(Closed) Name regret for my toddler!

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    Call him by his middle name, Chase

    Call him by a new nickname, Izzy


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    I think you should do anything but Izzy. I think that is a cute name for a little girl but not a fan for a boy.

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    I don’t even think biblical reference to Isaac when I first read your post. I’m sorry you’re not a big fan of it anymore. I think it’s fine to call him by that or call him Isaac Chase and see what he responds to. He’ll eventually grow into either a nickname or his real name by the time he’s school age. Let it happen organically. 

    But, here’s a thought for you…my paternal grandfather was always called by his second name, I didn’t even know that wasn’t his first name until I was a teenager! I think it’s just the name that stuck with him. 

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    My step dads name isn’t any of his legal names , I didn’t even know his real first name till I was older and his name isn’t his middle name either.

    Call him whatever you want when it comes to school just inform the school you call him ” Jimmy” and not his legal name.


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    Most traditional names in America have a biblical background, that, in my opinion, isn’t a legitimate reason to disown the name. Isaac sounds a bit vintage (which I like) and even though I was raised in the church I can’t even remember hearing any story of Isaac off the top of my head. If you had named him Abraham or Moses I think your thought process would make more sense but for Isaac I don’t think anybody will associate it with a biblical name.

    Matthew, Mark, David, Joseph, and John are the most common biblical names and when I hear those I don’t associate them with religion.

    I like Isaac because it sounds vintage the same way I would like the name Esther or Virginia on a girl, even though Esther is also very biblical.

    Sorry I’m rambling, hope you got the gist of what I’m getting at! 

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    laurabora:  Sir Isaac Newton- Physicist

    Isaac Hayes- Composer

    Isaac Lupien- Dancer

    Isaac Asimov- Author

    Isaac Wright- Actor

    Isaac Hanson- Singer

    Isaac Stern- Violinist

    Isaac Brock- War Hero

    Isaac Bashevis Singer- Author

    Isaac Mizrahi- Fashion Designer

    Isaac Bruce, Isaac Sopoaga, Isaac Redman- Football Players

    Isaac Lea- Scientist

    Isaac Slade- Singer

    Isaac Watts- Author

    Isaac Rosenberg- Poet

    Isaac Kidd- War hero

    Isaac Murphy- Horse Jockey

    Isaac Albeniz- Composer

    Isaac Witkin- Sculptor

    I don’t know if this list will help, but there are tons of famous men named Isaac, and I don’t think most people will assume you named him Biblically. Plus, one day your son may be on the list of famous Isaac’s! I personally think it is a nice, strong name.  

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    Another vote for not using Izzy. When I hear that, I think “little girl” as it’s the nickname for Isabelle/Isabella. 

    I also don’t think of Issac as a biblical name – it’s super popular right now and I bet very few of those who pick it are doing so for religious reasons. 

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    laurabora:  I’ve read all of the comments on this thread and I feel compelled to chime in…

    IMO, you are placing a lot of weight on whether this is a “biblical” name, or not – but I don’t see that you looked at the etymology of the name itself?

    I say this because, when I was a little girl in second grade, we had to do “research” on what our names meant. Know what I found? That my name meant “a man from Denmark”. Yep. THAT’S what I got. Suffice it to say that I HATED my name for all of my childhood and a really good portion of my adult life. 

    When I was thirty-eight, I found out that my name is that of an Irish goddess, and, in Sanskrit, it means “gift”. Totally changed the way I viewed my name, and, in fact, how I walk through this world. FWIW, I never got the chance to ask my parents why they chose my name…

    All that to say: if you look up the meaning of Issac, it means, “he laughs”, “laughter”, “one who makes me laugh”.

    Sure, there is a biblical story about how the name came about – but if you break the name down from it’s hebrew origins, you get the above. 

    Sounds like a pretty good name to me…

    For reference, Chase means “to catch, seize”, “hunt”, originaly a name for a huntsman.

    As for Izzy, this pops up – “A Spanish variant of Elizabeth, which is from the Hebrew elīsheba’ (God is my oath).”

    Soooo, there you have it.

    MHO? Stick with Issac! And, if a nickname is appropriate at some point in his life, it will occur organically…

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    stillme:  +10000! I just read through all of these comments and can’t believe pp weren’t even mentioning that by 16 months the child should know his own name. It is a developmental milestone that occurs between ages of 4-7 months.  

    Fwiw, I hate the name Izzy for a boy. I would be more concerned that at 16 months, your son doesn’t know his name…

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    Izzy can be a boy’s nn. We have a dear friend named Isaac who is known as Izzy. 

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    I say just call him Isaac for now.  When he’s old enough to decide, let him decide.  Don’t label him with a nickname this early because chances are that he will never be able to escape it, even if he wants to.

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    laurabora:  Like previous posters mentioned, I’d run with the Isaac Newton reference when people start getting presumptuous. 

    Where are you that you’re getting that response?

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    I saw your update where you stated you will stick with Issac. Issac almost certainly knows his name by now even if he chooses to ignore you when you use it. Issac is a lovely classic name which can take him anywhere. I personally do not care for the other options you posted but at the end of the day he is your son and only you can decide whats best for him.

    You can do what a PP suggested and call him all 3 names and see which one he likes best but because they are all so different he may get confused. My daughter, Olivia gets called Olivia, Livvy and Lulu.  and do you know what? If we call her Olivia she shakes her head and says no. She likes to be called Lulu. Im not even sure where the nickname came from but its what she likes to be called at the moment so that is what we call her. I hope she changes her mind again when shes older however!!


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    Glad you’re sticking with Isaac!


    Think of all the other “bible names” that are so common you don’t blink when you hear them:




    David (Dan, Danny)




    Joseph (Joe)

    Jonathan (John)


    Matthew (Matt)


    Timothy ( Tim, Timmy)


    Think of that list above, when is the last time “bible name” registered when you met someone named Tim or Jonathan?!

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    As someone who used to work in a doctor’s surgery, I can’t tell you the pain of people being called by nicknames that have no relation to their first name, or being called by their middle name.

    I can’t tell you the number of times I was asked to look up “Violet Smith” by a nursing home staff member and couldn’t find them, only to be told, “oh right, that’s not her real first name, what is her first name? ….. June! It’s June Smith” – thank god it was never an emergency. 

    Also, people make out cheques to the name they know, not your legal name. So June Smith had a hell of a time cashing Violet Smith’s cheques. 

    So please, please don’t call him Chase or anything that is not his first name. It leads to a lifetime of pain for him and everyone else. For instance, if his future wife calls him Chase, what name does she say during the marriage vows? His full, legal name, or the name she will call him for the rest of their lives together?

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    Just wanted to throw it out that that Izzy can totally be a nickname for a boy/man. My coworker’s husband is Isodore but goes by Isi which is pronounced Izzy. He’s a vice principal of an awesome school and I’ve never gotten the impression that he has any problem with his name. That’s how he introduced himself to me, the first time we met. I always thought it was a great name!

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