(Closed) Name regret for my toddler!

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    Call him by a new nickname, Izzy : (8 votes)
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    Try calling him Isaac, Izzy and Chase equally, and see what he best responds to. It’s his name for life, so go with the one he likes best.

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    Like PP said, I think you should let him “decide” which one he likes best. Afterall, he has to have that name for the rest of his life and it’s hard to change a nickname once one is established. I like Isaac and Chase. I actually went to school with a kid who went by Izzy (his name was Israel). I think it’s cute for a kid, but might be a little weird for a grown man. Once people start calling him something it will be hard to change that in people’s minds. 

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    FWIW, I’m an atheist and I’ve always loved the name Isaac.  There are plenty of historical references to that name outside of the Bible.  I think that you should let him decide how he wants to be identified as he starts to understand his name more.  Don’t force a nickname on him just because you don’t like the name you chose.  What’s done is done.  If he wants to identify himself by a different name than his first name, that should be his choice.

    My parents actually did a variation of this.  They chose a first name for me which they wanted, called me a nickname for convenience and because they thought it was cute, but expected me to go by my original first name when I became an adult and started my career.  That never happened and I ended up resenting them for it.

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    I think Izzy is a terrible nickname for a boy. I am used to the nickname being a variant of the girl’s name, Elizabeth or Eliza. I much prefer Chase. Zach reminds me of Zachary. <br /><br />I really like the name Issac. 


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    Stick with Isaac. I’m agnostic and very anti-religion, and the name is a good one, in my opinion. Do you dislike it just because it’s biblical or is it because of other people’s assumptions about you based on it being biblical?

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    I think you should just keep calling him Isaac.  If you liked the name before you realized it was biblical, why do things have to change?  Plenty of nice names are biblical and are used by people who aren’t religious (Mary, Michael, David, Jacob, Sam, Rebecca, and on and on).  This seems like a strange reason to decide to change what you call your child.

    And, FWIW, I’m with your husband on Izzy.  To me, that’s a girl’s nickname, or a pet’s name.

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    Personal opinion, I really dont care for “Izzy” for a little boy and as a young man & adult he might really hate it and its hard to change a nickname once their routine. There are a lot of references for Isaac besides biblical references, and I personally love the name. If you really hate the name, I would call him Chase for now and he’ll likely try out different names as he gets older. All the boys I know who went by their middle names tried out different variations and decided on their favorite.

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    laurabora:  Izzy is a nickname for Isabelle. I only have heard it for a girl. I would never use it for a boy.

    Here’s the thing with names. It is just that. I don’t love DH’s name or my dog’s name (or my name), but that is their name. You aren’t going to change their name at this point. I would just suck it up and call him by his name. Changing his name at this point will confuse him and your family.

    It may be biblical, but so are so many other names. And many more common names are so much more biblical. 

    ETA: My coworker’s parents hated his name, but it was a family name they were expected to use, so they used it and called him a cute nickname expecting the grown up name would happen when he was a grown up. His nickname stuck with him through high school and the high school kids followed him to college and the nick name stuck through grad school. He now works with his grad school professors and is still called by his baby name. He hates it, but at this point it is too late to change. We all know him by the baby name (And I only know his real name from payroll forms). .

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    SadieBee:  +1 all the way. The name is only significant biblically if you choose to make it that way and you’re a religious family. Otherwise, yeah, I know a girl named Izzy and I can imagine naming a dog or cat Izzy, not a boy/man.

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    I don’t like Izzy for a boy. I’m not into gender stereotyping people, but I do think GENERALLY people will associate Izzy with a girls name. Also, I love the name Isaac.


    I know it is one (of many) names in the bible, but that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t believe. THere are PLENTY of non Christian/religious Isaac’s 🙂 I generally think it’s a really solid name an one that goes very well for a child and an adult… you chose well and it will carry him well into adult life. I actually know a completely non-religious Isaac myself and I never associate the name with the bible (even though I am a Christian myself)

    In terms of other nicknames, I like Chase the best. Either way Isaac and Chase are both lovely names for your little boy and I am sure he will love them growing up 🙂

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    Is it not possible for you to just try to remember how much you liked the name before learning its “origin”? I can understand that as a non-practicing individual, perhaps realizing that Isaac is a name rooted in Biblical teachings might make you a bit uncomfortable. But at the end of the day, you liked the name for how it sounded – not its meaning. For what it’s worth, many names that aren’t outwardly “religious” in origin are actually close variations of names in the Bible and many more are religious and you might not even realize. Even Dominic, one of your favorites, is traditionally quite Catholic: “Originally from the late Roman-Italic name “Dominicus” its translation means “Of Our Lord”, “Lordly”, “Belonging to God” or “of the Master”.” So, you know, there’s that. 

    For what it’s worth, I think you should consider option 3: let your child decide his own name. You may no longer like Isaac and wish to call him by a nickname until he’s older but unless he expresses the same dislike, I don’t think it’s fair for you to make him “name conscious”. You can call him by a nickname but if he doesn’t take to it, I hope you’ll respect that down the line. Personally, I find Izzy to be a bit feminine (my FI’s cousin is nicknamed Izzy from Isobel and another friend has a daughter named Isabelle shortened to Izzy) but Zac or Chase are pretty obvious boy names. 

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    I knew an Izzy, short for Israel. Isn’t there a pop-star Izzy right now though? I don’t think that’s your best choice.

    Chase is probably a better compromise. I think it fits better with the style of the other names you were thinking of. 

    I think Isaac is a great name though. Sorry you don’t like it anymore. You also wouldn’t be the first person in the world if you wanted a do-over and changed your kid’s name. But it’s probably too much hassle.

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    Please don’t think your future 16 year old son will like being called “Izzy”. Ike or Zac or Chase, sure. Izzy is fine until they’re about school-age. 

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