(Closed) Name a time you got mad at your SO over something stupid & embarrassed yourself.

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My boyfriend LOVES chocolate, and we can never buy a bar to share as he eats it all. So he comes back from the shop the other day with 4 big bars of dairy milk, (he said it was necessary as they were an offer) my favourite flavour and a new honeycomb one (yumm!) and his favourites!

I savour my bar, have 4 squares and put it in the fridge, feeling pleased that i resisted temptation and how it was going to last me all week. Later that night, I go into the other room to see he’s eaten the rest of my chocolate bar plus about 3/4 of his!!

Haha i wasnt exactly mad, but felt protective for some reaosn over my chocolate and it wound me up that he had to eat the flavour i love .. so i proceeded to tell him how many calaories he had eaten in one sitting.. no idea how he stays so slim!!

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GypsieFlower:  Haha this reminds me of a time when we were on holiday and there was a sudden downpour, my Fiance wanted to go back to the room but i was happy staying by the bar 😉 .. but we agree to go back and then i slip on the wooden decking and literally shout ‘oww’ on my way down with a massive thump. It was so embarressing!

I totally blamed Fiance for me tripping as it was him who wanted to leave.. He still laughs about it now 2 years later and i STILL say it was his fault haha

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These are funny. Here is mine…

I can be a little (ok a lot) OCD especially if I have had a rough day or am tired. I have a hard time reeling it in. We were making tacos for dinner and I asked Darling Husband to shred cheese and dice tomatoes.  I looked over from the stove. He was slicing the tomato and then cutting the slices into chunks. I started yelling at him about why he was cutting the tomato that way. (I would have cut it into wedges and then into chunks). Darling Husband looked at me like I was bat shit crazy.  Calmly he says to me “Really babe! All this over a tomato? ” I started laughing because I realized how ridiculous I sounded. A week later, he found me a magnet that says “I’m not stubborn, my way is just better.” What can I say… I’m a typical Capricorn and he’s a typical Libra. Lol. We’ve been together 19 years so it works for us. 😉

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ali0118:  I got my Fiance a magnet that says that too!! How funny! I am probably bossier, but he is very stubborn once he has something in his head. He’s a cancer.

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planningaway:  This all the time…. He walks around in boxers but I wear sweats so I always end up going

And my Boyfriend or Best Friend also says to me, oh they won’t ask for tips cause you’re a girl!!! We usually tip a dollar or two and sometimes people are rude and ask for more.

And I also get mad when he steals my potatoes and bacon.

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Well… I can think of a couple of times, but the one that sticks out is the “shirt incident”.

I was home with him for Christmas break, and we’d had a ROUGH couple of weeks. He’d just gotten back from deployment in late October, and instead of getting out in 6 months like we both thought he would, the military was, like, “Sorry! We’re keeping you for 3 more years… AND we’re moving you to a different base 3 hours away.” He’d already applied to grad schools and such, so needless to say, we were both reeling throughout the move, adjusting to be long-distance RIGHT after being apart for 7 months, etc., and my body was going bat-sh*t crazy on me because I switched birth control and was more or less as pleasant as a velociraptor for a while.

ANYWAYS, we were at his parents house for Christmas break and running around doing a million things, seeing a million people, and I was being a good sport about it all even though I just constantly felt like crying. Well, the ONE thing I wanted to do that week was watch my football team play in the playoffs. We’d been out really late the night before with his friends, though, and I made some comment about sleeping in the next morning (because the rest of his family is early risers and insist on eating breakfast together at the table EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.) and he took that to mean I didn’t want to watch the game anymore…

Well, I woke up sometime around 10:30, finally, looked at the clocked and realized I’d missed the entire first quarter.

I saw red.

I marched into the bathroom where he was shaving and gave him the death glare… 

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” I seethed, to which he says, “Relax, baby. It’s recording.” 

My response was to take my shirt off over my head (I was going to get in the shower) and throw it at him and scream, “THAT’S NOT THE SAME THING AND NOW I’M A BAD FAN AND THEY’RE GONNA LOSE BECAUSE I’M NOT WATCHING!!!”

Don’t ask me why, but me throwing a shirt at him was a GIANT deal and now every time I’m mad about something dumb he fake “ducks”… I still feel really bad about it, but my team did lose that game and I still feel WAY worse about that. Him letting me sleep in cost the Chargers the season last year, as far as I’m concerned, LOL.

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nycaribbeanpeach:  I know this is 2 months old but I had to tell you you aren’t alone. We just got mortal kombat x and I actually cried because I couldn’t beat SO and he would kill me in the most horrendous ways. So I finally just threw the controller down and put my face in my hands and sobbed like a disturbed child. It was a great show of drama on my part. I didn’t let it go either. so that evening he let me win so I could kill him too and I felt better lol


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Bringing back this super old thread.

A couple weeks ago I got so mad at my SO because I left a cute note on his car while he was at work and he NEVER mentioned it. So when I brought it up he said, “That was you?!” Then I got really upset he didn’t recognize my handwriting after 3 years together and didn’t even tell me if he thought some shady girl left a love note on his car. Turns out he thought it was one of his buddies playing a joke because they’d recently had a sexual harrassment scandal in the office. But I pouted a bunch over it until he apologized. 

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jayebaby:  that’s hilarious. Not funny at all at the time im sure but great now. 


It reminds me of a time when we’d just started dating. I get a text from him that didn’t quite make sense, but basically it was “I’m thinking about you” “I love you forever” type mushy stuff and then a girls name – so basically he was declaring his love for this other girl and sent it to me in error!

i was so disappointed. I really liked him and was thinking I’d picked a dud of a loser. he then was texting me normal nice stuff. I was so fuming! I got myself composed and rang him up super pissed and basically saying “who the hell is -girls name-” and telling him to take a hike basically that I’m done, he’s a two timing shit and goodbye. 

He couldn’t get his head around what i was on about.  Saying “I’ve only ever texted you, I’ve been missing you” etc etc. He then clicked what I was on about. 

Turns out that text was some lyrics from a lovey dovey song he’d heard so he thought of me, and sent me that text! The girls name is the singers name (who id clearly never heard of). He just chuckled at me raging and told me I was a silly thing and sent me the YouTube link to the singer and that song. 

Oh how embarassing!! He still laughs about it now.  a few weeks later he told me he liked it a little bit as it showed him that I was into him. Id been playing it cool up until that point. Well I wasn’t very cool that day.

im making sure the song is included in our wedding day music playlist.



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My husband and I were having a nerf gun fight but then we stopped so I could start cooking Tea. As always, he had to have the last hot so fired a bullet at me while I was cutting something. The bullet hit me in the eye. He laughed and then realised I was hurt and asked if I was ok. I’m sure it was the pregnancy hormones but I went crazy at him for not apologising to me and if it was anyone else he would apologise. He then said sorry so I yelled at him that it doesn’t mean anything now. I literally went in the bathroom and cried for at least half an hour, refused to cook his tea and didn’t speak to him for the rest of the night. 

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Last night I realised we needed cat food, and dropped some serious hints to my husband about how much effort it was going to take for me to get dressed and everything just to drive the 2 minutes to the corner store to get a box of cat food with the £2 I had just sitting in my purse in the kitchen… he didn’t get my completely unsubtle hinting and waited until I was fully dressed and had grabbed my car keys to then offer to come to the shop “with me” (he was fully dressed the whole time). I snapped that it didn’t need 2 people to go get some bloody cat food and stormed out of the house. I was over it by the time I got to the shop though. XD

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The other night I was at my SO’s house , I was drinking watter and thought it would be funny to pour some water into his pants. As I was getting ready to deliver my plan he realizes what I was about to do and grabs my hand with the watter bottle on it , long story short I’m the one that ends getting wet and start cursing as him because if that water could had been fire instead I could’ve been burned by now. So I basically got mad at him for not letting me pour the water on him because in my head that water (that I was drinking) could had been something worse. Yes I was indeed pmsing.

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