help! I hate getting manicures at certain salons because they cut or file too weird so I have developed my own mani/pedi system and I love it!

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    I had solar nails for years (NOT acrylics) when I lived in Houston and I loved them, but I hear ya on the not being able to pick up pennies.I just have natural nails now, and for our wedding I’ll either get a french manicure or a pale pink polish.The solars are fantastic because they are so low maintenance day to day, but then you have to get fills, or get new ones…and it’s yucky and pricey.
    Since you have them right now, if I were you I would keep them for the wedding, you can have your nail tech file them down to a shorter length for you. I never had mine long, I can’t function with long nails. You don’t have much time to grow out your own nails so do your tips, and you can get them taken off after the wedding.

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    I’m growing out my normally short nails for the reason of not wearing fakies – just not my style. I agree with the "Not only do my nails hurt like crazy, they are so thick, i can’t pick up dropped pennies." I wore them for my junior prom and I felt so weird. I’m getting a mani-pedi the day before the wedding but they can paint my real nails. I have been putting clear polish on them, the "tough as nails". I haven’t had any breakage in weeks!

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